Blueberry Island – Fall 1 – Walker

Hi all!

How’s everyone doing? My holidays ended last week – the new semester has begun so I have to do actual stuff again. Scary. Also means there’ll probably be (even) less updates…

Anyway, here I am with another update for Blueberry Island! I’m introducing a new household this time!


This lovely man here is Jake Walker. He is a Family/Fortune Sim and moved to Blueberry Island for the same reason most people move to the middle of nowhere: a fresh start. His personality is 5/4/6/3/7 and he wants to be a Celebrity Chef. For that, however, there first has to be a level 5 restaurant on the island. Seems like a nice project for Jake, here.


This is Jake’s little home. As you can see he lives right next door to the Robinson family. I like the houses in my neighbourhood to be close together, gives it a cozy and village-y look, I think.


Not long after he arrives Jake gets a visitor, but he and whatsherface (don’t remember her name) don’t get along very well. Jake hopes he’ll like the other islanders better, and is especially curious to meet his neighbours.


He doesn’t have to wait long to meet more people, because a little later the welcome wagon arrives, including his neighbour Ben and two lovely ladies, Marie Rauscher and Christy Toyonaga. Jake chatted with everyone for a bit, and was glad he got along well with Ben. It’s always nice to have a good relationship with your neighbours.


Jake had a real connection with Marie, although he didn’t feel attracted to her (one bolt). They became fast friends, though, and it felt good to know he had a friend on the island.


When Jake struck up a one-on-one conversation with Christy, however, he immediately felt butterflies in his stomach. He had already noticed she was very pretty (2 bolts!), but now he found out they also got along famously and she was really sweet and kind.


She stayed when the others had left already and Jake got up the nerve to take her hand. “Christy, I think you’re really great, and – I know it’s fast, you can say no, you know – but I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me,” he said quickly.

Christy smiled as she saw Jake’s nervous smile. “Of course I’d like that. I think you’re great, too.”


They talked some more and flirted quite a bit, and soon Jake had developed a big crush on Christy.


This was nice to know, as well ;-) For me, of course, Jake wouldn’t have cared if she was dirt poor.


As the date progressed the two became more and more intimate and romantic, and when Jake kissed Christy he felt electricity througout his entire body.


That evening they parted as best friends – but both Jake and Christy thought they had an absolute dream date and hoped this would turn out to become more than friendship.


When Jake cooked his first dinner in Blueberry Island he thought about the day. He met a few lovely people, some of whom were very lovely people, indeed, and he had a great time. Yes, it was good decision to move here.


As he climbed into bed later that evening his thoughts lingered on Christy for a while and he fell asleep thinking about her.


The next morning Jake had some breakfast and then he settled himself on the couch with a cookbook. He’s going to do a lot of studying this season, since he needs to open up a restaurant and we’ll need to be able to serve some proper food there. Luckily it’s Fall, so the extra fast skilling will help him along.


Jake wanted to become friends with his neighbour, Ben, so that afternoon he called him up to chat for a bit. When they ended the phone call Jake decided to invite over Christy. He had been thinking about her all day and was distracted constantly from his studying by the thought of her.


Christy happily agreed to come over, and when she rang the doorbell I noticed the roses she had apparently dropped off earlier. I completely missed that.


They chatted and flirted and laughed, and both of them realised in that instant that they had fallen completely, head over heels in love with each other.


“I know it’s really fast, but I think I love you, Christy, and I don’t want to spend another minute apart from you. Will you move in with me?”

“Yes! I definitely will!”

Jake found the love of his life, and I was satisfied, too, since she brought $15,000 with her. Kaching! Christy is a Family Sim as well, and I’m not completely sure, but I think her LTW is to top Law Enforcement. That might happen, but seeing as we’ve only had 1 burglary up until now, it’s also very likely that it won’t. We’ll see!


Once she’d moved in Christy headed to the phone to quit her job (she was a drive through clerk)…


…while Jake bought the community lot for the restaurant!


The rest of the day they enjoyed each other’s company…


…did some skilling together…


…and ended the day in an appropriate way for a new couple. ;-)


The next day Jake headed out early to his new community lot, which is right next to Julia’s Fruits and Veggies.


Since they’re on a tight budget the restaurant – which is called Walker’s (I’m so original) – is not very fancy or  pretty yet, but this will do until they’ve got some more money.


After the restaurant was built, Jake took to some digging, since I came up with a strategy for the restaurant to work.

You need at least 3 Sims if you want to succesfully run a restaurant (cook, host and at least one waiter), and Jake and Christy are just two Sims. So, my plan is to move in Bigfoot (who has all the skills and badges) to help run it. But before they can find Bigfoot, Jake needs to find the map to his home.


Jake found the map after a few tries, but he needed to keep digging for a while longer since the vacation to Three Lakes had to be paid, too. When he found the treasure chest (worth $5,000) he was allowed to stop though. :-)


“Hey, honey. How’s the restaurant looking?” Christy asked when Jake got back home.

“It looks great! For now at least,” Jake answered with a smile. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”


Jake sank to one knee and produced a small black box from his pocket.

“Dear Christy, will you marry me?”

Christy replied with a little yelp and a huge hug. Jake took that as a yes.


After many hugs and kisses Jake went to the computer and secretly (even though their house consists of one room) booked a honeymoon to Three Lakes as another surprise for Christy (although I had ulterior motives, of course).


Right after that they had a quickie marriage. It all went very fast but Jake and Christy weren’t any less happy because of that. They loved each other and just wanted to be married as soon as possible.


They said their vows and a shuttle stood honking outside of their little house. Jake led Christy outside with a grin on his face, and she let out another little yelp of surprise.


Jake thought about saving money and staying at the campground, but it was their honeymoon after all, and Jake wanted it to be perfect and comfortable, so they checked into a small hotel.


Another advantage of going on vacation: being able to buy new clothes! That isn’t possible yet on Blueberry Island (since there isn’t a clothes shop yet), but it is in Three Lakes, so Christy immediately headed off to the clothes store when they went out exploring the town.


She was glad she wouldn’t have to walk around in that sports outfit any longer. This was much more “her”.


They decided to try the famous Three Lakes flapjacks and chatted with some locals.


Jake certainly seems to like those flapjacks…


There was some romance, too, of course, it is their honeymoon after all. :-)


They made a campfire and had some marshmallows (I really love this photo, it’s so cute!).


After that they went home and spend their wedding night in the traditional way.


The following morning they slept in and ordered some room service while discussing the plans for that day. Jake told Christy about the map he found, and they decided to check out this mysterious place, even though Christy was a little hesitant.


“Are you sure this is good idea?” she asked, a little scared when they found a little hut in the middle of nowehere after a long walk.

“Sure! What could happen?”


Jake politely knocked on the wall of the hut, since there weren’t any doors, and was greeted by a friendly Bigfoot, who went by the name of Andrew. Jake was certainly surprised at finding the Bigfoot there, but was very fascinated, too.


Christy was still a bit scared, so she stayed outside and fished in the big pond near the hut while she waited for Jake.


Jake and Andrew got along really well, and Andrew turned out to be very intelligent and a good conversation partner.


After Andrew and he became friends Jake decided to ask Andrew to move in with him and Christy. Andrew agreed, and told them he needed some time to get his stuff together but that he would meet them at the airport.

When Jake said goodbye he was bit worried, though; he needed to find a way to tell Christy about Andrew moving in. And she probably wouldn’t appreciate the fact that he hadn’t talked to her about it…


He was right, Christy was quite angry, but when Jake explained his motivation (well, my motivations, really) her anger slowly cleared up again and she decided to not let this ruin her honeymoon. She and Jake spend their last evening having a lot fun.


They went to bed tired but happy – their honeymoon had been wonderful (apart from the little hiccup concerning Andrew) and they were ready to go home.


And that’s exactly what they did the next morning. They met Andrew at the airport, and Christy got along well with him, to Jake’s huge relief.


Once they got home they went to open up Walker’s for the first time. Christy did the hosting (and got her silver sales badge in no time).


Andrew will be the chef until Jake has enough cooking points.

This seems like a good place to mention that Andrew is a Popularity Sim who has the LTW to have 5 top level businesses. Oh dear… I think I’ll try to make that happen. If so, Jake will probably eventually transfer the deed for Walker’s to Andrew. That’ll make things easier.


So, the job left for Jake was being the waiter. He hoped to be able to do all the cooking soon, but he needed a few more cooking points for that.

I’m already looking forward to making the place prettier once they have the money :-)


Look who it is! Masterchef Julien Cooke came to pay a visit to Walker’s! Apparently he liked it, because he tipped Jake.


When they got home the house got a little make over, since Andrew needed a bedroom, and Jake and Christy might want a little privacy as well. A bigger renovation will happen when there are babies. Which probably won’t take long, since we’re talking about two Family Sims.


Jake goes back to studying for his cooking skill points.


Christy (who’s secondary wish is Popularity) catches up with her friends on the phone.

In the mean time (don’t know why I haven’t got a picture) Andrew decided to start writing a novel, for some extra money for the family.


The next morning she felt a bit queasy and wondered if she’d perhaps caught a bad bug in Three Lakes. Then another thought sprang to mind. Could it be possible that she was pregnant…?


She was hungrier than usual…

Jake watched his wife and house mate, astonished. He knew Andrew had bad manners when it came to eating, but since when did Christy eat like that?


That night they both got their answer. Christy was indeed pregnant!


That same night Andrew finished his novel, and it was an instant bestseller!


In the morning Christy surprised Jake with her grown belly, and he was over the moon. He’d always wanted a big family, and was happy they would be starting soon.


He was so ecstatic that he couldn’t keep his mind on what he was doing and burned the omelettes he wanted to make Christy for breakfast.


I bought Jake and Christy a better bed, because Christy is having a tough pregnancy. Not long after breakfast she went back to bed for a while.


That afternoon Jake’s friend Marie came to visit, and she and Christy got to know each other a little better over some chili.


Jake was busy studying all day and maxed his cooking in the evening.


And as Christy got her second pop Fall ended and Winter came to Blueberry Island.

That was it for this season! Quite a lot happened for a first season, and I’m really happy with the start the Walker family had. :-)

I hope to be back soon with the Robinson family. Thanks for reading and happy Simming!

Households: 2
Playable Sims: 7
CAS-Sims Available: 1
Community Lots: 2
* Owned: 2
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 4
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 14
Fires 0
Burglars: 1
Uni funds: 8600

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  1. Oh, I like this chapter very much! I don’t know how you’re going to keep up with everything. Good luck with that. And with your studies, as well.

  2. Thanks! I’ll have to figure out a spreadsheet for myself, too. Now I have Excel on my computer, I could do that.

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