Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Walker 2

Hey all!

Last time, Caroline had just moved out of her parents’ home and into her own apartment. Caroline is the second child of Jake and Christy Walker, and the oldest girl. She met Claire, and they really hit it off. Claire moved in with Caroline, but they decided to see where it would go, as they both had Romance aspirations (either primary or secondary).



The season started off with Claire going to work as MVP (level 6 Athletic).


Meanwhile Caroline, who didn’t have to work until the afternoon, had a slow morning.


She finished a painting and did some gaming.


Then she went to work as Ventriloquist, which is Entertainment level 5.


Claire came home with a promotion to Superstar and quite a bonus!


She skilled until Caroline came home, meanwhile planning a date in her head (Caroline’s LTW is to have 50 dream dates). It involved that want to Woohoo in a public place that had been locked in her want panel for a while now.


Caroline came home with a promotion to Round Table Knight!


Upstairs, Claire was waiting for her. “Change your clothes, we’re going out!”


Claire took Caroline to Club Bigfoot for a night of fun. “What a good idea! Just what I needed.”


The first thing they did was take a photo together.


And then they went back into the photo booth for some more fun.


They had a lovely time dancing together and ended up having a dream date.


The next day was another work day for both of them.


Caroline chuckled when she put on her new work outfit. She felt pretty badass, really!


Claire got promoted to Assistant Coach (level 8), meaning she’s really quite close to fulfilling her LTW already.


Caroline also got a promotion. She’s now a Juggler (level 7).


They went on a dream date to celebrate.


After the date Caroline went and bought a community lot called Cocktails and Comedy. It’s going to be a venue business that’ll count as a club (and thus unlocks another position in Slacker) and it’ll be a cocktail bar with stand-up comedy. This is also the 20th community lot, so +1 for the SM.


This is what it looks like! I quite like it, although I don’t know if there’s enough to do for Sims to gain stars quickly, but I mostly see it as a perfect place for Caroline and Claire to have dream dates. I also want them to earn back their investment, though.


They opened up right away, and Caroline did the bartending.


It actually went quite well! People seemed to have fun (mostly due to the bubble blower).


They got the bar up to level 3 and then went home again.


Caroline wasn’t tired at all when they got home so, while Claire went to bed, she did so some yoga.


The next day Caroline had a day off while Claire had to work, so she did some cleaning around the apartment and just took it easy all day.


She hung out with her sister Rachel for a while on the roof.


Claire came home with a promotion to Coach (level 9)!


She needed two more Charisma points for her final promotion, so she immediately went to work since she had to work again tomorrow and would have the day off after that.


Caroline had actually wanted to go to Cocktails & Comedy again, but she understood how important this promotion was to Claire, so she entertained herself with video games.


The two went on a very quick dream date early the next morning and then Claire went to work.


Caroline did some painting before it was time for her to go to work as well.


Claire came home with her final promotion! She’s now a Hall of Famer and has fulfilled her LTW. Her new LTW is to have 5 top level businesses, but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to attempt that one, as that’s a tough one and George McCarthy’s got that one as well. On the other hand, with a permaplat couple it is pretty easy to run businesses.


Caroline got promoted to Master of Ceremonies (level 9). She also became permaplat through the secondary aspiration meter, so I don’t know yet if I’m going to try to fulfil the 50 dream dates thing. 50 is a LOT of dates.


Caroline changed into her everyday clothes and then the couple went back to Cocktails & Comedy to work for a bit. Or, well, take turns at the bubble blower.


They got the business up to level 4 and then went home again.


They had a nice mac ‘n’ cheese dinner and Caroline said: “We’ve earned quite a bit of money this season… What do you say we buy a house together? I mean, I know it’s a bit of a commitment, but we’re living together anyway, so…”

Claire smiled. “I’d love to.” “Cool!”

Caroline grinned. They still hadn’t really talked about staying exclusive or not, but so far they were happy together.


The next day Caroline did yoga while Claire went to work. She was excited about moving at the end of the season. While she loved her apartment very much, she did look forward to not having to do yoga by the stove.


That evening after dinner, they hung out with Rachel, Eric and some random walk by on the roof. It was a clear night and pretty warm for autumn, and they had a lovely time.

“I’m going to miss this roof,” Caroline sighed.

Rachel chuckled. “Sentimental  old bat,” she said, with a grin.



At the end of the night it was just Caroline and Claire. “Let’s pack our stuff and call the cab.”


So they did. “Let’s go.”

Households 16
Playable Sims 46
Graves 1
Total Sims 47
CAS-Sims Available 21 of 33
Community Lots 20
* Owned 16
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 11
Total Lots 31
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1222
Fires 1
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 43.600

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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