Blueberry Island – Spring 3 – Robinson

Hey everyone!

It’s been quite a while, but I’ve finished playing all of Spring 3 now (it’s just so much fun!), so hopefully there’ll be a couple more updates soon (7 more, to be exact!).


First off, we visit the Robinson family, obviously (left to right: Ben, Eric, Owen, Julia, and Lemon the dog). Last time this family had a lot of birthdays. Adam grew up and moved out, Julia and Ben both became elders, and Eric also grew up to an adult. Owen started dating Meadow Thayer, and that was more or less it, I think!


Oh, and this is what Blueberry Island looks like at the start of Year 3! It’s already starting to look quite cosy, but I can’t wait to see the entire town fill up. The house at the bottom right is a new household which you’ll get to meet later in the season.

Anyway, let’s visit the Robinsons!


Eric grew up with the filthy pyjamas, which really doesn’t suit him (and won’t be appreciated by his future lady friends either, methinks). I quickly bought him new ones which were much better suited for a Romance Sim (but I forgot to take a picture of them, apparently).


I also downloaded the desk locator, because I got kind of kids all putting their homework near one desk. So I’ll be testing this thing with Owen.


Ben played with Lemon for a while, who I still think is an awesome dog.


Julia paid the taxes, which were $8,500. They can definitely spare it, though.


I let Eric work out for a bit, but I think the machine was a bit glitched because he earned Body skill points way too fast.


Because Owen has Nature as his predestined hobby, and the Robinsons are the only ones who have a garden (so far), I think I want him to start a fresh produce market when he grows up. I could just sell the produce at Julia’s Fruits and Veggies, but an extra store is way more fun!


I let Eric go over to The Blueberry Bar, which his father gave to him at the end of the previous season, to start working on his LTW of 5 top level businesses. I was planning on letting him get it up to level 10 in one go (by letting him meditate), but he wanted to go on a date, so we’ll just see what happens first.


Lilly Do walked by, whom he didn’t have any chemistry with last season. However, I gave him the “massive attraction” perk, so now they have two bolts!


She seems kind of impressed by his moves.


It was during this flirt that I realised Eric is an extremely shy Sim (only 1 point!). It doesn’t suit him at all, I think. I always see him as this outgoing, bordering on cocky, Sim.

Perhaps his shyness is his charm though. This flirt resulted in mutual crushes.


She threw a customer loyalty star while they were slow dancing. Great way to run a business!

14p 15p

In the meantime, Christy Stratton and Joe Carr had some ACR fun in the photobooth. :’)


Lilly and Eric are really sweet together! I’ll keep her in mind in case I ever want Eric to settle down (not anytime soon).


They had a dream date together, and then the make out and Woohoo wants started coming! He almost constantly had the fear to get married to Lilly, though.


Lilly left soon after their date, and this seemed like a great time for Eric to start meditating and let the bar do its thing.


He came home with his first level 10 business! And a shitload of money, which he immediately transferred to his bank account for later use.


Owen was just greeting Meadow, whom he’d invited over, when Lilly dropped off a bunch of roses for Eric.


The (extremely cute) couple went on a date in Owen’s room, and Owen fell in love with Meadow (which is about time, since they’re going steady already).


Argh, they’re so adorable!


In the evening, Ben harvested some thriving produce.


He then shared a romantic moment with Julia before they both went to bed.


Lilly left the expensive TV for Eric!


The next morning I figured it was the right time for Eric to move out to his own place. He felt like it was time to start doing his own thing now.


He moved into this apartment building, and we’ll be seeing some more of him later in the season!


As it was a Sunday, Owen spent his morning skilling.


He also played with Lemon for a while. They’re best friends. :-)


Later that day I remembered the Execuputter builds Charisma (I tend to forget about career rewards), so I let Owen skill with that.


In the evening Meadow called to chat for a while.


Julia got the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque.


Now that Eric had left, Lemon claimed his old room.


On Monday morning before school, Owen spent some time gardening.


With Owen and Ben off to school and work, Julia was home alone once again. She spent he day painting, as she often does these days.


The desk locator works perfectly, yay!


Last season it was Rachel Walker who kept stealing everyone’s (invisible) papers, and this time it’s her younger sister Hannah!


An hour later Hannah came by jogging. What’s going on here…?


Just after 6 pm Owent to the phone to “booty call Meadow”. I was pretty sure that my teens can’t get any booty in my game though. Let’s see what happens.

Also, his parents are right there in the room. Awkward much?


Holy Plumbbob! Well, this is new! I had no clue my teens could do that! Apparently it’s a feature of ACR?


The whole booty call thing isn’t a very romantic first time, but these two seem quite happy about it. I wonder what Owen’s parents are thinking downstairs…


Owen then made some mac and cheese for both of them and they had dinner together, to which Julia and Ben decided to join them. Again: awkward much?


The next morning, Julia started writing a thriller.


Owen and Ben worked in the garden together before going to work and school.


Owen (finally) earned his bronze gardening badge right as he left for school.


That evening it was time for Owen’s birthday, so he invited over his older brothers, his best friend Elijah and his girlfriend for a nice party.


…Which started out with a make out session in front of the entire family. Wonderful.


Then it was really time for him to grow up, though. The last one of the Robinson boys to become an adult!


Wow, he’s looking smart!

Eric: “Why couldn’t I get a transition outfit like that?”


Meadow was also growing up, and decided to do so in the archway. Literally, in the archway.


Cute outfit! Going to change it once she moves in, though.


Owen and Meadow congratulated each other while the rest smustled around them. They fell in love again, and Owen immediately rolled the want to get engaged! That’s going to have to wait until after the party, though. Parties are way too chaotic for proposals.


So instead, they sneaked upstairs for some proper adult time (in his parents bed once again).


This seemed as good a time as any to ask Meadow to move in. She brings in $11,000!


The party was a roof raiser, but Owen was in the shower when it ended.


I sent Meadow over to Bigfoot Fashion to buy some new clothes for herself and Owen.


She also stopped by Angie’s Animal Emporium to pick up a collar for Lemon, which I meant to do for a while.


When she got back, she and Owen had one last piece of cake before going to bed.


Oh, and this is grown up Meadow! She’s a Family Sim with an LTW to see three kids graduate. I better start making work of that university! Her personality is 4/4/4/7/6.


This is Owen’s outfit, by the way. You may or may not remember that he is a Family Sim as well, who wants to top Law Enforcement. There’s no opening for him in that career yet, though.

Remember how Owen wanted to propose? Prepare for some adorable surprise proposal pictures!

61p 62p 63p 64p

She said yes, of course ;-)


Meadow had met Angie in the pet store the day before, and she rolled the want to become friends with her, so she invited her over.


I let Owen skill for some body points, so he’s at least somewhat prepared when he makes it to the police force (hopefully next season).


After Angie left, Meadow also did some skilling.


In the evening, I had Owen buy a new community lot: Owen’s Fresh Food Market. Julia’s grocery store was renamed Julia’s Groceries, to avoid confusion.


Julia gave Owen all the fresh fruits and vegetables she had in her inventory.


Owen started packing some fruit into boxes right away (with the packing station from


Here’s a zoomed out shot of his little store. They will sell fish as well, I think, but they first need to stock up some more before opening the store. Besides, the season is almost over.


I predict next season is going to be fun, though!

And that was it for the Robinson family. I hope you liked it, Happy Simming! :-)

Households: 7
Playable Sims: 27
CAS-Sims Available: 3 of 13
Community Lots: 8
* Owned: 8
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 15
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 216
Fires 1
Burglars: 4
Uni funds: $125,800

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