Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Harris


Last time with the Harris family, Stella gave birth to twin girls Carrie and Ella. James worked on his robotics badge and earned money at his job in the Military and his electronics store. The two older girls, Zoe and Thalia, did well in school and just did their thing.


From left to right, we’ve got Zoe holding Ella, James and Stella with Thalia standing in front of them and Carrie.


Thalia started her weekend by doing her homework. A Knowledge Sim in the making?


Zoe bathed her little sister Ella. She was quite the help with the twins.


After breakfast and paying the taxes, James took Zoe to James’ Electronics, where she was in charge of the cash register.

I’m thinking of having James sell the store to Eric Robinson soon, because then I hit two birds with one stone: James earns a bunch of money and Eric has a store with quite a high rank. But then James has earned all of those robotics badges for nothing…  New idea: buy another community lot, this time a venue, and get it up to something high – sell it to Eric.

/brainstorm-y rant (I’m basically just copying the notes I made while playing for these updates :’) )


Anyway! They got the store up to level 6 and then left again. James earned his golden sales badge, and Zoe got her bronze cashier badge!


Back home, James got back to working on his robotics badge.


Zoe did her homework and then worked on her Charisma skill, since she wants to be a Prestidigitator.


Stella spent the afternoon teaching Carrie how to talk.


Maddie Burke came by unexpectedly in the late afternoon, which was a nice surprise for Zoe, her BFF.


It was a beautiful day the next day, so James and Stella took the opportunity to teach the twins how to walk outside on the lawn.


The rest of the family spent the day skilling.


Today was the twins’ last day as toddlers, so Stella made sure to cherish their last moments as toddlers. She did want to have another baby, but she wasn’t sure yet if she and James were going to go for it.


It was actually a triple birthday that day, because Thalia was also going to grow up to a teenager!


First up were the twins.


Like true twins, they grew up in sync.


And then it was Thalia’s turn.


“Wow, this is actually a cute outfit!”

Thalia is a Knowledge/Romance Sim, and her LTW is to Max Out 7 Skills. Her sister is also a Knowledge Sim so I’m going to have a lot of sad Sims if I don’t get a uni soon.


This is Thalia after her make over! She’s gorgeous! Didn’t entirely expect that, to be honest.


And these are the twins! Left is Carrie, right is Ella. They look much more alike now. And they both have freckles!


They went to sleep in their lovely redecorated bedroom.


They got up very early the next day because they were too excited for their first day of school to sleep any longer. To pass the time they played lots of rounds of Red Hands.


Zoe and Thalia became best friends while watching TV that morning.


Stella had her hands full with cleaning the house that day.


She also spent some time sewing pot holders and she earned her bronze sewing badge.


When Zoe and Thalia came home from school, they immediately did their homework and then played Red Hands for a while. This is when I noticed Thalia’s hair is a little glitched… I don’t think I’m going to change it, though, because it does look cute on her.


Ella brought Jacob Dawson home from school and they played together for a while.


Stella and Zoe helped the twins with their homework that day.


After that, Ella and Carrie had a fun water balloon fight before it got dark.


In the evening, they all had a nice family meal together.


Late that night, Zoe maxed the Charisma skill, which means she’s ready for that Entertainment job when she grows up!


The next morning, she also maxed Logic while playing chess with Ella.


Stella spent her morning painting.


Thalia brought home Hannah Walker, and they had a great time hanging out and becoming friends.


That afternoon, after James got home from work, he and Stella went on a date to Walker’s together. They rarely did that anymore, and they needed some time with just the two of them.


Since it was still early, they didn’t have a full on dinner, just a nice piece of pie. They had a lovely time, though.


They even had a (not so) sneaky WooHoo in the car (and I heard a lullaby…).


Back home, James continued working on his Robotics skill (the date was actually meant for him to get a platinum mood) and in the early morning he finally earned his gold robotic badge!


Then, that same night, he bought a community lot called “Dancing Days”.


Since he wasn’t tired yet, he immediately went to the lot to set it up. It has a sauna and a bubble bath as well, so people can relax after their dance lessons.

I was a bit uninspired when building the dance studio, so I loosely based mine on Raebeth’s (go check out her BaCC on Boolprop! It’s called Willow Valley).


Then I realised James didn’t have enough Logic points to meditate yet, so I had him go home, call in sick at work and learn Logic as quickly as possible.


In the meantime, Stella experienced the first signs of pregnancy.


After he earned three Logic points, James went back to Dancing Days where he spent a little time dazzling Sims.


And then he started the meditating part. I know it’s a bit cheaty to play like this, but it takes such a long time to get venues to a high rank, and I don’t really like playing them. Technically, I’m not breaking any rules, and this is the only way for me to keep venues fun to play. :’)


Rachel Walker was the first one I actually saw dancing.


James got the venue up to level 4, and then went over to Baby Steps to talk to Eric Robinson about a potential sale.


They talked for a while and James invited Eric to come over to the house later to talk things over.


And sure enough, a little while after James got home, Eric came by. Aaand this is when I found out a Sim can only transfer ownership to a Sim in their household. Which means I have to sell the business back to the community and then have Eric buy it, which also means I let James get it to level 4 for nothing. Boo. Oh well.


Nevertheless, they had a hand shake to “seal the deal”, and Eric left again.

Then, James sold Dancing Days for $47,635 “to Eric”, but actually to the community. I saved and left straight away so Eric could buy the business immediately, in order to make it real.


After the sale, James started working on his first Servo!


Ella and Carrie both got A+s at school that day.


Stella had her first pop!


Stella had sewed teddy bears for the twins, and Ella adored hers and played with it all evening.

And that was Summer 3 for the Harris family! I hope you enjoyed it, and Happy Simming!

Households: 11
Playable Sims: 34
CAS-Sims Available: 8 of 18
Community Lots: 14
* Owned: 13
* NPC: 2
Total Lots: 22
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 9
Population: 306
Fires 1
Burglars: 6
Uni funds: $173,300

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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