Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Burke

Hi everyone!

The last time we visited the Burke family, Madison grew up to a teenager, and the twins Robin and Amber became children. Amin continued working towards reaching his LTW of having 20 best friends and Angie got her pet store up to level 8, with some help from Amin and Maddie. That’s about it!


Here’s the family! From left to right: Madison, Robin, Angie, Amin, Amber, and Mittens the cat in the front.


Robin and Amber became best friends while playing together before school.


Goal for Madison this season: get her a date and her first kiss.


Angie and Amin had a little moment before Amin left for work.


Angie spent some time painting that morning.


Mittens grew up into an elder cat, which makes me a little sad. She’s definitely my favourite pet of the Island, possibly even ever!


Then Angie went to Angie’s Animal Emporium to work for a while.


It soon got very busy and Angie realised she would need an extra pair of hands, so she went back home to wait for Maddie to get home from school.


But Maddie met Randy London, who was walking by the house as she got of the school bus, and she got kind of distracted. Especially since they had 2 bolts together.


In the meantime, the twins came home from school as well. Robin brought Thalia Harris with her, and they played chess together while talking about aliens.


Amber asked Angie to read to her, which was adorably out of (mean) character.


Randy and Maddie really hit it off! Maddie asked him on a date, and he said yes.


They slow danced together and got crushes while doing so.


Right after dark, Maddie had the first kiss she’d been hoping for for quite a while now.


Dobby, the house elf guinea pig thing was still alive, and Amber loved playing with it/him/her.


After Randy had gone home, Maddie immediately called her best friend Zoe Harris to tell her all about it.


She went to bed feeling very happy.


The next day was a Saturday, so everyone took it easy in the morning.


After breakfast, Angie and Maddie went to work at the store. Maddie earned her silver cashier badge, and together they got the store up to level 9.


Back home, Maddie did her homework, as did her little sisters.


It was a beautiful day, so when their homework was done, the twins played out on the lawn together.


Angie drank some Elixir of Life. The Robinson and Walker adults have both had at least two glasses, and Angie hadn’t had any yet.


Sunday was another quiet day that the entire family spent skilling.


In the afternoon, Amin went to work. He needed one more promotion before he’s topped Music, which isn’t his LTW, but fun nonetheless.


Caryl Dawson walked by, so Robin went outside to greet her.


They got along very well, and played together  on the sidewalk for a while.


Caryl stayed over for an early dinner, which consisted of sandwiches, and she and Robin became friends. Angie had heard about the situation with the elderly Dawsons and their foster child, and felt a bit sorry for the lovely girl, so she told Robin she could invite Caryl over whenever she wanted.


The girls said goodbye with a hug. Unfortunately for Caryl, Robin (and Amber) are due to grow up the following day, so she there’s quite an age gap. I’m sure they will be good friends when they’re both teenagers, though.


The next morning before school Robin maxed Logic!


Amin spent some more time working on his LTW.


It was a regular old school day again, so Maddie had quite some homework to do when she got home from school at 1 pm.


The same was true for the twins, although for them the day was a bit more special…


Because it was their birthday!

34aa 35aa

Here they are! They both need a change of clothes, but Robin’s outfit is the truly terrible one of the two.

Robin (first picture) is Romance/Popularity with the LTW to Become a Media Magnate and Amber is Knowledge/Family with the LTW to Become a Prestidigitator. Robin is straight and Amber is bi.


The girls went to Bigfoot Fashion to pick out some new outfits.


They also went to James’ Electronics to both buy a mobile phone.


This is Amber after her make over…


And this is Robin! Aren’t they gorgeous?


Amin invited over Eric Robinson to become friends with him. They bonded over their long noses.


Elijah came over to steal the invisible newspaper right from under both guys’ (long) noses, and they reprimanded him in sync.


Angie spent her day skilling, which is one of her favourite pastimes.


Robin brought Oliver Dawson home from school, which messed with my plans for Angie to take the girls to the store, but we’ll see how it goes!


They had no boltage, so this doesn’t take priority. They can be friends later.


Angie took all three girls to the store, where the twins were on cash register duty, and Maddie did the restocking. They stayed there a while but then I decided I didn’t feel like playing the store and just wanted to end the round for them so they went back home.


Amin still didn’t get his last promotion (needed one more skill point), but he did bring a colleague in a snazzy suit back home – a victim for his LTW. And also, this dude networked him his last promotion!


Amber spent her evening practicing the Charisma skill, since she wants to be a Prestidigitator.


Just before midnight, Angie sold her first masterpiece, and that marks the end of the season!

I hope you liked it – thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

Households: 11
Playable Sims: 34
CAS-Sims Available: 7 of 17
Community Lots: 13
* Owned: 12
* NPC: 2
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 9
Population: 306
Fires 1
Burglars: 6
Uni funds: $167,400

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