Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Uni


In the last update, Jacob and Molly Dawson, as well as Molly’s boyfriend Alvin Futa, were the first of Blueberry Island’s residents to move to Robinson University, and start their life at college. Let’s see how they get on!


Jacob, Molly and Molly’s high school boyfriend Alvin Futa arrived at Robinson University, excited to start college life. They did decide to go shopping for new outfits right after checking out the dorm, though.


This is what the dorm, called Blueberry Hall, looks like from the outside. I haven’t completely decided yet, but I think my rule for dorm living will be that first year students are obliged to live in a dorm, and after that first year they can move out, if they want, or have to if they have to make room for new students. By the way, I play with a hack that ensures semester are only 2 days instead of 3, to make it less tedious.


All students get a four by four room, with a bed, a dresser and a small desk. This is what Molly’s personalised bedroom looks like.


After claiming and decorating their rooms, the gang headed over to the RU Student Union.


I’m especially happy with how the coffee lounge turned out! I did forget that apparently I didn’t add a part for clothes shopping, though, which was the main goal of their trip, so oops. I now remember I figured that could be a later building, and they should do their shopping back home at Bigfoot Fashion.


Upstairs is a study room/library with computers and a whole lot of books.


Since they couldn’t buy clothes, they decided to at least declare their majors while they were there. Jacob is a Physics major, Alvin a Mathematics major, and Molly a Literature major. These were all based on their wants. Molly is the only one with a career-related LTW (Celebrity Chef), which the Literature major isn’t suited for per se, but as long as I get her cooking skill up as well, she should be fine.


Then they hopped into a cab all the way back to Blueberry Island itself to go shopping at Bigfoot Fashion. Hopefully the university will be able to get a clothes shop soon! All the clothes at Bigfoot Fashion are set at Average, too ($230), so this is quite an investment for these poor students as well – and they still have to pay their tuition.


Only after they came back from the shop did Alvin and Molly have time to properly greet each other after their growing up (and thus fall back in love).


The guys spent the rest of the day skilling and studying.


I’ve decided to let my uni playing style be guided by the students’ wants when it comes to studying. For example: no Writing Term Paper unless they have the want for it or a want to get top marks.


They also made sure their tuition was paid ($1500 for the three of them in total). For now, I’ve decided to put tuition at $500 dollar per semester, so $4000 in total. This is not that high, but I want it to be accessible (speaking as a recently graduated student myself :’) ).


Molly interacted with some of her roommates, but it didn’t all go according to plan.


Jacob had some more success.


Jacob and Alvin bonded over video games.


Molly and Alvin are still a really cute couple. They both have the want to get engaged (and it’s currently locked in), but I’ll wait for a little while, since it’s only their first year.


I rolled for Alvin’s secondary aspiration, so he’s now a Knowledge/Fortune Sim.  I also just realised I haven’t introduced him properly yet! His LTW is to max all 7 skills and his personality is 9/2/6/3/5.


Jacob’s LTW is to have 50 1st dates. While it’s probably not a good idea to go around dating all of his roommates, a short first date can’t do too much damage, right? He and Kiera have negative chemistry anyway.


In the end it didn’t matter, because she walked off before Jacob could ask her out on a date.


Later that evening, he went on a date with this cheerleader called Ratna.


They had a good time. I actually quite like these two together! They have two bolts, and both already have crushes. Perhaps it could be something in the future.


Molly, Jacob and Alvin all aced their exams and ended up on the Dean’s list! We’ll see them again in the next rotation.

And that’s the last update for this season! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Happy Simming!

Households 16
Playable Sims 48
Graves 1
Total Sims 49
CAS-Sims Available 20 of 33
Community Lots 22
* Owned 18
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 10
Total Lots 32
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1274
Fires 2
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 46.200

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