A Bookish Legacy – Generation 6

Hi everyone!

I’m back with generation 6 of the Book family! I took quite a few pictures during this generation as well, but I figured it could all just fit in one post. I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to generation six of A Bookish Legacy! Our girl Jill here is taking over the reins from her mother Joanne, who passed away in the previous update when Jill was still a teen. She’s a young adult now, though, and ready to get this party started. By that she means: find her soulmate and settle down. She had the Successful Lineage aspiration, and her traits are Glutton, Loves Outdoors, Dog Lover and Domestic. Her additional traits from growing up well are Mentally Gifted and Responsible.

The first thing she did was travel to the Romance Festival – which seemed like the perfect place to find, well, romance.

She met Jamar Hahn here, who turned out to be a Dog Lover as well! Potential soul mate? Who knows! He is single…

And he seemed to be taking a liking to Jill, because he asked her to have lunch with him the next day. We did find out that he is Unflirty, though, so it might be a challenge to get him and Jill to move their relationship to the next level.

Two out of Jamar’s three traits are ones we haven’t had in a spouse before, so that’s good for scoring purposes, but I’m not a big fan of the fact he looks very similar to Jill. Same skin, hair and eye colour… Then again, there aren’t many young adult male Sims walking around this save game anymore (let alone ones that are single), so how picky can I really be?

They seem to be having fun together, so that’s good.

They completely lost track of time and stayed until it got dark.  Also, Jamar responded positively to all of Jill’s flirty advances! So much for being Unflirty.

Back home, Jill decided it was time to quit her babysitting job and start doing something else to earn her bread and butter. Instead, she’s becoming a freelance writer, which is a good fit, since she’ll need to max the writing skill in order to write her and her husband’s biographies, as well as those of the next heir and spouse.

The next day, John organised a club gathering to work on his aspiration. The club had expanded a bit, as Jill had asked Jamar and her new friend Makoa to join.

They all had a good time together and Jill particularly enjoyed getting to know Jamar better. 

While chatting with Jamar, John completed the Leader of the Pack aspiration!

Jill and Jamar were seeing each other more and more and decided to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.

When Jill asked Jamar to move in with her and her family, he didn’t need to think twice. He was head over heels in love with her!

Seconds after Jamar moved in, Arthur the dog passed away… :'( I’m always more sad about the pets dying the actual Sims, oops.

Let’s properly introduce our generation 6 spouse! Meet Jamar Hahn, who’s a Good, Unflirty Dog Lover. His aspiration is Public Enemy, which makes no sense, since he’s Good, so I don’t think I’m going to have him pursue it (it might cause negative moodlets?). He’s currently in the Fast Food Employee career, but I decided to let him go into the Education career, since I think that suits him. Since he was nearing the end of the young adult stage, I had him take his one allotted Potion of Youth.

With Jamar moving in, John moved out of the family home. Bye John! You were fun, and I liked playing my first club with you!

The Freelancer career turned out to be buggy, so Jill took a job as a Critic instead. Let’s see if I can finally manage to make a Sim reach the top.

Jill also took up knitting as a fun new hobby.

Just as Jill had recovered from Arthur’s passing, her father passed away right before her eyes. Bye Ashaya, you were a wonderful spouse – possibly my favourite so far!

To cheer Jill up a bit, Jamar adopted a puppy for her. Meet Morrigan, a Bernese Mountain Dog. I named her after Morrigan Crow, from the wonderful Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend.

Jill loved her immediately.

She also loved Jamar very much, so when he proposed to her, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

Since they didn’t feel like throwing a big party (read: I didn’t feel like it), they got married right away, on the big balcony under the stars.

Soon, Jill became pregnant. Generation 7 is on the way!

Jill got a promotion and decided to go for the Food Critic branch of the Critic career. I thought it fit best with her personality, since she’s a Glutton.

Morrigan became an adult dog! She’s so cute!

In the middle of summer, Jill went into labour.

It’s a baby girl! Her name is Emily, after Emily Brontë, who wrote one of my all-time favourite books: Wuthering Heights. Generation 7 is here – I can’t believe how close to the end I’m getting.

Jill spent a lot of time knitting in Emily’s room, enjoying spending time with her tiny baby girl.

Soon it was time for Emily to become a toddler. She rolled the Silly trait and – as with all Sims 4 toddlers – she’s adorable.

Emily was a very content little girl who loved playing in her room.

Jill and Jamar loved her very much and they decided that they were content with their family as it was. Little Emily, Morrigan, and the two of them – it felt perfect, and they needed no more additions.

Meanwhile, Jill and Jamar were also still steadily advancing in their respective careers. Their work days ended at the same time, and they kept coming home with promotions on the same days.

I tried very hard to make Emily become a Top-Notch toddler (master all toddler skills), but I ran out of time – I’ve never been able to get there before they grow up to a child!

Before Jill and Jamar knew it, Emily had become a child. Her new trait was Erratic, which is one I’ve never played with before – I’ve always avoided it, to be honest, so I have no idea what kind of effects it has.

Here she is after her makeover. She’s adorable! Her aspiration is Whiz Kid.

Emily loved playing chess with her mother – or her father, or on her own. She just loved playing chess!

I love the seasons in this game and so does Emily, clearly. She spends quite some alone at the house, since Jill and Jamar both work, but she’s not often lonely because she always finds ways to entertain herself.

I love this family! Of course, I love every generation, but I’m having so much fun playing every member of this small family.

Jill mastered the Writing skill, which means she can now write her biography as well as Jamar’s, and hopefully she’ll be around long enough to write Emily and her spouse’s as well.

To unwind from all that writing, she went on a jog with Morrigan.

Later that same day, Jamar mastered the Singing skill. Apparently, he moved in with level in that skill already.

Jamar got promoted and went into the Administrator branch of the Education career.

Emily managed to max the Mental skill while working on a school project.

It snowed on the night before Winterfest, which made everyone (mostly me) very excited. Jill and Emily spent a good amount of time in the garden building a snowpal.

That night, Morrigan slept in Emily’s room. It looks as if she’s there to protect her and I love it!

Emily completed her Mental aspiration by getting an A in school! She’s now gained the Mentally Gifted trait.

She started working on the Creativity aspiration next.

Morrigan aged up into an elderly dog already!

Jill and Jamar both aged up to adults.

I gave Jill a new outfit because I felt like she’d outgrown the overalls. I love this dress on her :) 

Jill wrote her own and Jamar’s biographies in one day. That’s another point in the Creative category!

John still came over quite frequently to hang out with his family and he and Jill are still BFFs. 

Jill mastered the Knitting skill! I really love this skill and this stuff pack – I love a skill that unlocks new things to create as you progress through the levels.

Emily is turning out to be a bit of a prodigy – she completed the Creativity aspiration as well, with a few days to spare!

For Book Family Day, they all went out to have dinner at a nice restaurant, including John.

It was her first time out at a restaurant for Emily and she enjoyed herself immensely (although she did get a call from Morrigan, the dog, that her curfew was about to start, lol).

Before too long, it was time for Emily to age up!

And here’s our heir as a teen! She rolled the Dog Lover want, which she inherited from both of her parents, and for her aspiration she rolled Fabulously Wealthy. That one has already been completed at some point (I think by Joanne), but it’s an easy one to do again – she’ll just have to earn a lot of money. Time to start painting, I think, and maybe get a part time job.

Emily’s also the first Book family member to wear glasses. I figured it was about time. And she looks so good in them! She looks a lot like her mother, but there’s definitely some Jamar in there as well. Although, of course, those two look very similar too. 

Since painting is the easiest way to earn a lot of money, Emily immediately started to work on her Painting skill. I’m going to let her sell the paintings on Plopsy, since that’s a feature I haven’t used much yet, and I’m curious to see how the earnings on there are.

On the night after Emily’s birthday, the saddest thing happened :( Morrigan passed away and I wasn’t ready for it yet! She’s definitely my favourite dog the family has had so far and I had no idea she was so close to dying. :’(

Everyone was devastated. Morrigan had been a member of their family for so long, and for three dog lovers, this loss was hard to swallow.

It turns out that selling paintings via Plopsy is much more lucrative than selling them directly “to a collector”, but it does take longer. I really like the idea of Emily selling her art via the internet, though, so I’m going to continue doing it – at least while she’s a teenager.

Emily’s online business might be booming, but she was also still a high school student, and Jill made sure her daughter was doing her homework and school projects diligently.

The Books adopted a new puppy because the house felt very empty without any dogs. Meet little Jupiter, whose name I took from the same novel as Morrigan’s. Jupiter is a Sleuth, a Hunter and a Glutton.

Before too long, he aged up into an adult dog! He’s such a cutie :) 

Emily mastered the Painting skill! Her paintings are also bringing in quite a lot of money, which is great for her aspiration. The painting she was working on while mastering the skill also became her very first masterpiece.

Jill got promoted to Curator of the Finest Flavors, which is level 10 of the Critic career – I’ve finally managed to top it! It took, what, three or four tries? Hooray!

Later that same day she also managed to master the Wellness skill! She’s done a lot of yoga by now.

I decided to have Jill give the Freelancer career one more try and this time it wasn’t glitchy! Seems like a great second career for her – striking out on her own instead of working for the newspaper.

And then, what seemed like very quickly, it was time for Emily to become a young adult and take over as heir from her mother.

Here she is, our gorgeous heir! I’m so excited for her reign to start! Her last trait is Green Fiend, which is one of the Eco Lifestyle ones – I think it’s a bit boring, but we’ll roll with it. She also gained the Responsible trait.

And that’s it for this generation! We’ll see Emily take over in the next chapter, but until then, Happy Simming – and Happy Holidays!


  • Family: 6
  • Creative: 7
  • Fortune: 3
  • Love: 5
  • Knowledge: 9
  • Athletic: 7
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 6
  • Popularity: 6
  • Deviance: 10
  • Bonus: 3

Total: 64


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