A Bookish Legacy – Generation 5: Part 2

Hi everyone!

I’m back with the second part of the generation 5 update for the Book family! In the first part, our heir Joanne met her now fiancé Ashaya and they explored the jungle together (literally, that’s not a euphemism for anything). Now, they’re ready to start a family of their own. Let’s see what they get up to!

Joanne and Ashaya got married in a private ceremony at the seaside across from the house.

Of course, it’s also a popular spot for fishing, so it wasn’t totally private.

Not long after (in fact, very soon after), Joanne had some happy news to tell Ashaya. They were expecting a baby!

Ashaya mastered the Archaeology skill by authenticating all of the artifacts he found in the jungle.

It was a little weird, starting a family while your little brother still lived in the same house as well, but everyone knew it would only be until he reached the top of his career, and they all made things work.

Ashaya got a job as a Critic, and will be going into the Art Critic branch. I figured that fit pretty well with his Archaeology background.

When Joanne went into labour, she and Ashaya (and me) were in for a big surprise: she had twins! A boy and a girl, named John, after John Green, and Jill, after Jill Mansell. Generation six has been born!

Joanne and Ashaya soon found out that taking care of twins was a lot of work. They didn’t really mind, though, because they adored the little ones.

In the midst of all the baby mayhem, Joanne managed to max the writing skill, so she can now write her and Ashaya’s biographies, and later those of the heir and his or her spouse, if she lives long enough…

Meanwhile, Ashaya achieved his aspiration. The last thing he had to do was to give a successful Archeology lecture, which he subjected Joanne too.

The twins grew up! I gave them a makeover after this, but I figured it wouldn’t be easy to get another clear picture of the two of them like this later. On the left we have John, who’s Clingy, and on the right is Jill, who’s Wild.

Paul reached the top of the Entertainment career in the Music branch! That also means he will now move out. Bye Paul, thanks for helping out and have a nice life!

Ashaya got promoted and went into the Art branch of the Critic career. I also gave him the Super Parent aspiration as his new one. It has already been completed by another Sim, but this was the only one that felt right for him at this point. He is Family Oriented, after all.

They celebrated their first Winterfest together as a family. The little ones were particularly excited about the enormous stack of gifts.

The twins grew up to children! John has Rambunctious Scamp as his aspiration and has gained the Outgoing trait.

Jill wants to be a Whizz Kid and is a Dog Lover.

I really want Jill to be heir (because I adore her), even though she’s not technically the first born child. Since John and her are twins, though, I’m going to say it’s alright. They’re exactly the same age, so it counts!

Since there were now two dog lovers in the house (Joanne is one as well) and no dogs, the family decided to adopt a puppy. His name is Arthur.

Joanne maximized the Cooking skill. A lot of my sims do that “by accident” even though I usually find it quite hard to max skills in this game. Cooking is always the first one to be maxed.

Later that day, Joanne came home with her final promotion in the Culinary career (Mixology branch). Another career topped! She was exhausted, though, so she wasn’t feeling too excited.

Arthur grew up to an adult dog and it turns out he’s an adorable little poodle.

Joanne went back to the Selvadoradan Jungle on her own in order to complete the Jungle Explorer aspiration. I just couldn’t let it go after being so close! She was gone for a little under a week but came back succesful.

Her new aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy. She immediately completed the first three tiers of the aspiration just by choosing it! Now she has to make a lot of money, so the best way to do that (apart from the almost $2,000 she earns at her job) is probably painting, I think. Although, she doesn’t have a high Painting skill. She can also just sell off stuff she has in her inventory. Maybe we’ll resort to that later!

Ashaya was well on his way to becoming a Super Parent. I think he’s doing great, anyway!

He surprised me by aging up earlier than I expected – I thought he still had a day left. Joanne will become an elder on the same day John and Jill will become teenagers. I’m worried they’ll lose both their parents at a very young age…

Ashaya managed to master the Fishing skill.

Jill completed her aspiration! She has now gained the Mentally Gifted trait. Since her birthday is tomorrow, she won’t be attempting to complete a new aspiration.

The family had a Grand Meal together because it was Family Remembrance Day, one of the holidays for the Seasons points for the challenge.

The next day, on the day of the twins’ birthday, John completed his aspiration. He gained the Physically Gifted trait.

The twins grew up! Here’s John, who rolled the Insider trait and an aspiration that doesn’t fit any of his traits, namely the Outdoor Enthusiast one. Which turned out to be undoable earlier on because Granite Falls is buggy in my game. Great!

That makes the choice for Jill as the heir even easier. It wasn’t that difficult anyway because 1) she is GORGEOUS look at her and 2) her aspiration is Successful Lineage, which I did already complete earlier, but it’s also perfect for an heir. The only annoying part is that she will only be able to complete it when her own child is already grown up. But that’s alright! I think she’s going to make an amazing heir.

Joanne also aged up and she got a makeover. I think she looks beautiful!

The twins decided to go on a celebratory holiday to Granite Falls together (to see if it’s still glitchy). They arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm, though.

So they just did their homework inside the cottage, since they couldn’t do any of the things they’d come there to do yet – those are all outside things. The next day, they did go to the National Park, but none of the plants had sprouted so I decided this shit isn’t worth it and made the twins go home again.

Back home, I decided to bend the rules a bit and give John a new aspiration. The Outdoor Enthusiast one just isn’t working out because of the glitches and bugs, and I really want to try the Leader of the Pack aspiration, so I gave him that one. I’ve had Get Together for ages, but I’ve never really done anything with the clubs. John, with his Outgoing and Insider traits, is the perfect Sim to figure out the club thing with. Technically, I’m not allowed to choose an aspiration for my Sims, but I’m doing it anyway. Sue me.

Jill got a part time job as a Babysitter.

She doesn’t start until Saturday and it’s now Sunday, so in the meantime she’ll be working on a skill no one’s mastered yet: the Wellness skill. She seems like someone who would enjoy yoga (as do I – sometimes).

John started his club! For now, the only other member is his sister, but I want other teenagers to join once he gets to know them. His club is all about hanging out at the park and having fun. It seemed like a teenager-y thing to do. While I was playing this I was also watching a lot of Parks & Recreation, so the name of his club is that’s right Parks & Recreation. The funniest thing about that is how accurate a name it is for the club :’)

During their first hangout, they met another teen named Duane, who was feeling embarrassed about something. He left before they could get to know each other, though, so he isn’t part of the club yet.

But then they met Scarpula Corporis, and she did want to join!

Joanne completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration by selling off the golden frogs she still had in her inventory from all of those jungle adventures. I was done with the incessant painting, which really wasn’t getting her anywhere.

She also earned me a Food point by cooking a dish featuring two fresh ingredients of the highest quality. She made minestrone with perfect tomatoes and perfect basil. I knew maintaining that garden was good for something!

Jill and John really are the best of friends – they do everything together.

Jill started working on the Writing skill, since I don’t think Joanne will be around long enough to write both her and her future spouse’s biographies.

John called a club meeting during the weekend, so he could complete the first milestone for his aspiration. The club now had four members and the club activities were fishing, playing chess, grilling and eating. All things you can do at the park.

John mastered the Photography skill. I had no idea that that one only has five levels, but I’m very relieved, because it is a pain to level up.

Jill managed to reach the top of the Babysitter part time career. It only has three levels and she started at level two, but still! She had to wrangle a very defiant toddler to get there, so I’m proud of her.

Arthur the dog is an elder already! He looks sweet with a grey snout.

And he still loves a good walk. He’s constantly asking everyone to go on one – I’ve never had a dog in this game whine for a walk so much!

I knew Ashaya was going to pass away sooner rather than later but I was surprised to find his age bar bubbling already.

He spent as much time with his children as he could that day.

Ashaya made it to Winterfest, which everyone was very relieved about. It’s his favourite holiday (he’s Family Oriented) so he was very happy he could witness all the merriment one last time. Everyone enjoyed the Grand Dinner Joanne prepared.

They all played some Don’t Wake the Llama together as well.

In the end, Joanne surprised me by being the first to pass away… Goodbye, Joanne! You were such a fun heir, and we did some cool stuff together. May you rest in peace.

Technically, this means that Jill is now the reigning heir but I’m going to finish the Generation 5 chapter when Jill ages up to Young Adult.

Not much happened during those final couple of days, though.

And then it was time for the twins to grow up. I was going to throw them a party, but then I ended up really not feeling like doing so, so they had a quiet birthday instead.

John’s third trait is Music Lover and Jill’s third one is Loves the Outdoors, which she got from Joanne. They both gained Responsible as a character value trait.

We’ll see our brand new heir again in the next chapter, when she’ll take over! Generation 6… We’re officially closer to the end than the beginning!


  • Family: 6
  • Creative: 6
  • Fortune: 3
  • Love: 4
  • Knowledge: 7
  • Athletic: 7
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 6
  • Popularity: 2
  • Deviance: 7
  • Bonus: 1

Total: 51

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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