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An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 9: Hideous but Hilarious

Hi everyone! Here I am with another Apocalypse update! This one is not very long (about 40 pictures), but the next one will probably be a bit longer than usual. I hadn’t played my Apoc in a while because I … Continue reading

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Blueberry Island – Winter 1 – Robinson

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Blueberry Island! Last time we met the newest resident, Jake Walker, but now we’re back with the Robinson family. Julia and Benjamin Robinson have two sons, Adam (who is a child) and little baby Eric. … Continue reading

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Blueberry Island – Fall 1 – Walker

Hi all! How’s everyone doing? My holidays ended last week – the new semester has begun so I have to do actual stuff again. Scary. Also means there’ll probably be (even) less updates… Anyway, here I am with another update … Continue reading

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