The Jones Family (DITFT) – Generation 2 – Rosanna Jones

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Welcome back to my DITFT challenge! Last time, we saw the founder of the challenge, Jason Jones, set up his farm. He met and married Blair, and together they had three children: David, Lisa and Rosanna. David and Lisa moved out when they grew up, and Rosanna is now ready to take over as the head of the family. She’ll be working a business woman, as per the generation 2 objectives.


Rosanna grew up looking mostly like her mother Blair. Her traits are the following:

  • Charismatic
  • Ambitious
  • Virtuoso
  • Loner
  • Workaholic


Jason and Blair were very proud to see Rosanna graduate high school with honours. Rosanna was mostly glad to finally start life in the real world.


She wasted no time in getting home, changing out of her graduation robes and into her new fancy outfit. Before her parents knew it, she’d already left again, to get to the Corporate Towers, where she got a job.


Jason and Blair haved saved up for a long time, and now the family was able to expand their house, which started to look more and more like a proper family home.


Rosanna was very happy with her new bedroom. She’d hung her high school awards on the wall — secretly, she was pretty proud of becoming prom queen in her senior year.


Excited and eager as she was, Rosanna went to work at the Towers, and started advancing through the ranks straight away.


She also met Eugene, who was one of her co-workers. Even though he wasn’t nearly as passionate about business as she was, she fell for him immediately.


They started going on dates, and before long, they were officially a couple. Their other co-workers gossiped about them constantly, but Rosanna didn’t care; she was in love.


She hoped she and Eugene would one day be as happy as her parents were now. They were definitely her biggest example, even though they held different ideas about the ideal career.


One night, Eugene told Rosanna that what he actually wanted to do more than anything was go into the army. He had been afraid to tell her, since it was something completely different from working at the Corporate Towers, which she was so passionate about. Rosanna wasn’t angry or disappointed, though; she justed wanted him to follow his heart.


Eugene moved in the very same day, and started working in the career of his dreams right away. His traits:

  • Handy
  • Friendly
  • Good
  • Hot-Headed
  • Loner


Rosanna proposed to Eugene only a few days later. She was sure he was the one for her, so she didn’t want to wait any longer. As in everything in her life, she was a go getter in love.


Her mother and sister threw her a bachelorette party, and hired a stripper, which she wasn’t really sure about at first.


But in the end, she had loads of fun, as did Blair…


It was also nice to spend some quality time with her sister Lisa again, who was heavily pregnant.


The next day, it was time for the wedding to the man of her dreams.


They’d invited friends and family to a nice ceremony in their own backyard, with a lovely view of the sea.


It was an amazing day, and Rosanna and Eugene couldn’t be happier.


Not much later, Rosanna found out that she was pregnant. They hadn’t planned it, and at first she wasn’t sure what to think. She wanted to work on her career — she hadn’t even thought about having children yet! As the pregnancy progressed, however, she gradually grew more excited, and in the end couldn’t wait to meet her baby.


It turned out to be a little baby boy! They named him Nathaniel.


Jason was overjoyed to have (another) grand child, but was wondering how much longer he and Blair were going to be a part of Nathaniel’s life. They were getting on in age, and he started to notice it more and more.


As he’d feared, not long after Nathaniel’s birth, Blair passed away.


Everyone was stricken with grief, but especially Jason didn’t know what to do with himself of sadness.


He followed his wife only the next day.


Rosanna was shocked by the loss of both her parents so quickly after one another. They’d had their differences every once in a while, but she had loved them dearly and they had been her rock and shoulder to cry on.


She still had her own little family, though, and decided to focus on that. When Nathaniel’s birthday rolled around, they decided not to throw a big party, but celebrated together nonetheless.


He grew up into an adorable little boy, looking a lot like his father.


Rosanna loved taking walks with little Nate, with him in his stroller pointing excitedly at everything they saw.


When they ran into David, however, Rosanna felt stricken with grief again, and cried a little on her big brother’s shoulder.


After that, things started going back to normal. Rosanna was happy to see that Eugene was an amazing father to Nate, playing with him whenever he could.


Soon, he grew up into an adventurous little boy.


He loved sports and playing outside, but often needed some help with his school work. Rosanna was happy to provide that, though, and enjoyed tutoring him a lot.


Nate sometimes asked why he didn’t have any brothers or sisters, like so many kids at his school did. Rosanna and Eugene then explained to him that they were very happy with just him, and he answered he was happy too, and glad he didn’t have to share a room with anyone. He was more than capable of playing on his own, and any guilt Rosanna might have felt at depriving him of any possible brothers or sisters disappeared when she saw him enjoying himself immensely during his games.

36b 38b 39b 40b 41b

He was very imaginative and loved to think of amazing adventures to go on, claiming he would one day be the world’s greatest explorer.


In the meantime, Rosanna was still working hard at earning promotions and getting to the top in business. It was difficult sometimes to balance her work life with her family life, but she loved every minute of both of them.


She was also glad Eugene and Nate didn’t mind spending time without her.


Luckily, she was there for Nate’s teenage birthday. She couldn’t believe how fast time had gone by, and cheered him on enthusiastically but nostalgically.


He grew up into a handsome teenager, looking more like his father than ever. His traits:

  • Lucky
  • Disciplined
  • Brave
  • Adventurous
  • Photographer’s Eye


The girls at his school seemed to like him a lot, and he started hanging out a lot with a girl named Marcia*.

* I don’t remember her name, so I made this one up. :’)


He really liked her, and asked her to go steady with him after a while. To his delight, she said yes.


They went to the prom together, and were crowned king and queen.


While Nate was having tons of teenage fun, Rosanna was still working hard, and finally reached the top of her career. After becoming the CEO of the company, she had worked herself up into being a chairwoman on the board, and was now a powerbroker.


After loads of begging, Rosanna and Eugene had finally allowed Nate to go abroad by himself. He had not grown out of the idea of becoming an explorer, and began his explorations in China, a country he had always found fascinating.


He came home with a new passion: Martial arts. He spent hours in his room practicing, determined to become the best of the best.

52b 53b

Time had gone by very quickly, and it was time for both Eugene and Rosanna to grow up. Eugene was happy to become an elder — he was looking forward to another great stage of his life.


Rosanna was a little more reluctant to give up her pretty blonde hair and nice figure.


In the end, she was pleasantly surprised, though. She’d led a great life, and had accomplished all her goals and more, and was happy to let Nate take over in the household once he grew up.

Generation 2 Objectives

  • Get to level 10 in the Business career
  • Get to level 10 in the Charisma skill
  • Get married 
  • Have at least one kid


  • Become enemies with your parents before entering your career (why can’t you be like your brother/sister?)
  • Partner into a business 
  • Make over $50,000 in family funds
  • Marry a co-worker or even your boss

I hope you enjoyed this second update for my DITFT! The writing style is a bit different from my “normal” style (of my TS2 stories), but I like it. :-) Happy Simming!

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