An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 8: Moving Out and Moving On

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this story, but I’ve been playing my BaCC more lately. Didn’t know I was also doing a BaCC? Check it out!

In the last chapter we saw Joel continuing to climb up the Journalism career ladder, until he only had one promotion left before reaching the top. The heir, Jane, and her husband Mitch have two daughters, Fiona and Flora. Fiona grew up to a teenager with a Knowledge aspiration. Her younger sister Flora grew up to a child, the most troublesome age in an Apocalypse. Our founder, Mandy, was just hanging around, playing chess all night, every night.

Now, onto the update! Except for one crucial event, not a lot happens, sorry about that!


We start this update with Fiona and Flora playing chess and fighting about it, like true sisters. They have a really good relationship, though, so everything’s fine! It’s just that both of them only have one nice point, so a lot of cheating happens.


I knew Knowledge was a good choice for Fiona! She’s now in the platinum because she wants to earn cleaning skill points. That’s like three birds with one stone: making her happy, gaining skill points and cleaning the house! Yay!


That day Fiona brought a friend home from school. He was friendly enough to assist her with fulfilling her Talk About Hobby wish but then he got sent of again. Enjoy fighting of the zombies!


Poor kid… I know I should just let her ignore her own homework and make her do her sister’s, but all those piled up notebooks make me twitch. And since she’s in the platinum…


See? Best friends :-)


Jane maxed all of her skills! Her younger brother Joel managed to do that a while ago, during the time he hadn’t found a job in Journalism yet and had not much to do all day.


Since she’s feeling up to it, Flora can do her own homework today. Fiona doesn’t have to do everything if it isn’t necessary. That makes me feel bad for her, since she had quite a hard childhood.


Mandy barely gets mentioned anymore these days, so here’s a random picture of her playing chess with Joel early in the morning!


Not much later Joel heads off to his job as a Magazine Editor. He has all the friends and all the skill points he needs… Will he manage to get his last promotion today..?


She doesn’t look very excited, but we all know what this means: Flora got an A+ in school! Who had ever thought that would happen! Not me, that’s for sure.


Yes! Yes, yes, YES! I missed the little thingy above his head, but Joel made it to Media Magnate! He did it, he lifted Journalism! Sims can now choose between the three jobs listed every day instead of only being able to take the first one listed. And, since Sims can now use the paper for more than finding a job, it is possible for them to move out of the house!

I was overjoyed when this finally happened! It was quite a rocky road for Joel, but he made it :-)


In less pleasant news: Jane got sick with the cold while at work. And here she’s hugging Flora. Just great…


Look at that, Flora is in the platinum, too! I have no idea how I managed to do that…


It’s strange to think that the redheaded vampire hottie is the mother of the old grey haired woman…


She’s still really cute! Although she does look a bit troubled here.


Joel loved his family very much, but now that he had done his duty and was able to move out, he fully planned to do so. It was time for him to be on his own and live his own life, whatever life that may be in this Apocalypse. He would figure it out, and was looking forward to it.


He and Fiona had grown very close so he took her apart to say goodbye before he left.


Then he took that day’s newspaper and looked proudly at the improvements that were made because of his hard work. It didn’t take him long to find the housing section. There wasn’t much choice, but that didn’t matter: he now had the option to move, and that was the most important.


Mitch didn’t seem to be all too bothered by his leaving – in fact he didn’t seem bothered by anyone while he washed himself in the middle of the kitchen. Fiona came to wave goodbye, though.


Joel said goodbye to his family, looked back one more time and stepped into the taxi that came to pick him up. He would only move to a house a bit further up the road, but it felt like a huge step.


Stupid Mandy ran outdoors to wave goodbye to her son and her motives immediately started to drop! I panicked a little, but she managed to get inside and into her coffin before too much damage was done.


This Joel’s new abode. He left the house with about $40,000 because I have the no 20k handout.

I haven’t decided yet how much I’m going to play him (and how much you’re going to see of that), and if I will adhere to all of the restrictions (that are left) or I will loosen up a bit for him, since he’s a spare. For now I’ll adhere to all of them.


Almost as soon as Joel arrived his carpool drew up to the house and he had to leave for his first day as a Media Magnate.


When he came home that night it was time for him to grow up to an elder. He was all alone, but that didn’t matter to him. It was the first time ever he was completely alone, so he was more than content.


He grew up well, in the gold, so he was quite happy with his life.


He was enjoying the solitude when the phone rang; it was Jane to see how everything was going. He smiled when he heard her voice. It was sweet of her to check in.


After chatting for a little while Joel went to bed. It was the first time he slept in a double bed, and it was quite comfortable, he had to say!


The next morning he called the newspaper to quit his job. I want to find Joel a nice elderly townie to marry and spend the rest of his life with, and that won’t happen if he has to work from 10 am until 6 pm for the next five days.


He was in for a surprise when Balin walked by his lot! Remember Balin? He’s the awesome dog who lifted Service Pet a while back. Mandy gave him to one of her old college professors, but apparently he’s back to being a stray dog…

I thought about letting Joel adopt him, but didn’t make up my mind. I think I’ll do it the next time he walks by, though.


After he played with Balin for a while, a woman named Vyn Scott walked by, and Joel introduced himself.


He wasn’t very interested in her, though… They had negative chemistry.


That afternoon Jane stopped by. Joel chuckled to himself. Apparently his sister missed him quite a bit, and wanted to see how he was holding up in his new place.


They played some chess for old times’ sake and Jane left again before it got dark to get home safely.


Apparently (a slightly hypothermic) Christa Hsu didn’t mind the danger the night brought to Apocalypse Valley, because she walked by Joel’s house a while after night fell. They got along great, but he didn’t have any chemistry with her either… Maybe he just doesn’t like grey haired women?


That theory might be a good one, because the next day he met Calista Fuchs, who is much younger than he is (and doesn’t have grey hair), but with whom he really hit it off. They have two bolts!


They chatted and flirted for a bit…


…and soon enough they had crushes on each other.


“I really like you Calista,” Joel told her, making her blush.


Joel prepared dinner for the two of them and they chatted some more.


But soon it was time for Calista to leave. They said goodbye with a kiss, and Joel felt a bit sad. He knew he wouldn’t see her in a while (unless she walked by), and he already missed her. If only it hadn’t been Wednesday when he met her…

And that’s one of the reason why I’m considering bending the rules for Joel a little. Having to wait another week before he can see Calista again just won’t do! Plus, I’m thinking of aging her up once she’s moved in, so they can be old together :-)

That was it for this update! The next update will probably be a BaCC one, since I’m having way too much fun with it :-)

Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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2 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 8: Moving Out and Moving On

  1. Good luck, Joel. I hope Calista walks by again soon.

    So, if you do move her in, you won’t be having any babies in this family? I suppose that would complicate things, trying to keep two households going. And would the children of a spare, who was in his own household, lift restrictions, anyway?

    • annek2 says:

      I hope so, too! And otherwise I’ll just bend the rules for Joel a little ;) Since he’s a spare, that doesn’t really matter.

      No, I don’t think they’ll have children. And children of spares aren’t allowed to lift restrictions.

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