A Bookish Legacy – Generation 7: Part 1

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted any Sims updates but I’ve definitely still been Simming! This week, I finished playing generation 7 of A Bookish Legacy, so I figured it was high time I started posting some of it on here. This generation is divided up into two posts since I took quite a few pictures. Let’s go!

Here we have our new heir, Emily Book, who’s an Erratic, Dog Loving Green Friend whose aspiration is to be Fabulously Wealthy.

The first thing Emily did as a young adult was find a job. She’s going into the Social Media career, because that’s one I’ve never done before and it seemed like a fun one to combine with her selling stuff on Plopsy. Emily reaching the top of her career is also the last thing her mother Jill needs to complete her aspiration of Successful Lineage. I don’t think that’s very likely to happen soon, though…

I actually changed my mind very quickly about Emily’s career. Although the Social Media career seemed fun, it didn’t seem like the best choice for her and her mother’s aspiration, so I had her go into the Painting career. She’s already maxed the skill, which will make it much easier for her to progress through the levels. Plus, her daily task is painting and she’s doing loads of that anyway because she sells her paintings on Plopsy.

Emily decided to head out to the Arts Quarter in San Myshuno, which is where she met Jaimie Hargrove.

They got along quite well, and I think Jaimie is cute, but I’m not sure yet if I want her to be the next spouse. I’d like some genetic variety – mostly in terms of hair colour.

Then one night, at a student bar, Emily met Ashlynn Fairchild. Emily seemed to take to her instantly: she got the ‘Adoring’ sentiment after only a few interactions! She was very glad to learn that Ashlynn was single.

Since they got along so well, Emily asked Ashlynn if she’d like to have dinner and Ashlynn happily said yes.

It soon got very cosy.

By the end of the night, Emily was head over heels.

The next day, they went on a date together to the park and had a great time.

They had their first kiss together and when Emily asked Ashlynn to become her girlfriend, she immediately said yes.

Ashlynn came over to the house a lot and Emily loved having her over. So much so, that one day she impulsively asked Ashlynn whether she would like to move in together. Ashlynn said yes!

Meet our newest spouse! Ashlynn Fairchild is a Child of the Islands who is also a Vegetarian and a Maker. That last one is fun, because it gives me a good excuse to try out the Eco Lifestyle skills! Her aspiration is Successful Lineage, which is a bit of a pity as it’s the same one Jill is working on right now and it takes forever to complete. Still, though, I really like Ashlynn! And I’m hoping she’ll give us a redheaded heir… Ashlynn is also a student at Foxbury Institute, but I’m going to have her drop out because I’d rather go through uni with one of the heirs. Instead, Ashlynn took a job in the Civil Designer career.

She got to work recycling straight away.

Soon after Ashlynn moved in, Jill and Jamar (yes, they’re still here as well) both aged up to elders.

Jill wrote both Emily and Ashlynn’s biographies for the Creative points for the challenge.

Ashlynn and Jill got to know each other a little better and got along great.

Winterfest rolled around a few days before actual real-life Christmas, so I made the most of it! I found out that there’s actually a tree your sims can decorate (yep, I didn’t know that), and Emily and Ashlynn had a great time with it.

The family all had a wonderful Winterfest together.

Jamar mastered the Research and Debate skill!

Since she’s a Maker, I decided to let Ashlynn take up candle making as well.

After living together for a while, Emily found out that she’d become pregnant!

I only found out right before Emily grew up to a young adult that female/female or male/male couples can have biological babies if you change the gender settings, which made me very excited because that means we can now finally have non-straight couples in the Book family!

Jupiter became an elderly dog! Look at his little grey snout. Dogs age up way too fast in this game :(

As the baby’s due date was approaching, Emily rolled the whim to get engaged to Ashlynn, so she proposed. Ashlynn was over the moon and said yes. Sweet Jupiter was looking on quietly <3

Literally the second after the couple got engaged, Emily went into labour! She gave birth at the hospital to a little baby girl who they named Maggie, after Maggie Stiefvater, who wrote The Raven Cycle, The Scorpio Races and other works of YA (urban) fantasy and magical realism that I adore. Generation 8 is here!

During the night of Maggie’s birth, a notification came to tell me that Jill and Jamar are not long for this world. Elders sure don’t live long in this game! Jill will be taking a Potion of Youth (I still want to try to achieve her aspiration), but Jamar already took his one allotted potion when he moved in with the family, so he’ll be passing away soon…

Jill knitted quite a few baby onesies in her time, and they now finally came in handy!

Jamar got promoted to Head Chancellor, which means he reached the top of the Education career, Administrator branch!

That night, the family got a call to let them know that John, Jill’s twin brother, had passed away… Jill was devastated.

Emily got promoted in the Painter career and had to choose a branch. She went for the Patron of the Arts branch, since I’ve never completed that one before.

Later that day, she also completed her Fabulously Wealthy aspiration! She earned the last simoleons from a mysterious phone call about a deceased relative who left her money. Maybe it was John? I decided to have her go for the Mansion Baron aspiration next (which is the other fortune aspiration). As soon as she picked it, she went on to the last tier and the only thing left to do was buy 20 columns.

Here they are. That’s two aspirations in one day! I decided to go for Nerd Brain as her third aspiration, since I haven’t done that one yet. I also considered Big Happy Family, but that would mean giving Emily four grandchildren and I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that :’)

Before anyone knew it, it was time for Maggie to grow up and I did an actual fist pump when I saw she inherited Ashlynn’s hair colour! I was kind of done with black hair after four heirs with the same hair colour. She also got Ashlynn’s eyes, but she did get Emily’s skin colour, I think. Also, Maggie rolled the Wild trait.

I already love her to pieces!

As did her two mothers.

So much so, that they decided to try for another baby – with success!

I also decided to let Emily go for the Big Happy Family aspiration anyway! That’ll mean having three kids and four grandkids… It’s gonna be fun! Plus, now Emily and Ashlynn both have a Family aspiration, so they’ll be like this amazing super parenting couple.

Ashlynn got promoted and had to choose a branch within her career. She went for the Green Technician one.

That night, the inevitable happened… Jamar passed away, what feels like much too soon. Goodbye Jamar, you were a fun spouse!

I recently found out that having toddler watch other Sims while they’re skilling makes them gain the Thinking skill crazy fast. I tried it out with Maggie and it’s definitely true – that skill bar fills up before you know it!

Before too long, Emily went into labour and everyone was in for a big surprise when she gave birth to twin girls! Their names are Alice and Angie. Alice is named after Alice Oseman, another YA fiction author who also writes and illustrates the amazing Heartstopper graphic novel series. Angie is named after the amazing Angie Thomas, who wrote The Hate U Give, On the Come Up and Concrete Rose – very important YA contemporary novels that everyone should read!

So now they have two babies and a toddler, which is going to be… interesting. It does mean that Emily won’t have to become pregnant again, though.

Jill was very excited about the two new arrivals and started knitting up a storm.

Poor Jupiter was getting sick quite a lot now that he was an elderly dog.

It seemed like his time was simply up because not long after, Jupiter passed away… It almost makes me want the family to stop adopting pets – it’s just too sad when they die!

Not long after, it was time for the twins to age up. Here’s little Angie, who looks entirely like Emily! She rolled the Charmer trait.

And here’s Alice, who also rolled Charmer, but looks very different from her twin sister. She’s all Ashlynn! This also means that we’re going to have three toddlers in the house for two more days, until Maggie’s birthday. Yikes!

Did I get the twins matching outfits? … I might’ve done. These dresses are just so cute!

Maggie was also very excited that she could now play with her little sisters.

The family also hired a gardener for the first time in the entire legacy, because I just could not be bothered – three toddlers is enough to take care of, thank you very much.

Emily gained the Workaholic lifestyle! Hopefully, this will help her reach the top of her career more quickly.

Maggie was doing very well with her toddler skills. She’s already mastered three of them, and the other two are at level 4. She might just be able to make it to Top Notch Toddler before she ages up!

At this point I also realized that these two have been engaged for quite a while but still haven’t gotten married! We’ll get to that as soon as the toddler days are over…

Maggie did it! On the day of her birthday, she maxed her last skill (Thinking, obviously – that one is hard!) by watching her mother paint.

And then it was time for little Maggie to grow up!

Here she is, our generation 8 heir! Maggie rolled the Cheerful trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. And, of course, she earned the Top Notch Toddler trait. I adore her!

Things quieted down a little bit now that there were two instead of three toddlers in the house, but there were still a lot of broken nights. Angie seemed especially fussy: she often woke up scared by nightmares multiple times a night.

Even though they’re a lot of hard work, the twins are also very cute <3

Emily and Ashlynn also made sure to spend enough time with Maggie, even though she was more independent now.

Maggie also loved hanging out with her little sisters <3

When Jill only had one or two days left on her age bar, Emily finally managed to reach the top of her career, thus completing Jill’s aspiration. I say “finally”, but it didn’t honestly take her that long – this is just a pretty impossible aspiration to complete.

I really wanted Jill to complete the Lady of the Knits aspiration, so we’re going to try to do that in the days she has left. At least she has already mastered the Knitting skill.

She also made sure to spend plenty of time with her grandchildren, though. Although she felt ready to see Jamar again, she was sad to be leaving her family behind.

Now that she’d reached the top of her career, Emily had more time to focus on her family. She won’t be completing her aspiration any time soon, though, because the next thing she needs to complete the third milestone is “Have a child get married”. Nope, not yet.

Ashlynn aged up to an adult Sim and I decided it was time to get rid of the bunches and go for a more mature hairstyle. It suits her!

In the end, there wasn’t enough time for Jill to complete the Knitting aspiration before passing away. I was really sad to see her go, because I think she was my favourite heir so far!

Bye Jill and Jamar – you guys were amazing!

And on that note we’ll end this update. Next time, we’ll get to the rest of Emily’s heirship and watch her girls grow up! I hope you enjoyed this update – Happy Simming!

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