Same Flower, Different Petals – a DITFT – Generation 1: Part 2

Hi everyone!

This is the second instalment of my new Differences in the Family Tree Challenge story, so if you want to know what this is all about, go check out the first post right here!

Quick recap: Rosalynd Roseflower moved to Brindleton Bay with her dog Petal to start a new life and found a farm. She met Salim Benali and fell in love with him. They got married and at the end of the last post, Rosalynd gave birth to a little baby girl called Eleanor.

Rosalynd took to being a mother like a duck to water.

Salim was also completely in love with his little girl.

He decided to quit his job as an advice columnist in the Writer career, and instead become a freelance writer. That way, he could stay at home with Eleanor (and inevitable subsequent children) while Rosalynd farmed and fished. And since he’s already at level 9 in the Writing skill, he can earn quite some money.

Before too long, Rosalynd had some big news to share with Salim. “Before you change Ellie’s diaper, I need to tell you something… I’m pregnant again!”

Everyone was over the moon. Rosalynd hoped Eleanor would like being a big sister – she definitely had the ‘big’ part down already. She was growing up so fast! And she’d become rather Inquisitive as well.

Rosalynd and Salim decided that now that there family was growing, their house needed to grow as well, so they expanded it.

Petal was completely enamoured with Ellie and spent a lot of time in her room with her.

Salim maxed the writing skill! He was having a lot of success as a freelancer and brought in quite some extra money for the family.

Bookworm that he was, he loved reading stories to Ellie.

Rosalynd travelled to the Spice Festival, and she harvested a Cow Berry there!

I love the toddlers in this game, and I’m so excited that Eleanor inherited Rosalynd’s red hair!

Unfortunately, toddler also enjoy making messes quite a lot.

On the first day of autumn, Rosalynd went into labour!

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. They named him Jonathan.

Rosalynd went to visit Sylvan Glade to fish for a while. I’ve never had a Sim go there, so it was fun to explore.

The only flower that Rosalynd still has to find to complete her garden is a Lily, which apparently is a summer flower. Unfortunately, I found out about that on the first day of autumn…

Eleanor and Petal had become the best of friends.

The Roseflower family now also owns a fully grown cow plant and I’m not sure how I feel about it…     

Salim was very happy to now have a baby boy as well. One of each seemed perfect, although he wouldn’t mind even more children.

Rosalynd wasn’t sure yet if she wanted more kids or not. She was glad Salim was always at home to take care of the little ones, so she could go out and fish for fertiliser for the farm, but more than two kids would be a lot to handle for Salim.

Soon it became time for little Jonathan to grow up to a toddler. He inherited his father’s brown locks and he rolled the Angelic trait.

Suddenly, there two toddler in the house. Luckily, they got on famously. And they were both absolutely adorable – when they weren’t making messes.

On the day of Harvesfest, when everyone was having a Grand Breakfast together prepared by Rosalynd, dear Petal aged up to an elderly dog.

Rosalynd grew a little emotional looking at her elderly dog and her two small children. Who would’ve expected she and Petal would end up here when they had still been living with her grandmother all those years ago? She’d never imagined she could be this happy.

On Eleanor’s birthday, Rosalynd mastered the gardening skill.

Eleanor was already a Happy Toddler, but she was well on her way to becoming a Top-Notch toddler too.

Just as she was very close to maxing the last toddler skill she needed to become a top notch toddler, Eleanor grew up to a child. It made her sad that her family forgot her birthday, even though her mother did bake her a cake. I just ran out of time… She’s gained the Perfectionist trait, and her aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.

Here’s Ellie after her makeover! Eleanor will be the heir for this generation, and I’m going to take Route 2 with her: she will start her own business and make it successful (at least, that’s the plan). My plan is for her to start her own gallery, where she will sell her own paintings. So, she has the Perfectionist trait and later on she will get the Creative trait as well, I think, which she will have ‘inherited’ from Salim.

Ellie was drawn to art right away, and asked her parents for her own supplies to get creative. They happily obliged, although Rosalynd hoped she’d spend enough time outside as well. She didn’t want her daughter to be cooped up inside all the time.

Petal was a senior dog now, and showing it too, with little ailments and illnesses. Luckily, the vet clinic was just down the road, and Rosalynd spared no expenses in making sure Petal became healthy again.

Petal was very grateful.

Jonathan is the most adorable toddler. He asks his parents and sister for hugs autonomously, which is the cutest thing ever.

Salim had his birthday to adult, which caught me a little unawares, but the cake from Ellie’s birthday was still in the fridge, so that was an easy fix. Salim felt fine about aging up – he didn’t care about a few more wrinkles.

Eleanor was really enjoying school and tried her best to get good grades. She loved the projects she got sent home with, and worked on them carefully in the quiet of her own bedroom.

Salim loved helping Ellie with her projects as well. The creative ones, at least – the science ones were more Rosalynd’s forte.

While making some omelettes for her family, Rosalynd managed to master the cooking skill.

When Winterfest rolled around, a large pile of presents awaited the family in the living room.

Rosalynd bought herself a flower arranging bench for Winterfest. There wasn’t much fishing to do during winter, so she wanted to find something new to do. Selling flower arrangements was the perfect addition to her farmer business.

The day after Winterfest was Jonathan’s birthday!

Jonathan is an Active child and his aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.

Winter was a fun time to be a kid and Eleanor was happy she now had a proper playmate in Jonathan to have fun outside in the snow with.

The season also brought sadness, though, as Petal passed away from old age… Rosalynd was inconsolable. Petal had been her only friend for a long time, and it broke her heart to have to say goodbye.

At this point, everything went to shit. My last playing session, when Petal died, was in May, and then I wanted to play again in June, just after Eco Lifestyle came out (which I didn’t get yet at that point). However, something about one of the patches they released messed up gardening for some people’s games – including mine. Plants reverted to the just planted stage (just the mound of dirt) for no apparent reason, just when I was very close to completing Rosalynd’s aspiration. Basically, gardening doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore at this point, which sucks. I waited a few months/weeks for another patch to come out, but EA hasn’t addressed the gardening problem yet, and I didn’t feel like no longer playing my DITFT. So here I am (typing this on July 19th), ploughing through, hoping that somehow I can still get Rosalynd to evolve two plants to Excellent, which is all I need for her to complete her aspiration…

In the end, although gardening was very buggy in my game, it turned out not to be too difficult to get Rosalynd to evolve those last two plants, and she completed her aspiration of becoming a Freelance Botanist at the end of winter! That means all of the mandatory objectives for generation 1 are now completed!

Eleanor was very creative and turned out to be a true artistic prodigy when she completed the aspiration.

Jonathan was more the active kind, so he was very excited to join the Llama Scouts.

Winter turned to spring, which meant the water had thawed and Rosalynd could go back out there and work on her fishing skills. She looked forward to spending her days outside again in the months to come!

And that’s the end of this update! I hope you enjoyed it, Happy Simming!


  • Obtain and plant 20 different types of plant
  • Get married, but no woohoo before marriage
  • Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying until you do!
  • Master Garden Skill
  • Have and complete one of the nature aspirations

Optional objectives:

  • Grow a garden with every base game plant in it
  • Catch every type of fish
  • Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors”
  • Master Fisherman Skill

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