Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Chin

Hi everyone!

I’ve handed in my MA dissertation last week, so I’ve finally got time for my sims again! The remaining updates for Summer 3 will hopefully follow quite soon, because I’ve played it ages ago. For now, we’ll visit Adam and Gretchen Chin. As you might recall, Adam is the eldest child of our founder Julia Robinson, and last season Gretchen moved in with him and they got married (Adam took Gretchen’s name). Adam works in Architecture, which is LTW career, and Gretchen is currently working in Business. Right before the end of the season, Gretchen became pregnant with the couple’s first child!


Here’s the happy couple, with Adam’s dog Alegra.


The first thing Adam did that season was pay the taxes, which amounted to $2,600.


As he was about to kiss Gretchen goodbye before work, she sprinted to the bathroom to get rid of her breakfast. She felt quite queasy, and her suspicions about what it might mean.


She still went to work, though.


Adam got promoted to Draftsman!


Adam then did the same as James did in the previous update; he sold The Perennial Page-Turner, his book store, back to the community, and Eric Robinson bought it straight away. I’m not going to make a habit out of this, because it doesn’t feel right, but I decided Eric was going to buy that store last season already.

Adam then immediately bought Rapunzel Hair Salon, although I let him transfer the business to Gretchen right away, since it’ll be mostly her thing as she is the one with the gold (I believe) hair dressing badge thing.


This is what the business looks like right now. It got dark immediately after the got there, but they left right away as well, since Gretchen was very tired.


Back home, Adam played with Alegra for a while.


Gretchen went to bed early.


She got woken up after a few hours though, because of her first pop!


Since she was now on maternity leave, Gretchen spent the next day at home. She spent most of her time playing chess.


She also had a nice long nap.


Adam came home with another promotion, to Architect (rank 7) this time.


Adam and Gretchen were both very excited for the new baby!


That night Gretchen had her second pop.


The next day, I expanded the house a bit so there would be enough room for the new arrival. I added a room where first there was a little terrace, and I also added a backyard.


Adam came home with yet another promotion that day! He is now an Architectural Partner. He’s doing really well for himself!


Gretchen was asleep when he came home, so Adam made some grilled cheese sandwiches for when she’d wake up.


He also played with Alegra for a while, who was still extremely dear to him.


The couple knew the baby was coming that night, so they stayed up for it. Or, well, Adam stayed up while Gretchen napped on the couch.


And then, just past one, it was time!


Gretchen gave birth to a little baby girl!

(Also, before this playing session I installed a hack thingy that gets rid of dominant and recessive genes, thus making them all dominant (this is for hair colour and eye colour).)


Gretchen quickly handed the little girl over to Adam, because she was surprised to find that another baby was coming along!


Another baby girl! Wow, I can’t even remember the last time a boy was born on Blueberry Island…


“Wow, twins…” Adam said.

“I know. Didn’t see that one coming…”

Adam is holding Erin (the first baby) and Gretchen is holding Jamie. Both girls have red hair and their daddy’s skin tone, but Erin has light blue eyes while Jamie’s are dark blue.

These girls are the first offspring from a Sim that was born on the Island himself (Adam)! And Julia is now a grandmother. <3 Milestones!


And then the busy life of being parents of twins had started.


Adam called his parents to invite them over to meet the girls, although he didn’t mention the fact that they’d had twins, wanting to surprise them. Julia and Ben walked over immediately, excited to meet their first grandchild.


“I’m so glad you’re here!”


“Mum, Dad, meet Erin and Jamie,” Adam said with a big smile on his face.

“Twins!” Julia gasped.

Gretchen chuckled. “Yes, we were surprised too.”

“They are gorgeous,” Ben said with tears in his eyes.


“Adam, why don’t you and Gretchen take some time away from home and go work at the salon. Your father and I would love to watch these two lovelies for a few hours.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course!”

“Well, okay, then.”


And so Adam and Gretchen left their new born girls in the very capable hands of Julia and Ben, and went off to Rapunzel Hair Salon. They (read: I) would love to get a little work done there before the end of the season, and once those two girls are toddlers things are going to get a lot more busy.


Before opening the business, though, they went on a date, because Gretchen’s aspiration was in the green.


Besides offering make overs, the salon also sells some beauty products (it doesn’t look like beauty products, but I needed to sell something).


Gretchen was excited to do her first make over in this salon. It took a while, because most people wanted to buy stuff instead of get a make over…


Adam’s brother Eric came by to check out the place and congratulate the couple with their new babies. “Twins, man! That’s so terrifying!”


Together they got the business up to level 4. “We make a great team!”


Back home, everything had gone fine as well. “Hey, you’re back! How was it?”

They chatted for a while and then Julia and Ben went back home.


Adam and Gretchen spent the rest of the day skilling and taking care of the twins.


The next day, Gretchen stayed home from work to look after the twins. She was a bit nervous to be all alone with them for the first time, but it all went off without a hitch.


In the afternoon, Owen (Adam’s youngest brother) made a surprise visit to come and see the twins.


After admiring the twins, he and Gretchen sat down on the couch and chatted for a while. Owen’s wife Meadow was also pregnant, so they had lots to talk about and they became best friends in the process.


Soon, Owen had to get back home again, and it was time for the twins to eat, so they said goodbye. “So sweet of you to stop by! Say hi to Meadow for me, and to Julia and Ben of course.”


Adam came home with a promotion to Master Architect.


That evening it was already time for Jamie and Erin to grow up. “I can’t believe they’re done being babies already…”


This is Erin (2/10/5/9/7), who takes after her dad but also looks a lot like Gretchen.


And this is Jamie (3/4/10/8/10), who seems to be a little carbon copy of Adam!


The twins had some Smart Milk (hoping for the Smart Milk Effect) and then went to sleep because they were exhausted. I love these two already!

And that’s it for the Chin family for this summer! I hope you enjoyed the update, Happy Simming!

Households 11
Playable Sims 36
CAS-Sims Available 8 of 18
Community Lots 14
* Owned 12
* NPC 2
Total Lots 22
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 9
Population 324
Fires 1
Burglars 6
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 173.300

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