Blueberry Island – Winter 1 – Robinson

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Blueberry Island! Last time we met the newest resident, Jake Walker, but now we’re back with the Robinson family. Julia and Benjamin Robinson have two sons, Adam (who is a child) and little baby Eric. At the end of Fall Julia and Ben said they wouldn’t mind another addition to their family, though…

If this update seems to be a bit incoherent or if I get anything mixed up – I’m sick with a horrible cold, so my brain isn’t working properly at the moment. Sorry about that!


Ben starts Winter with trying to take care of a struggling Eric.


But after a fresh nappy and a bottle of milk Eric is happy as can be again. In the background you can see Adam starting his day off with a little painting.


The first thing Julia does is taking care of the taxes for the season, which totals up to a $6300 payment.


Ben really loves the new greenhouse the family got at the end of last season. This way their plants will make it through winter. Ben’s really the one who takes care of the garden most, since Nature is his predestined hobby.


Adam heads off to another day of school, and Eric is asleep after playing most of the night…


…which means Julia and Ben have time to skill! I had to get used to slow skilling again after the Fall skilling bonus of last season, though.


Poor Adam isn’t too happy with his B+. I would be quite satisfied with a B+ to be honest.


But his mum cheers him up with a fun game of Red Hands, after which Adam happily goes up to his room to do his homework.


That evening it’s time for the first birthday of the season! Little Eric is growing up to a toddler.

snapshot_feafc63f_bef1897b snapshot_feafc63f_5ef18b4e

He’s a cutie! He looks a lot like his father – no one can mistake that mouth and nose for Julia’s. And he’s got the freckles!

People who read my Apocalypse might know I’ve got a bit of an obsession with freckles on Sims.

Eric’s personality is 5/1/9/7/6. Wow, he’s quite shy! I only just noticed that.


Ben gets started on the toddler training right away (that, and Eric just really needed to pee).


That night Julia woke up with a funny sensation in her stomach, and she proceeded to have her first pop! That’s right, a third Robinson child is on the way! It was a bit of surprise to Julia, but I heard the lullaby at the end of last season ;-)


I love little Eric! I think I might even like his looks better than Adam’s. And that hair is just so cute on him.

Oh right, I took this picture to show you he has his mother’s chin, jaw and eyes.


Eric is potty trained! I always want to get that one out of the way as quickly as possible, because it makes things so much easier when toddlers can go to the potty on their own.


Next up: learning to walk! Julia is skilling in the back, as she and Ben always do when they have a spare moment.


I just thought this picture is absolutely hilarious. Although I do have some doubts about wearing the thinking cap when pregnant. I know it doesn’t have any effects on a Sim’s mood, but it just feels iffy.


Check, learned to walk now, too!


Eric is now best friends with his daddy.


Obligatory cute picture of toddler + activity table.


Adam got an A+ this time! He seems very content, doesn’t he?


That afternoon, Blueberry Island welcomed its very first snow ever.


“Well done! You’re such a smart little boy!”

Eric learned to walk, talk and go to the potty all in one day.


And he became best friends with his mother as well!


He can be a bit of a handful, though, since one of his favourite things to do is playing with the toilet, and thus making a big mess of the bathroom.


One of Adam’s favourite things to do it painting. He’s finished quite a few paintings already.


This third pregnancy is pretty hard on Julia; she spends a lot of time in bed.


Or eating. Although, the sparkly food makes it much easier to fill up her hunger bar.


When Adam gets home from school at 3 pm he always wants to talk to or play with a relative. Have we got a Family Sim in the making here?


Little Eric, gettin’ some logic points.


Ben decided to start writing a detective novel, so he could earn money while earning creativity skill points.


More Eric! Cute photo, that’s all.


Adam played some chess on his own before bed, since he wanted to earn logic points, just like his little brother.


That night, after everyone had gone to bed and Julia was just enjoying one last pancake before heading off to sleep as well, she felt a sharp pain in her belly.


She went into labour!


Julia gave birth to another baby boy! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many babies of the same gender born after each other.


Anyway, meet Owen! He’s got his father’s skin tone and blond hair, and his mother’s blue eyes.


After putting Owen in his crib in the nursery Julia headed upstairs to finally go to sleep.


And Eric looked after his new baby brother. :-)


The next morning Ben went down to the nursery very early to meet his youngest son.

Also, this makes it seem as if Eric is playing with that peg box pretty much permanently, which is not the case. I think. I don’t remember, actually.


Adam realised his parents were going to be quite busy now his new baby brother was born, so he decided to help them out and weed the plants before school.


After she had seen Adam off to school, and Eric and Owen were taken care off, Julia headed off to Julia’s Fruits and Veggies for the first time this season.


As the business is already level 7 and thus attracts a lot of customers, and the family definitely has the money for it, I decided to expand the store so wouldn’t be as cramped as it was before, and there’s more stuff to buy. Post make over pics:

snapshot_feafc63f_bf0e7e70 snapshot_feafc63f_bf0e7e76 snapshot_feafc63f_3f0e7e7d

I’m pretty content with the store :-) I’ve personally never seen such a colourful supermarket, but I think it makes it look cosy.


Next up; trying to make it to level 10! Probably won’t happen this season, but we can at least try to gain as much stars as possible.

I read in the BaCC thread over on boolprop that most people don’t let their Sims dazzle very often. I was a bit surprised by that; once my Sims get their golden sales badge they do practically nothing but dazzling. I know it drains energy (and can turn out bad) but that’s what the energizer’s for!


Julia called up Ben as well to be the cashier (I love this loophole that allows both parents to be at the store while the children stay home).

Oh, and they had dates of course, once their aspiration dropped into the green.


The store got so busy that they had to hire another employee to man a second register, even though Ben had just earned his golden cashier badge here.


Dazzling never fails to amuse me. :-) Also, the store is running really well!


Julia just got offered a job in Business by Leo Wilkie, through networking. Dangit! That would’ve been perfect it the store would have been level 10! However, since it’s not yet, Julia was unable to accept it.


Julia and Ben went home after they brought the store to level 9. They were earning stars like crazy, but the employees were starting to get tired, and so were they. It won’t be long ’til level 10, though! Maybe not this season, but definitely the next.

They had one more date and one more trip to the energizer before going home, so it was as if they’d never left (energy-wise), and Julia happily went back to her motherly duties.


Aww, the romance is still there. :-)


Adam’s got 6 nice points and 9 (!) outgoing points and yet he has never brought anyone home from school, which makes me a little bit sad. I hope he has some friends there!


Adam was quite tired, and since it was the start of the weekend and he didn’t need to do his homework right away he had a nice little nap next to his Mum on the sofa.


That evening it was Eric’s birthday!


The whole family cheered him on, and although he didn’t really understand what was going on at first, he soon felt the tingly sensation in his feet and all of a sudden he was a lot bigger than he was before!


Look at him! He’s so cute! Although he does seem to lack an upper lip.


“Growing up is awesome! Now I can have cake!”


While Adam and Eric were enjoying their cake, however, Julia had to take care of something a little less pleasant and more wet. She didn’t seem to mind that much, though, because I found out her predestined hobby is Tinkering.


The brothers don’t seem to get along splendidly, but I want them to be friends, so I’m sure it will be fine. All siblings fight sometimes, so it’s all the more realistic!


Now Eric is too big to still sleep in the nursery, he has to share a room with Adam upstairs instead.


While all the kids had gone to bed Julia decided to a little skilling before going to sleep as well, and she maxed out Cooking!


The last day of winter was a Saturday, and was spent skilling by everyone.


And taking care of little Owen, of course! He hasn’t had a lot of screen time, but hey, he’s a baby. He sleeps and poops.


Julia and Eric played a nice game of chess together while earning Logic points.


Ben earns more charisma points. As I said in the last update (I think), I want him to get the first job in Business once it is unlocked, so I’m having him focus on the skills needed for that.


Adam has spent so much time painting that he has gotten a membership at the art studio hobby lot thingy!


Ben became best friends with Jake Walker while talking on the phone! This makes me happy, because I like the playable households to be friends. :-)


When six o’clock rolled around it was time for Owen to become a toddler!



He looks a lot like his brother Eric, but I think he has more of his father’s features than Eric does. He’s cute, but I think he’s going to be the least handsome of the Robinson brothers. Not that I care, I still love him! :-) Oh, and his personality is 3/4/10/10/7.


First things first; time for some Smart Milk.


And then it was time for bed. I always give the toddlers Smart Milk when they grow up, even if they’re not going to be skilling right away, because of the Smart Milk glitch – even if the glow wears off, they’ll still have the skilling advantage.


Once everyone had gone to bed Ben worked some more on the detective novel he started earlier this update (and hardly worked on since then).


When he got upstairs late that night and looked out the window before he got into bed, he smiled – by the light of the moon he could already see green leaves starting to grow on every tree: Spring was on its way.

And that was it for this update! I hope you enjoyed it, Happy Simming!

Households: 2
Playable Sims: 8
CAS-Sims Available: 1
Community Lots: 2
* Owned: 2
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 4
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 16
Fires 0
Burglars: 1
Uni funds: $14,900

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4 Responses to Blueberry Island – Winter 1 – Robinson

  1. Winter is fun, when it’s part of variety. I like to send my sims out to play in the snow. But if that’s alllllll there is to doooooo…

    This is fun! I’m glad the business is going so well. Have you ever set up a bed in a back room for a shop-owner to use between shifts? Of course, the energizer is best, if you can use it. That’s why I love your scheme of working it as a couple, dating between shifts, and using the energizer! I’ll have to use that trick, too.

    • annek2 says:

      Yep, it is, but since I’m playing an Apocalypse as well I’m kind of sick of Winter :-P

      I generally just use the energiser. I do have a tent set up at the back of the lot for some businesses. I don’t think it’s possible for Sims to sleep in beds on community lots, though. The strategy of dating and working the business is working out really well for me :-)

      • I have a mod that allows sleeping on community lots. I took it out for the Apocalypse Challenge, but I put it back in for my other neighborhoods. Now, I just don’t let my sims sleep on neighborhood lots in an AC, but then, they rarely go to neighborhood lots in an AC, anyway.

        If you have the patience, though, putting a bed in the store, along with a fridge, microwave, toilet and shower, allows you to stay there long enough to make it all the way to Level 10 before you leave. But that is boring as all get-out, to tell the truth.

        I don’t really like it when things are too easy. That’s why I enjoy challenges. If there isn’t a challenge, then there must be DRAMA.

        • annek2 says:

          I’ve heard about that mod, but I find it’s just as easy to put a tent on the lot if your Sims need sleep. And my Sims mostly get by with the Energiser, to be honest :-)

          Exactly. :-) I’ve been playing Sims 2 ever since it first came out, so I need challenges to keep things interesting.

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