An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 17: That Bloody Doorbell

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited the McHeroes, we saw the generation 4 kids (David, Derek and Deborah) starting to work towards lifting their respective restrictions; Paranormal, Intelligence and Law. After some tradional match making by Mandy, David met, fell in love with, and married Tiffany Shaw, who then lifted Science and later became pregnant. The generation 3 heir and spouse, Fiona and Demi, moved out of the house to make room for the next generation.

Also, I wrote this complete update yesterday, but then my PC crashed, so now I have to do it all again… Just wanted to lament for a bit and share this with you guys.

Anyway, let’s get on with it!


We start off this update very gracefully, by watching Tiffany throwing up her (apparently blue) breakfast. Ah, morning sickness!


Until the baby was born Tiffany didn’t have that much to do now that she’d lifted her restriction, so I just let her skill most of the time.


Derek got a promotion to Rookie Field Agent (level 6)! Also, prepare for many promotion pictures.


First bump! Why do those always happen in annoying places?


David got promoted to Police Psychic, which is already level 7!


Oh crap! I thought Cris was unable to get into the house?! He hasn’t managed to get inside for ages!


Just to be sure I sent Tiffany to sleep in the upstairs bedroom, where Cris can’t get to her.


Stupid Cris scared David as well. Luckily there was another available  bed upstiars.

And I say “stupid Cris”, but I kinda get it. He’s the only Sim who has had to die in this family. After him, everyone’s gotten eternal life. I’d be pissed too.


David and Tiffany are a really sweet couple, despite the whole arranged marriage thing. They actually roll wants for each other and everything!


Also, for some reason everyone keeps rolling wants to eat a sandwich.


Look at Derek in his spiffy white suit!


Deborah got promoted to Personal Injury Attorney (level 6)! I love the whole lawyer look on her, by the way. Suits her way better than all of the pink outfits she’s had.


That night, David got promoted to UFO Investigator. Only two more promotion to go!


Aww, cute! I can’t wait to meet generation 5.


Deb and David shared a carpool the next morning. Neither of them were in the platinum but I was still hoping for promotions.


For some reason Deb got home at 1 pm already with a promotion to Family Law Attorney. She got a Free Time chance card, but it said nothing about a promotion. Fine by me, though!


She could go right back into work, so I let her do just that. No promotion this time, but her work performance did go up of course, which counts for something!


Unfortunately, David didn’t get promoted that day. I could’ve gotten his aspiration up in the platinum but I had the days mixed up and thought he had a day off…


Demi and Fiona stopped by and Demi rang the doorbell, which of course woke up Mandy… Luckily, I noticed it right away and could get her back into her coffin immediately. Stupid Demi.


She and Fiona then started to go all PDA on us. They annoyed me – I sent them home.


Instead, I let David and Tiffany be cute together. They might be my favourite couple so far in the Apocalypse. Apart from Mandy and Cris, obviously.


Then Tiffany went into labour!

“Aaah, what do I do?! … My wife’s so hot when she’s in labour.”



In the meantime, Derek came home with a promotion to Field Agent.


“Hey guys, guess what, I got promoted! Gotta pee now, though, bye!”


It’s a boy! He’s got brown eyes, black hair and the same skin tone as both of his parents. In other words: so far, a copy of his Mum.


Generation 5 is now officially here! Everyone, meet Luke McHero. I’m so glad it’s a boy, because I already know who I want to as a spouse for this generation. I can therefore say with quite some certainty that Luke will be heir.


Both parents were very happy with the new arrival!

Also, if their next child will be a girl, its going to take everything I’ve go to not call her Leia.


Mandy was glad to have a baby in the house again. Now she had some company during the long and lonely nights.


Everyone had the next two days off, so there was a lot playing chess and computer games.


David maxed all of his skills, which I’d hoped would get his lifetime aspiration meter filled up, but alas.


He was very happy nonetheless, though. :-)


Oh me, oh my, we all know what this means! Nice granny panties by the way, Tiff.


The morning sickness seems to be a bit worse this time around, so Tiffany took a nice relaxing bath.


Fiona and Demi came over again (with Demi once again ringing the doorbell…), and Fiona hijacked Luke.


That evening, it was Luke’s birthday already. Mandy and Derek were the only ones to watch Tiffany help him grow up, though, because David and Deborah got stuck upstairs fighting over who could use the stairs first…


He’s got the freckles! (although you can barely see that in this picture)


It seems like he looks a lot like his mother, although those lips are definitely David’s. His personality is 4/9/9/4/1, which is almost a copy of his dad’s personality.


Yay for Smart Milk! And yay for aspiration points!


Mandy was enjoying spending time with Luke very much.


Although this seems very painful…


First bump!


Both Deb and David had to go into work, and both of them were up for a promotion. Fingers crossed!


And again Demi and Fiona stop by and ring that bloody doorbell. Aaaargh!


It’s been a while since this household has seen a toddler. It’s fun!


Deborah got a promotion to International Corporate Lawyer!


An hour later, David also came home with a promotion. He’s now an Exorcist. Almost there!

Also, told you there would be many promotion pictures this update, didn’t I. ;-)


Awww, cute vampire-toddler snuggle.


And even more toddler cuteness! I like Tiffany much more than I’d expected. She’s a great Sim.


Second bump! She’s so surprised!


The brothers played chess all morning, while Tiffany cared for and played with Luke. When you think about it, Apocalypses aren’t all that much fun to watch.There are lots of boring things in between the awesome stuff.


A small dog named Scout walked by after Deb got home from work (without a promotion). I figured we could give adopting him a shot, since we’ve still got one more pet restriction to lift.


While Deb was working on that, Derek came home with a promotion to Double Agent, and met a penguin.

Deb didn’t manage to adopt Scout, because the stupid dog walked off right after they became friends. Why does that always happen?!


Derek rolled the want to write a bestseller, so I let him start working on that, since it gives a nice amount of aspiration points. It also means he’s got something to do.


The next morning, Tiffany went into labour!


It’s another baby boy!


His name is Logan, and so far he looks exactly the same as his older brother. Spoiler: he’s already a toddler in my game, and fortunately he isn’t a victim of the First Born Effect.


David was very happy with his new son. So happy, in fact, that he’s now permaplat through the lifetime aspiration meter.

And that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and would love for you to leave a comment. Happy Simming!

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1 Response to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 17: That Bloody Doorbell

  1. “Aaah, what do I do?! … My wife’s so hot when she’s in labour.”

    Doorbell Dina! Yet, how can you hate her, when she’s just trying to show her loooove?

    And it is true about all the boredom between the awesome, during an apocalypse. Half the time, it’s nothing but watching them skill, because there is nothing else they’re allowed to do.

    Good update, Anne!

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