Blueberry Island – Fall 1 – Robinson

Hi all!

Welcome back to Blueberry Island! I had hoped to update sooner, but the weather has been really nice here (except for the past couple of days) and my hands have been hurting again (RSI) so, yeah, it’s been a while. London was really great, thanks for all the “have fun”s! Now, on to the update…


Last time our founder Julia and her husband Ben worked hard to make their store (Julia’s Fruit and Veggies) a success. They also decided to start a family, and at the end of the season the first baby of Blueberry Island was born, a boy named Adam.


Now we’re back for Fall, which is perhaps my favourite season in the Sims 2 because of the skilling bonus. Between this and the Knowledge aspiration perk (“Eureka! Blablabla”) the skilling goes quite fast!


Which comes in really handy, considering both Julia and Ben want to max all their skills. As you can see Julia managed to max out Creativity! Yay!


Even though they’re busy with the store and their new born baby, the romance is still alive with this couple.


As it’s the start of the season, taxes were due. My method is to take 5% from the lot value of the home lot + the household fund + the business value of any businesses a family might have. The Robinson’s had to pay $6500, which they could easily miss. They have quite some money due to the money business perks.

I also realised that I should start thinking about move out funds for Adam, but, since I’m still figuring out Monique’s Computer, I decided to wait a bit longer before establishing his bank account.


The garden was still doing well, and both Ben and Julia still enjoyed maintaining it.


That evening it was already time for little Adam to grow up!


Look at the little cutie! He takes after both of his parents, but I think he looks most like Julia. He’s got her mouth, nose and eyes, but the shape of his head looks more like Ben’s.

I love Sims genes :-)

Oh, and his personality (also quite important, of course) is 2/9/9/7/6.


After a little make over (I didn’t like Adam’s hair) Julia immediately started with teaching Adam to walk, while Ben looked on with a smile.


Smart Milk combined with the Fall skilling bonus makes for mad skilling! Adam learned to walk in no time.


After they had put Adam to bed, the happy couple enjoyed some quality time…


Adam got up early the next morning, but went to play at his playing table very sweetly and didn’t wake up his parents.


When Ben came downstairs a bit later, though, Adam needed to pee quite badly, and Ben managed to get him toddler trained!


Julia felt a bit queasy when she woke up, so Ben and her decided to stay at home and work on their skills instead of going to work at the store.


So that is exactly what they did. While Julia studied Cooking, Ben taught Adam to talk. Quite a succesful morning for the little kid!


Later that day Ben had some succes himself, as well: he maxed out Logic.


Afterwards, he went to clean the toilet. Julia had gone to lie down for a bit, because she felt even more sick than when she woke up, and had actually vomited. Ben was a bit worried. He hoped his wife would be pregnant again, but there was of course the chance that she was actually sick.


That night, before going to bed, he cheered up a bit though, since the cucumbers were ready for harvesting.


It also turned out he had nothing to worry about, because Julia was indeed expecting another baby!


Now that he has learned all his toddler skills, Adam can just play until his birthday. He’s earning a lot of skill points by “just playing”, though. His Knowledge Sim parents can be proud.


Now that he maxed Logic, Ben decided to earn some Creativity points next by starting a painting.


Julia was really glad they were having another baby, but she also missed going to the store a bit. They hadn’t been able to go yet this season, and now they had to wait until the baby was born.


There was plenty to keep her busy around the house, though.


Best friends! <3


Ben finished his painting, and I think it’s really pretty! It also goes really well with the colours in the master bedroom.


So that’s where I put it :-)




I know you’re supposed to be happy with a burglar in a BaCC, and I sort of am, but I really hate watching him take all of the expensive stuff. Not that the Robinson’s don’t have the money to replace all of it, but it’s just annoying.


This was pretty hilarious though. The burglar sneaking around, while Ben is quietly calling the police. Who’s the sneaky one here?


It’s quite admirable how quickly the police arrives, what with Blueberry Island having no police station yet, and it, well, being an island.


But then this happened and I was a little less pleased. Poor Adam woke up because of the scary man stealing his pretty rug, and if that wasn’t traumatising enough, the scary man and the other stranger in the blue suit started fighting right there next to him. Seriously, Adam disappeared in the fighting cloud thingy! I was shocked. Poor kid.


The burglar got caught, though, so that’s something.


And then the police guy (forgot his name) went to Adam for the “yay, we caught him, here’s some money”-talk. Extremely appropriate to address the toddler of the family for that, instead of the adults.

Oh, Sims.


Meanwhile, Julia, unaware of the entire fiasco, got her second pop.


This was bound to happen sooner or later, what with all the sparkly food.


I don’t see why he has to be so heartbroken about gaining some weight, though.



He doesn’t seem too bothered by the whole experience, but just the idea of the trauma makes me sad for him.


Ben decided that the chubby look is not for him, and starts working out on the exercise bike. I’m always a little apprehensive to have those in my Sims’ houses, because my Sims will get on them and just completely wear themselves out.


But Ben didn’t do so and worked out just long enough to regain his former shape!


That night is was already time for Adam’s next birthday! Oh, how time flies…


Adam had his parents there to cheer him on. Maybe I’ll throw birthday parties later, when there’s family that can come over, but having parties with only townies there… Meh, I can’t be bothered.


“Wow, look at my hand! It’s huge!”


And this Adam after his make over! He definitely grew into that chin, and I think he looks really handsome! He’s gonna be a heartbreaker.


Not long after his birthday Adam went upstairs to his new room. He was really excited to have such a pretty room all to himself, but was also tired from the day, so he fell asleep in no time.


Later that night Julia woke up with pain in her belly. She was going into labour!


A bit later she held another beautiful baby boy in her arms. He had her eyes, like his brother, but he also had her skintone and Ben’s blond hair, unlike Adam.


“Ben, come meet your new son, Eric.”

“In a minute, darling, I really have to make the bed now.”

What is it with Ben and priorities once a baby is born?


“Wooo! Welcome to the world, little man!”

Julia smiled happily when she saw her husband’s excitement.


The next day Julia and Ben woke up very early and went to the store for the first (and last) time this season. Julia was glad to be back, she still enjoyed working her shop a lot, and she was excited when they managed to get it up to rank 6.


She was even more excited when a man she hadn’t seen there before came up to her and gave her a good review and another Best of the Best award (although she doesn’t exactly show her excitement in this picture).


After that it got busy very quickly and Ben and Julia had to work really hard, but their hard work payed off, too. When they left the store that day it had reached rank 7!


Back home things going well, too. Adam was really happy with his new baby brother, and spent a lot of time with him in the nursery, even though Eric was too little to play with for now.


He also decided to take his drawings to a higher level, and asked his parents if he could use the easel in the family room. They thought it was great that he showed initiative to learn new things so they happily said yes.


He couldn’t practice his painting skills for very long, though, because at 8 am the school bus drew up to the house. Adam was excited for his first day of school, but also a little nervous. What if nobody liked him?


Julia and Ben spent the day skilling and taking care of Eric.


Julia also decided to take another sip of the Elixir of Life. She wouldn’t mind having another baby and she felt like life sometimes seemed a little too short.


That afternoon Adam came home from school in a very cheerful mood.

“Everyone is really nice and our teacher is, too! But Mummy, you and daddy will always be my best friends!”

Julia smiled. She doubted that would be true when he got older, but her heart melted a bit hearing her son say those words.


However much Adam had liked his first day of school, he still had to got used to doing his homework instead of playing all afternoon. He asked his mother for some help, because this whole Maths thing didn’t make a lot of sense to him yet.


As Winter is approaching, I thought this would be the perfect time to build a greenhouse around the family’s little garden. That way they’ll have food during Winter as well, which is quite convenient.


Now Adam was a child Julia decided it was time to start establishing his move out fund, so she put aside $10,000 on a bank account for him, for now. She will probably put more on it later on, but this will do for now, as Adam is nowhere near moving out yet.


Fall was ended by a delicious family meal of some fish or other. I always like it when the whole family sits at the table together to eat (well, the ones that can sit at the table to eat, let’s not forget Eric), because that doesn’t happen very often in my game.


“We have a great family, don’t we,” Ben said as he and Julia lay cuddling on their bed that night.

“Yes, we sure do. Although I wouldn’t mind it getting a bit bigger, still…”

Will the family expand any further? You’ll have to wait for a bit to see, because this is where the update ends! At the start of Fall I also added a new household to Blueberry Island, so we’ll visit the mysterious new CAS Sim first before we return to the Robinson family.

I hope you enjoyed the update, don’t be shy to leave a comment on boolprop (or here if you don’t have a boolprop account)! Thanks for reading!

Households: 1
Playable Sims: 4
CAS-Sims Available: 1
Community Lots: 1
* Owned: 1
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 2
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 8
Fires 0
Burglars: 1
Uni funds: 8600

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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4 Responses to Blueberry Island – Fall 1 – Robinson

  1. Oooh, I love those paintings! Isn’t CC great?

    So, in a BACC, you move the heirs out of the house? That strikes me as odd, since I’ve only ever played legacy-style. This is very different.

    I’ve started a new neighborhood, and am building it up, but there are no rules. I’m going for stories and drama and fun. I may try my hand at a BACC, sometime in the future, though, after my apocalypse challenge.

    You’ve done several BACC’s, have you? On average, how many households do you wind up getting by the time you finish?

    • annek2 says:

      Yep, it really is! My game would be so much more boring without CC.

      Well, that’s up to every individual player, really. I’ll have one of the children stay with their parents (probably the youngest one), but I don’t really see him as an heir or anything. Basically, every household is equally important in a BaCC. It’s about the town as a whole, really. :-)

      Stories, drama and fun is awesome, too :-) I kind of, one day, want to start a Prosperity Challenge or something of the sort, which is quite similar to that.

      I’ve got another BaCC in my game, but I’ve never finished the challenge. I don’t really think anyone has ever finished it, although I do know of people who are well on their way with a population of about 10,000 (that’s not the actual number of Sims, of course (your town would explode) but the number of Sims multiplied by the SM).

  2. Really? That makes me feel so much better. The BACC is rather overwhelming to me, and to my computer.

    I got a whole bunch of Harry Potter downloads, though, and I’m aching to try them. I’m building a world, with so many lots, I’m afraid it won’t have the memory to actually run any sims! LOL.

    But I do want to attempt a BACC, once I’ve finished my AC. Even with a dramatic neighborhood going, I must have an actual challenge to play.

    • annek2 says:

      The great thing about a BaCC is that it’s a really open challenge, if you get what I mean. It’s really up to each individual player how to do it. You can go all hardcore and try to get the population up as quickly as possible by opening a lot of businesses and trying to get a lot of Business Districts, or you can just enjoy playing the families and getting a lot of Sims for your population. It can be really laid back as well. :-)

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