Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Dawson

Hey all!

Last time, Henry and Sarah opened a small flower shop called Magnolia Market and managed to get it to level 3. Caryl, their foster daughter, grew up to a teen and started to work on her flower arranging skill, so she could take over the shop for Sarah one day. Since they were living in a one-bedroom apartment with 3 Sims, they hoped to move to a new apartment in the Fall.



Henry had to go to work first thing in the morning.


Meanwhile, Sarah went to Magnolia Market. The family desperately needed to move to a bigger apartment, so they needed some money and they needed it fast.


Things got a little busy for Sarah on her own so she hired her friend Christy (who happened to walk by) as a restocker.


She got the store up to level 4 and earned a bunch of money through the money perk. With this money, they would be able to move to a bigger place the next morning.


Henry came home early because of a good chance card! He got promoted from Executive (level 5) to Vice President (which is level 7!) and earned a bunch of skill points. If he gets to the top of the career before the end of the season, we’ve got another BD!


Caryl brought Molly home from school, who is technically her niece but is older than her (weird!).


They became friends and then Caryl did her homework on the living room floor – for the last time, because she would finally get her own room in the new apartment. She couldn’t wait!


They all went to bed early that night, ready to move first thing in the morning.


The next morning they found themselves in front of their new building.


Sarah signed the lease and then it was time to go inside. It wasn’t a cheap apartment: it would cost them almost $2,000 per week, but they would finally have enough space. It had three bedrooms as well as a spacious living room/kitchen.


Henry and Caryl quickly walked to work and school, since they were already a bit late.


Sarah went inside to check out the place and was overjoyed with what she found. So much room! They’d taken a lot of their old stuff, but also bought quite some new furniture to fill up the place with.


After walking through the entire apartment (they had an upstairs!) Sarah contentedly went back to painting, since she really wanted that final Creativity point.


Here are some overview pictures of the apartment.


Sarah’s excitement didn’t compare to Caryl’s, though, who nearly cried with happiness when she took in her very own bedroom.


Doing her homework had never been as much fun as that day.


She spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening at the flower arranging station, which had been placed in the spare bedroom, in the company of a snapdragon.


Meanwhile Henry came home with another promotion! He’s now a President (level 8). Unfortunately he has the day off tomorrow, so no promotion then. It does give him the time to earn enough skill points for the final promotion, though.


But then, at six that evening, everyone’s happiness was rudely and abruptly interrupted when the Grim Reaper came to visit Blueberry Island for a Sim for the very first time.


Bye Sarah, you were a surprisingly fun Sim to play. I’m happy you managed to die in the platinum.


Henry and Caryl were devastated.


Especially Henry was inconsolable. He had both the fear of Sarah dying and of a family member dying, so he took the loss extremely hard.


A doctor came by, which helped to get him out of the worst of it.


Sarah’s grave was moved to her final resting place at the new Blueberry Island Cemetery.

This is also a good time to mention that I am going to count graves (i.e. dead Sims) for the population, since I did play them and I feel like I earned them. I am keeping track of them as “graves” instead of “playable Sims”, though, in case I ever change my mind.


Caryl got $10,000 from the life insurance thing, which she put in her bank account for when she would go to college – if she would go.


Then she and Henry played chess in silence for a long, long time.


Eventually, Henry did go to bed, and I realised Sarah hadn’t even gotten one night in the new apartment. :-(


When Caryl got up the next morning she was even more determined than before to continue Sarah’s dream of Magnolia Market and selling her own flowers, even though she had her own dream of becoming a great scientist as well. It was possible to have multiple dreams, after all.


Oliver called the next morning to check in on his grandfather.


He spent the rest of the day skilling.


That evening Henry made an impulsive decision.


“Welcome to the family, Suzi!” He’d had the want to get a puppy or kitten since Sarah passed away.


“Where on earth did that come from?”

“I adopted her! I thought it’d be good for us to have a happy little companion.”


While Caryl didn’t mind having a puppy around, she did wonder whether Henry had adopted Suzi for the right reasons.


The next morning Henry rolled the want to get another puppy or kitten. How about no. This is a big apartment but not that big.


Caryl had to admit Suzi was pretty cute.


Henry came home with a promotion to CEO (level 9)! If he manages to get promoted again tomorrow, we’ll have another BD! He’ll have to earn 3 skill points before then, though, and be in a good mood.


Those snapdragons Sarah made came in very handy that night.


The next morning he had the skill points he needed, but his energy was quite low. We’ll see what happens!


He did it! Despite the very rough time this season with Sarah passing away, Henry managed to go from level 5 to level 10 and earn us another Business District! +5 for the SM, which means we’ve passed the 1,000 in population! This unlocks a few new things, career wise (Politics is unlocked, as are the first two positions in Journalism). Now we first need 5 more businesses as well as another Business Tycoon before we’ve got another BD, so that’s going to take a bit more work.


The first thing Henry did after coming home and telling Caryl was take a nap.


Then he went downstairs to Caryl. “Can we talk for a minute?”


“I don’t know how long I have left to live-“

“Don’t say that!”

“It’s true, and you know it. Now, I know you want to go to university and become a scientist, and I really hope you do, but I also want you to have Magnolia Market. So, if you’ll accept, I want to transfer the ownership to you.” “

Wow. Yes, of course I accept!”

And that is the end of quite an emotional season for the Dawsons. I hope you enjoyed it, Happy Simming!

Households 16
Playable Sims 46
Graves 1
Total Sims 47
CAS-Sims Available 21 of 33
Community Lots 19
* Owned 15
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 11
Total Lots 30
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 25
Population 1175
Fires 1
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 41.900

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