A Bookish Legacy – Generation 7: Part 2

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to A Bookish Legacy! Last time, Emily met the love her life, Ashlynn, and they started a family together. They first had Maggie, who is now a child, and then they had twin girls, Angie and Alice, who are now toddlers. It was an all round good time, until Emily’s parents Jill and Jamar both passed away. I loved both of them a lot! Now, let’s move on to see how Emily and Ashlynn’s family get on!


Angie and Alice have developed a new hobby, which is waking up their big sister in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever.


Since she reached the top of the Painting career, Emily decided to take on a new adventure. She went into the Freelance career as an Artist, which is one I’ve never tried before (I’ve only done the Freelance Writing one). She started work immediately and was excited to try a new format by working on the sketchpad. With twin toddlers in the house, she was also glad she could work from home and decide her own hours.


Maggie made a friend in school! This is Naoki Kaneko. I rarely let my Sims make friends in the Sims 4 but I want to make more of an effort to do so.


It was a beautiful autumn day and they played in the garden together all afternoon.


Emily and Ashlynn are both very hands-on parents and always help Maggie with homework and projects if needed.


The twins grew up to children! We’ve got Angie on the left, who rolled the Self-Assured trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration (just like her older sister), and on the right there’s Alice, who rolled Glutton and Artistic Prodigy.


Emily was very excited that one of her daughters was interested in art and creativity as well.


Now that all of the girls were a little older, Emily and Ashlynn decided it was a good time to adopt another dog.


This little pupper with the huge ears is Ivy! I named her after the main character of the book I was reading at the time, The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night.


Well, this was a first for me: one rainy autumn evening, Emily decided to shower in the rain. I’ve never seen a sim do that before! I think it’s probably because of her Erratic trait.


Emily and Ashlynn decided to take their girls (and Ivy) on a vacation to Mount Komorebi! It was to be a very special holiday, because they had decided to finally get married while there.


Everyone was very excited to be away from home for a little while, and to stay in a wonderful rental home.


There was lots of snowy fun to be had, as well as other touristy explorations.


While on a hike, Emily and Ashlynn decided this was the perfect moment to finally say their wedding vows. The tranquility, the beauty and the presence of their lovely daughters made it the most wonderful wedding they could have imagined. <3



They also happened to be right on time for a festival (I forget which one).


And Emily and Ashlynn made sure to spend some quality time together at the hot springs, while the kids hung out at the lodging.


Of course, they also had their wedding night, which was something they’d been looking forward to the most when they planned the trip ;)


Emily aged up to an adult on this trip! She was sad that she didn’t get a party, but I figured a vacation and a wedding was enough of a celebration.


Back home, Ivy aged up to an adult dog and she is adorable! I love her huge ears.


Soon, Winterfest rolled around again and all the girls had a wonderful day together.


Maggie achieved her Motor aspiration while typing on the computer! Since she only has less than two days left until her birthday, she’s not going to try to achieve another aspiration.


Later that same day, Alice also achieved her aspiration, which was the Creative one! Since she does still have quite some time left, she’s going to try to achieve the Social Butterfly aspiration. That one has been achieved exactly zero times in this legacy, if my spreadsheet is correct.


On Maggie’s last day as a child, the girls all played together on the pirate ship.


And here she is, our teenage heir! I love her! Maggie rolled Jealous as her second trait, as well as the Freelance Botanist aspiration, which is one we’ve already done at least once, but hopefully we’ll be able to get it out of the way rather quickly and move on to a more exciting one. 


Maggie started working on her aspiration right away. She planted her first couple of flowers in the planters in her bedroom. She wanted to start her own botanical collection, even though there’s a greenhouse full of perfect plants in the garden. Gardening is also quite glitchy in my game, with plants often disappearing, so we’ll see how frustrating this aspiration gets.


Maggie will also need to master the Writing skill since she will need to write biographies for herself, her spouse and the generation 9 heir and spouse.


Emily maxed out her Cooking skill while preparing Tofu Stir Fry for the family.


Maggie’s friend Naoki became a teenager a few days before she did, and they were back to hanging out together. I’m thinking he might be a cool spouse for her! We haven’t had any blonde haired children yet, and he also has two traits we haven’t had in a spouse yet.


Luckily, they really seemed to like each other.


Alice seemed very intent on hanging out along with the two of them, though. :’)


Maggie wasn’t above telling her little sister to piss off, though. She and Naoki got plenty of alone time.


Which led to the two of them having their first kiss, and officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend!


On her birthday, Angie completed her aspiration of Rambunctious Scamp! Alice didn’t complete her second aspiration after all – I just couldn’t really be bothered, is the truth of it.


The twins grew up into teenagers! Here’s Angie, whose second trait is Good (along with the Self-Assured trait she already had). Her aspiration is Party Animal – we haven’t done that one yet!


And here’s Alice, who gained the Unflirty trait (to accompany her Glutton one) and she rolled the Computer Whiz aspiration, which is one we have already completed.


I also gave Emily a new outfit because I realised she and Angie were wearing the same colour shirt, and that was bound to get confusing, since they already look so much alike.


I don’t think I’ve ever let one of the Book teenagers have a boyfriend or girlfriend but I really love that Maggie has Naoki! They’re cute together!


I downloaded my very first piece of CC for the Sims 4! I’ve always wanted to keep my game clean but I couldn’t resist this mod that creates family pictures <3


We’ve now reached the slightly awkward phase of this relationship in which Naoki is already a young adult and Maggie is still a teenager. Just a few more days!


Ashlynn drank her one allotted Potion of Youth a few days before her birthday. We can’t have her become an elder yet! She’s still got an aspiration to fulfil and a career to top.


Seconds after Ashlynn took her potion, the maid died on us… And just while the house was quite messy too :’)


Ivy aged up to an elderly dog on the same day that Maggie was set to grow up to a young adult. Those pet birthdays always sneak up on me – their lives pass by so quickly!


And here we’ve got Maggie as a Young Adult! Her third trait is Childish and she also gained the Responsible trait. That means we’ve now come to the end of generation 7. See you next time, when we start generation 8’s reign with the lovely Maggie! Happy Simming!


  • Family: 8
  • Creative: 8
  • Fortune: 5
  • Love: 6
  • Knowledge: 9
  • Athletic: 7
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 7
  • Popularity: 6
  • Deviance: 10
  • Bonus: 3

Total: 71

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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