A Bookish Legacy – Generation 5: Part 1

Hi all!

I’m back with another update for the Book family! We’re now on to generation 5, which means we’re nearing the halfway point. For this generation, I’ve divided the update into two parts because I simply took too many pictures for a single post. This first update will be all about our heir Joanne’s adventures before she starts her family. Let’s get to it!

Here’s Joanne, our heir! She Loves the Outdoors and is a Dog Lover and an Insider. During her teen years, she managed to get to the hightest level of the Fast Food part time career – I just didn’t realise it was the highest level at the time. That means she can now go into the career she needs for her Lifetime Aspiration, which is Culinary; she wants to become a Master Mixologist.

They day after Joanne’s birthday was Family Remembrance Day, so Joanne went jogging for the ‘Exercise’ activity connected to the holiday.

I also only just now remembered Joanne will need to max the Writing skill to be able to write a biography about herself and her future spouse but also her heir and their spouse. Whoops!

Meanwhile, Paul, Joanne’s little brother, maxed the Piano skill!

Joanne had to take Remus to the vet for three days in a row. And she had to go all the way to Brindleton Bay to do it. She was seriously considering opening up her own vet clinic in Willow Creek. She just didn’t know anything about being a vet, so that would be a bit of an issue.

Paul grew up to a Young Adult. His new trait is Hot-Headed and he also got the Uncontrolled Emotions one (I’m trying to get all of the upbringing traits at least once). With those two and the Mean trait he already has, he’s not a very nice Sim.

Akito grew up on the same day (with the same cake) and became an elder. Still handsome!

It was a busy evening: besides the two birthdays, Remus passed away… I figured it wouldn’t be long after all those illnesses.

Carry completed the Master Chef aspiration!

Even though everyone was all grown up now, they still enjoyed playing games together as a family.

On a night out in San Myshuno, Joanne met Ashaya Anand, a Family-Oriented, Active Perfectionist.

They went on a lunch date together the next day.

They never got their food at the restaurant, so they made their own and had a picnic in the park.

Things got romantic pretty quickly after that.

Ashaya even came over to stay the night!

The next morning, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. In fact, Ashaya even moved in, which is when I found out he was 0 days away from becoming an adult, so he quickly took his one alotted Potion of Youth. Welcome to the household, Ashaya! His aspiration is to become an Archaeology Scholar.

I decided Joanne would get her Potion of Youth at this point too so that they’re both the same age. I have plans for them to go to Selvadorada together to fulfil the two aspirations that have to do with that destination. Joanne first has to achieve her Mixology aspiration, though, so that will be my main focus for now.

Meanwhile, Ashaya worked on the Fishing skill and took a part time job as a Manual Laborer until he and Joanne could get going in Selvadorada.

Paul achieved his Musical Genius aspiration by mentoring Carry for three hours. He’s also going to work on reaching the top of the Music branch of the Entertainment career.

Carry grew up to an elder. She still looks gorgeous!

Akito reached the top of the Painting Career by becoming Master of the Real!

Ashaya started reading books on Archaeology, to gain a few skill points before he and Joanne headed off to Selvadorada.

Carry reached the top of the Chef branch of the Culinary career!

While Joanne was working very hard to earn the last Mixology skill point she needed for her aspiration, she set the bar on fire! Luckily, the cleaner was there in an instant to put it out! He deserves a raise.

After the fire was put out and the bar was replaced, Joanne kept practicing making drinks and she earned that final skill point. With that, she completed the Mixology aspiration!

Time to head out to Selvadorada to complete the two aspirations that came with it! They stayed in one of the beautiful rental homes, but were out exploring most of the time.

However, halfway through their trip they were called to come back home because Akito wasn’t long for this world.

A few days after they came back, Akito passed away…

Everyone was very sad, and Carry was hit especially hard by the loss. Joanne and Ashaya decided to stay with the family for a bit before heading back to Selvadorada. They tried to have good times as often as possible as they felt it wouldn’t be long before Carry went to join her husband. Luckily, they did still have a lot of fun together.

Paul maxed out the Guitar skill.

At this point, I was kind of waiting for Carry to die and stressing about whether or not there would be enough time for Joanne and Ashaya to get the jungle aspirations over and done with and raise children after that as well. They had already had their Potions of Youth, after all.

Ashaya spent a lot of his time fishing, while Joanne was working on her writing skill.

Ashaya also topped the Manual Laborer part time career.

Paul mastered the Singing skill.

In the end, Carry told Joanne and Ashaya to go back to Selvadorada, telling them she felt fine and they shouldn’t put their lives on hold for her. At this point I’d been waiting for her to pass away for about a week, I think.

So Joanne and Ashaya went back to the jungle and they felt right at home again.

Joanne maxed the Selvadoradan Culture skill while chatting to a local.

There was also plenty of time for romance in the jungle.

In fact, things got very romantic when Ashaya proposed to Joanne next to a beautiful waterfall. She said ‘yes’, of course!

Things got a little scary, however, when Ashaya got cursed in one of the temples. Luckily, he had an antidote.

Which turned him into a skeleton! I was really afraid this would be his permanent form from now on.

But he turned back to his normal self a few hours later.

The couple returned home feeling very happy, although neither of them had completed their aspirations yet. Joanne will have to travel to Selvadorada a few more times to complete her aspiration, but that will come later. First, it’s time for them to start their family.

The minute they got back, however, Carry passed away…

I guess Sims at home passing away gets postponed until the vacationing Sims are back? I wish I’d known that before – now I’ve pretty much wasted a week of Joanne and Ashaya’s lives.

Goodbye Carry! You were a wonderful heir and I had lots of fun with you!

And that’s the end of the first part of generation five. Part 2 will be all about Joanne and Ashaya’s family, and them completing their aspirations. Until then, Happy Simming!

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