Blueberry Island – Summer 4 – Walker 1

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited the Walker family, Hannah gave birth to her and Orlando’s first child, a boy named Noah. She and Orlando were working their ways up their respective career ladders (Oceanography and Education), and were very happy with the help of Hannah’s parents and their Bigfoot roommate to take care of Noah. Later on in the season, Hannah became pregnant again and that’s pretty much where we left off!

From left to right: Christy, Jake, Hannah, Orlando and Andrew. And, of course, Bruno the dog.

Noah became best friends with his grandfather while being on the potty.

I let the elders in this household run on free will quite a lot, since they’ve pretty much accomplished all they wanted to. Christy still seems pretty happy, though!

It also leads to some rather inappropriate behaviour in the hot tub.

That evening, it was already time for little Noah to become a child.

“Check out these hands!” He’s pretty cute!

I gave Noah a new hairstyle since there’s at least two other boys on the island with the style he grew up in and I really like this on him!

The next day, not much happened. Hannah spent most of her morning skilling for future promotions, and Christy, Jake and Andrew spent their time playing chess and painting, as they do most of their days.

Noah had a great first day of school, but wasn’t very happy about his first grade.

Luckily, his mother was more than happy to help him with his homework.

Noah became best friends with his father during an exciting game of Don’t Wake the Llama.

That same game was rudely interrupted when Hannah went into labour!

She gave birth to another baby boy!

Little Lucas has his father’s skin tone and his mother’s black hair.

Everyone was very excited.

I’ve been playing a lot of Sims 4 lately, and it’s a delight to see the cuteness of babies in the Sims 2 again! Sims 4 babies are creepy.

Noah brought Kate Chin home from school with him. She lives a few houses down the road and is the youngest daughter of Adam and Gretchen.

She was smustling on the lawn when Hannah came home from work with a promotion to Marine Biologist (level 6 of the Oceanography career).

Noah and Kate spent the afternoon playing together.

They became friends during an epic water balloon fight.

Orlando brought George McCarthy home from work and they became friends as well. I love it when all my playables mingle!

The next day, Hannah came home with another promotion, this time to Whale Tracker.

Orlando also got promoted that day, to College Dean of Students. I imagine him working at Robinson University now!

That evening was also Lucas’s birthday.

He’s adorable! Unlike Noah, he doesn’t have the Walker nose – his looks much more like Orlando’s! He also has a pretty extreme personality: 10/9/2/10/1. That means he’s extremely neat and outgoing, but also super lazy, grouchy and playful. Interesting combination!

That night, Hannah got a bit of a surprise. She’s pregnant again! So, for the third season in a row, she’ll be walking around pregnant for the entire rotation. :’)

Lucas and Bruno became fast friends. <3

Bruno grew up to an elderly dog later that day.

And at the end of the season, Noah became best friends with Kate Chin over the phone.

That’s it for this season for the Walker family! I hope you enjoyed this update – Happy Simming!




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