An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 9: Hideous but Hilarious

Hi everyone!

Here I am with another Apocalypse update! This one is not very long (about 40 pictures), but the next one will probably be a bit longer than usual. I hadn’t played my Apoc in a while because I didn’t feel much like it, but when I opened up the game a week ago I found my mojo again ;-)

Last time Joel finally managed to top Journalism, making it possible for him to move out, which he did. He found his own place down the road and grew up to an elder. He also met a woman called Calista, and they really hit it off.

That’s about it! It’s a bit of a slow period because nothing can be lifted until Fiona grows up to an Adult. I hope you’ll like it anyway. Well, let’s get on with the update!


Fiona and Flora became best friends while they waited on the school bus. I was actually a bit surprised they weren’t best friends yet, since they spend so much time together.


Jane had the wish to write a best seller, and when I told her to write a novel I found out she was already working on one. I did not know that – or, well, I completely forgot, I must have known at some point.


Fiona is not satisfied with her B+. Apparently she’s forgotten the times when her grades were so low I feared the social worker would come and take her away. She should be glad with that B+! I would be, anyway.


She soon forgot about her disappointment, though, when Alia walked by. As you might remember, I want them to get another pet so Showbiz Pet can be lifted. We’re currently in the search for the most suitable pet (aka the first pet that does not walk off the lot before we can adopt it).


Oh yeah, Mitch is still here, too. I frequently forget about him… He’s awesome for lifting Culinary for us, but I still don’t really care about him.


Alia turned out to be a really sweet dog, but she bloody well walked off right before we could adopt her… Why does that always happen?!


In other news, Jane finished her novel and it was a best seller, like she hoped! The novel is called “Family on 8×8”.


Flora spends practically all of her time at the sink, trying to get her hygiene up. I know I’ve whined about this before, but, man, I really can’t wait until Medical is lifted. Showers would be the BEST.


It strikes me as rather odd that everything is completely f-, excuse me, messed up in the neighbourhood, but there’s still a fully functioning tax system in place, right from the start of the Apocalypse. That’s the government for ya, I guess.


Fiona is mostly in charge of all the broken sinks, that way she’ll earn some Mechanical skill points before she’s an adult.


Her homework needs to be done, too, though, and she quite frequently does her sister’s as well.


Aww. Well, at least someone loves him.

Ok, that was quite cruel. Sorry, Mitch!


Hey, that’s new! They normally don’t really interact romantically. Which is kind of sad, but maybe their relationship will start to blossom now?


Mandy’s still here as well. Unlike Mitch, I really love her (she’s my founder after all), but she doesn’t do much besides sleeping all day and playing chess all night.


Jane lifted Education ages ago, but she still works in that field. It seems to really fit her, as well.


She managed to get an A+ today! I really love this picture, too. :-)


“Dad, dad! I got an — ooh, is that grilled cheese?!”


Yay for skilling wants! That (and “Talking About Hobby”) is mainly what keeps her happy.


And she maxed out Logic that evening. Big day for Fiona!


Mandy tries to get in some interaction with her grand children before they go to bed. I figure it’s a lonely life to be the only vampire in a family.


Everyone slept at the top floor that night, because Cris was out and about again.


There he is. I think he mainly stayed outside, though. Still, don’t want to take any chances here. It would be a quite a bummer if he scared someone to death.


This is so cute. I love Mandy. And she loves her family.


We’re still on the look out for pets, and Sake here walked by the lot. I was quite happy, because I’d rather have a cat than a dog this time (because they can keep themselves clean), but Sake walked off right before we could adopt him/her.


Apparently nothing interesting happened the next day, because the next picture I have is of Flora growing up to a teenager! It was bound to happen some day, of course. Now begins the waiting for the teens to grow up…


I gave Flora the Knowledge aspiration, just like her sister. It’s boring to give them the same aspiration, I know, but it’s the best one for an Apocalypse spare. This way I might be able to keep her happy.


…I’m gonna have so much fun trying to tell them apart -_-


After everyone had gone to bed this little dog walked by. It’s a girl named Pepper, and Mandy greeted her.


Befriending Pepper was remarkably easy, and before I know it the option “Adopt” turned up. I frantically clicked it, frightened she’d walk away just at that moment, and just like that Pepper was a part of the family!


Mandy immediately found a job in Showbiz for Pepper, and they started working on the first command she had to know. By 6 am Pepper knew how to Speak. I like this dog!


She went off to her first day of work in a fancy car :-)


Flora has no excuses to let her sister do her homework anymore. Also, that’s her everyday outfit. It’s hideous but hilarious.


On her second day Pepper brought home a promotion to Understudy (yes, apparently this was already her second day).


Oh, the love between two sisters…


It was Tuesday and Mandy decided to invite over Demi Long, who will be Fiona’s spouse (and will lift Medical!). That way Fiona and Demi can already become acquainted and it will take much less effort to move Demi in when the time comes.


Wow! I almost missed Mitch birthday! He grew up the moment he stepped out of his carpool. I like his suit, he looks sharp :-)


Demi arrived not long after that and Fiona greeted her. They get along very well, which is awesome! I hope they’ll become a better couple than Mitch and Jane…


They chatted, played a game of Red Hands, and became fast friends.


They parted with a hug, and I was quite relieved. This might actually become a cute couple!

And that’s it for this update! Like I said, this is quite a short one, but the next one will be much longer, I think.

Thanks for reading! Don’t be shy to leave a comment, and Happy Simming! :-)

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2 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 9: Hideous but Hilarious

  1. I haven’t read it for a while, but I’m glad I got back here. This was a good update. You’re right about those outfits! What are these sims thinking? They have no fashion sense, let alone weather sense.

    I’m working on mine, but I haven’t posted anything, yet. I have to do so many work-arounds that it’s a bit of a pain to do, so I’ve been putting it off. However, you have inspired me to play my AC, again, at least.

    • annek2 says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! Yes, those outfits are just plain weird, most of the time.

      I read your Apocalypse with Arthur Hancock, such a pity about that glitch! I was wondering when you’re new one would appear. I’m looking forward to it! And I’m glad I inspired you to play again, that’s good to hear :-)

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