Same Flower, Different Petals – A DITFT – Generation 1: Part 1

Hi everyone and welcome to a new Sims 4 challenge story!

Same Flower, Different Petals is a Differences in the Family Tree (DITFT) challenge, which is a challenge that was originally created for the Sims 3, I believe. It was converted to the Sims 4 at some point, but the rules were very basic and didn’t include any of the expansion packs, so together with Teresa over on the Boolprop forums, I gave the ruleset a big update. The idea of the DITFT challenge is that it allows you to explore all (or a lot) of the gameplay the Sims 4 has to offer, while also creating a legacy of sorts. Every generation will have set of objectives to complete, usually surrounding a certain theme. The challenge spans fifteen generations, so it’s quite a long one, but also a very fun one. If you want to know more about it, check out the ruleset over here on Boolprop!

Quick sidenote: I’m also still playing Blueberry Island and A Bookish Legacy – I’m just having tons of fun with this at the moment!

Anyway, on to the first instalment of the challenge! Here are the objectives and the optional objects my founder will have to complete:


  • Obtain and plant 20 different types of plant
  • Get married, but no woohoo before marriage
  • Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying until you do!
  • Master Garden Skill
  • Have and complete one of the nature aspirations

Optional objectives:

  • Grow a garden with every base game plant in it
  • Catch every type of fish
  • Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors”
  • Master Fisherman Skill

Let’s meet our founder, Rosalynd Roseflower! I wanted to give her a flower-y name and then I decided to name her after my first ever legacy founder (she was called Roos Rozenbloem; translated from Dutch, that’s Rose Roseflower). Rosalynd is a Cheerful Dog Lover who Loves the Outdoors. Her aspiration is Freelance Botanist, which fits well with what she’ll have to achieve this generation. Another important fact about her: I absolutely adore her.

Rosalynd and Petal moved to the edge of Brindleton Bay to start their farm. Rosalynd had spent the first eight years of her life on a farm, until her parents passed away in a plane accident on their first vacation together in years. She’d lived with her grandmother until she was nineteen, when the sweet, old woman died peacefully in her sleep, leaving Rosalynd all of her meagre possessions and the little money she had left. Rosalynd decided to make a fresh start. She sold everything she’d inherited and took the money to move to the edge of Brindleton Bay, where she wanted to start her own little farm. That’s all she’d ever wanted: live small and simple and have a rich life because of it. The only ‘thing’ she took with her was Petal, her beloved dog.

I downloaded their house from the Gallery (Base Game Starter Home by JG81620) but gave it a little make over so that it felt more my (and Rosalynd’s) own.

This is Petal, who’s a Welsh Springer Spaniel. She’s Loyal, Friendly and Smart and I adore her.

Their new home was small, but Rosalynd thought it was perfect. She’d never needed much, and she and Petal would be just fine here.

Plus, she lived in a beautiful town, that was teeming with life – of the human, canine and feline persuasion. Maybe she’d even meet a nice man here, start a family… That would be the dream!

The first thing Rosalynd did after settling in in her new home was exploring the neighbourhood.

As she returned home, she was greeted by two men, Brent and Brant. “Hi! We’re your neighbours, and we wanted to welcome you to the neighbourhood!”

They chatted for a while and when Brent (or Brant – Rosalynd thought the names were a bit confusing) told her he liked her dog, Rosalynd knew she liked these Sims.

As Petal settled down to sleep by her feet, Rosalynd read a book to wind down from her first day. She sighed and looked around herself. It felt good to finally have a home.

She did feel a little restless, though, so she went over to the Saloon in town, where she met Jonah Meredith.

In fact, she met a bunch of different Sims and had a wonderful time. She loved being around other Sims, and living in her grandmother’s secluded cottage had sometimes made that difficult.

One Sim she’d been especially charmed by was Salim Benali.

The next day, it was time to actually get started on the farm Rosalynd had dreamed of for so long. She bought a few seed packets, and started planting.

Petal was eager to help.

In the afternoon, she hang out with Brent, who was quickly becoming a good friend.

That evening, she invited over Salim, wanting to get to know him better.

She noticed the happy jump her heart made when she found out Salim was single, and felt it melt a little bit when he interacted with Petal of his own accord.

They had a great evening together and time flew by.

They hung out a lot together in the following days and it was all very friendly, but Rosalynd wasn’t sure if Salim was interested in her in the same way she was in him. He didn’t always respond well to her attempts at romance.

And then one night, he came over unannounced, just as Rosalynd was having dinner. “Salim! Hey! Wha- what are you doing here?”

“I just – I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”


“Yes. I know I’ve been giving off mixed signals, but I really like you, Rosa – as more than just friends.”

“I feel the same way about you.”

“But, Rosa… I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I need to take it slow. I’m not looking for a fling, or something casual. I want the real deal.”

Rosalynd’s heart started pounding in her chest. “I’m with you – I’m not a casual kind of girl.”

“Then, let’s take things slow, alright?”


They kissed each other goodnight and were both overwhelmed by all the things they felt in that moment.

And then Rosalynd went to bed on her own, feeling entirely blissful and happy.

The next morning, the first thing she did was call Brent to tell him it finally happened. He was very excited for her. “He finally pulled through? Aww yisss!”

Rosalynd and Salim were constantly together after that, getting to know one another bit by bit.

Petal was also a big fan, which was very important to Rosalynd.

In the end, moving into together felt only natural.

Meet Salim Benali! Salim’s a Lazy but Creative Bookworm and he currently has the Bestselling Author aspiration. I’m considering changing that to the Super Parent one, though!

The house felt even more like a home now that Rosalynd was living there with Salim.

Rosalynd had read on one of her farmer forums that there was a produce stand in San Myshuno that sold the best fruits and veggies around. To check it out for herself, she travelled into the city one Thursday.

She hit the jackpot and because of it she could add many new types of produce to her own farm!

Rosalynd and Salim were living happily together, but they both felt that one thing was missing. They were both thinking about marriage – and not just because they’d agreed to wait with WooHooing until then. Although that did play a part.

And so, it wasn’t a complete surprise when Salim proposed to Rosalynd – but she was ecstatic about it anyway. She knew that Salim was her soulmate.

Since they couldn’t find a reason not to, they eloped and got married on the spot, with Petal as their witness.

And we all know what happens after a wedding… (honestly, probably falling asleep right away because a wedding sounds exhausting)

Rosalynd registered with the Ministry of Labour as a Farmer – she won’t be going into the gardening career, I’ve decided.

So, there are a few things that I want to do. I want Rosalynd to find all remaining base game plants, but having to harvest those around the worlds is a pain in the ass, so we’ll see how that goes (I’m not having her hang around for multiple days in a neighbourhood waiting for plants to become harvestable). The other things I want to do is build a greenhouse for the plants because I’m not a big fan of some of them becoming dormant during certain seasons. And then there’s the matter of expanding the house. There’s a second bedroom, but there won’t be enough room for two children and all of their stuff.

That’s step one done! It isn’t the prettiest thing, but it works. I hope to fill in this yard with more things and decorations as they get more money and the family grows.

Rosalynd had to evolve a bunch of plants to reach the next tier of her aspiration, so she spent the rest of her afternoon fertilising the plants that were almost ready to reach the next stage.

It was Love Day as well, so after Salim got home from work, the newlyweds went on a date to the new restaurant in town, Villa Bovine.

The next day, Rosalynd had just started fishing when she got a notice that the Romance Festival was taking place in San Myshuno. She’d heard rumours about finding certain plants and flowers there, so she decided to head out and take a look.

The rumours were true! She found a bunch of flowers she didn’t have on the farm yet.

One morning, when Salim had just left for work, Rosalynd found she was pregnant!

She was due to go to the flea market with Brent, and couldn’t contain her excitement, so she told him. He was over the moon for her.

“In a little while, you’re not going to be the only baby around here anymore, Petal! You’ll have to share us, and you’ll have to be kind, can you do that?”

Petal was almost insulted Rosalynd would even ask such a question. She was a Loyal dog; of course she would be kind.

Salim got promoted to Freelance Article Writer, which brought in a nice bonus they could use for expanding the house. It also meant he was in a great mood coming home, and it was about to get even greater.

He was very, very excited about the big news.

Since she spent a lot of time outside, and Brindleton Bay proved to be a very rainy town, Rosalynd bought the Waterproof reward, so the rain didn’t bother her anymore. Also, I just love how beautiful these worlds are!

Life was good in the Roseflower household.

(I didn’t have any special caption for this picture – I just kind of love it)

When the summer thunderstorms hit, Rosalynd was especially thankful for her big greenhouse.

And in the middle of a summer heatwave, Rosalynd gave birth to her first child.

Meet little Eleanor Roseflower!

And that’s where I’m going to leave it for now! As with all of my stories, I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating – I’m keeping it casual. I hope you enjoyed this first update for the Roseflower family! Happy Simming!


  • Obtain and plant 20 different types of plant
  • Get married, but no woohoo before marriage
  • Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying until you do!
  • Master Garden Skill
  • Have and complete one of the nature aspirations

Optional objectives:

  • Grow a garden with every base game plant in it
  • Catch every type of fish
  • Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors”
  • Master Fisherman Skill

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