Blueberry Island – Summer 4 – Burke 1

Hi all!

The Burke household’s update is going to be a very short one this time, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. Last season was Angie and Amin’s first season without any children in the house. They spent their time working on a new business (a grilled cheese shop) and redoing the house a little bit. Let’s see what they get up to in Summer!

Here’s Angie, Amin and their cat Heidi.

Last season, disaster had struck for Angie and Amin when their daughter Robin died in a freak accident caused by a tree catching on fire during a thunderstorm. She’d been at university and still had her whole life ahead of her. Amin and Angie were devastated, but life had to go on. It had, however, lost most of its colour.

Angie was the mayor of Blueberry Island, but she kind of wanted to quit her job (she had the want locked). She just didn’t know who would be taking over, and she felt she couldn’t let down her community.

Something Amin and Angie were overjoyed with was the unexpected arrival of their first grandchild. Madison, their eldest daughter, had given birth to a little baby girl at the end of Spring. She hadn’t told anyone about her pregnancy, and no one knew who the father was, so Angie and Amin had certainly been surprised, and a bit worried. Most of all, though, they adored little baby Melody. The doting grandparents called Madison nearly every day to see how things were, and often stopped by her apartment.

On top of everything that was going on, they also got a ‘visit’ from a burglar.

Angie wrote a book about her life as the first mayor of Blueberry Island and it instantly became a bestseller.

Through everything that had happened to them, Angie and Amin had stayed at each other’s sides and they still loved one another very much.

During the weekend, their youngest daughter Amber came over for lunch with her girlfriend Lexie.

Amin made them all grilled cheese sandwiches and they had a lovely time together. Angie and Amin really enjoyed getting to know their future daughter-in-law.

It turned out Angie and Lexie had a lot in common and they became fast friends.

And of course it was always great to get to spend time with Amber for a bit.

“Hey Maddie – how are you? And how’s Melody?”


“Yes, I can imagine you’re tired. I remember when you were a little baby, and of course I had your dad to help out…”


“No, no, I didn’t mean anything by that – I’m just saying, it must be hard sometimes… Maddie, you know you can always move back home, right? Your father and I would love to help you out.”

And that’s it for this season for the Burke family! We’ll see how Madison and Melody are doing later on this rotation. Happy Simming!




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