Same Flower, Different Petals – a DITFT – Generation 1: Part 3

Hi everyone!

This is the third and final part of the first generation of my Differences in the Family Tree challenge! If you want to read the first two parts, you can find them in the index up above!

Quick recap: Rosalynd moved to Brindleton Bay to start a farm, together with her dog Petal. They settled in nicely, and Rosalynd married Salim, who was a writer. Together, they had two children: Eleanor and Jonathan. Near the end of the last update, Petal sadly passed away.

When we last left the Roseflower, winter had just ended and spring had set in. The children were very happy that they could now go outside and play to their hearts’ content.

One day – on her birthday, in fact – Rosalynd encountered a stray dog in front of the house. Her name was Allie and she was immediately smitten with Rosalynd, and Rosalynd with her in return.

After playing with her for a little while, Rosalynd knew she couldn’t say goodbye anymore and Allie joined the Roseflower household. Allie is Vocal, Stubborn and Friendly!

Salim was a big fan as well.

As were the kids!

Salim completed his aspiration of becoming a Bestselling Author! His oeuvre included all kinds of genres, but lately he’d started to focus on poetry and he’d achieved great success with it.

Spring in Brindleton Bay was cool, but often quite sunny, and the kids took full advantage of that by frequently doing their homework outside in the garden.

There was also plenty of room for their school projects outside.

Even though everyone thought Allie was very happy with her new family, she ended up running away. Rosalynd was sad and worried, but she hoped it was just temporary and that Allie would make her way back. She used to be a stray of course, so maybe she still had to get used to living in a proper home.

Rosalynd had been right: Allie did come back! It was Jonathan who found her barking in front of the house one evening.

The end of spring brought Eleanor’s birthday with it. She was becoming a teenager already! Rosalynd couldn’t believe how quickly time had flown by.

Here’s teenage Eleanor! Her new trait is Creative, and she’s got the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. She will have to complete one of the Fortune aspirations later (since she’s the heir), but this seems like a great one to work on during her teenage years.

Her parents gave Eleanor an easel for her birthday, and she set to painting enthusiastically straight away.

At the start of summer, Rosalynd went back to Sylvan Glade for the lily she still wanted for her farm. Unfortunately, all of the flowers there were just mounds of dirt. So, either they still needed to spawn, or they were affected by the weird bug/glitch I had earlier as well. Rosalynd did spend some time fishing there, though.

Eventually, she found some wild lilies in Willow Creek, in the little park area behind the museum.

Life went on as usual and Rosalynd was very happy with her small yet sometimes chaotic family (I just love how everyone’s doing something different in this picture).

One hot summer evening, Rosalynd managed to reach level 10 of the Fishing skill, completing one of the optional objectives for the challenge!

Now that Rosalynd had a lily plant in her garden, there was only one plant left to obtain: the orchid. Luckily, she knew a handy trick: if you splice a lily with a snapdragon, you are likely to get an orchid. She was excited to try it out.

Rosalynd and Salim had once bought a kiddie pool for, that’s right, the kids, but the Sim to use it most was actually Salim, who loved spending a hot summer afternoon in the pool. He was a Lazy Sim, after all.

He did flee back into the house when the kids started having a water balloon fight, though!

Meanwhile, Rosalynd managed to complete the Angling Ace aspiration!

As if the farm and fishing didn’t keep her busy enough, Rosalynd decided to take up a new hobby: knitting (this was on the 29th of July, when Nifty Knitting had just come out).

That same hot summer day was Jonathan’s birthday!

Here he is after his makeover! During his weekends with the Scouts, Jonathan found out he loves to be busy with his hands – he loves to make things. That’s why his new trait is Maker and he’s got the Master Maker aspiration. (I also just bought Eco Lifestyle at this point, so I wanted to try things out)

Rosalynd begrudgingly allowed Jonathan to build his own shack in the backyard, for all of his recycling and fabricating. It didn’t look very pretty now, but Rosalynd was sure she could spruce it up with some plants on the outside. She was just happy that Jonathan was so passionate about something.

He got to work straightaway.

He was especially pleased with the fabrication machine.

One rainy Sunday, Eleanor decided to visit the Deadgrass Discoveries Museum in town. She’d never been there before and even though it was little more than a small town museum, she had a wonderful time perusing the art and the different stories behind the pieces all afternoon. It made her think about her future and she wondered if perhaps studying Art History wouldn’t be the perfect thing for her.

Rosalynd was glad that Eleanor had found something she was so passionate about, and she was proud that her daughter wanted to go to university. There was also a part of her that was disappointed, though. She’d hoped she’d be able to pass on the farm to her daughter and that it would stay in the family that way. Her dream had always been to start a family farm and have her daughter take over at some point. That was unlikely to happen now, and it made her feel a little sad. She also wondered if art would be a solid career for Eleanor. She’d tried voicing her concerns, but Eleanor hadn’t wanted to hear it. “Just let me choose my own path, Mum, like you chose yours,” she’d said with hurt in her eyes. It had made Rosalynd feel terrible.

Eleanor was sad that her mother didn’t seem to be truly happy for her and with her choices. Luckily, her little brother Jonathan was a big help and provided a lot of support. And a lot of laughs as well.

Eleanor loved her mother a lot, of course, but she was counting down the days until she could move to university. It was time for her to strike out on her own.

Salim had quietly grown up into an elderly Sim, but was still looking dapper as always.

Eleanor was over the moon when she found out that she’d been accepted into Britechester University, and that she was allowed to pursue a Distinguished Degree in Art History!

And then it was time for her to grow up! Her final trait is Self-Assured, and I absolutely love her new outfit.

And next thing she knows, she’s at university, and it’s time to start her life! (it all went very fast and I forgot to buy her stuff before she moved into the dorm – oops)

This also marks the end of the first generation of this DITFT challenge! Rosalynd was a great founder and she managed to fulfill all of the main objectives and two of the optional ones.

In the next part, we’re going to see how Eleanor fares at university! I hope you enjoyed this update, Happy Simming!


  • Obtain and plant 20 different types of plant
  • Get married, but no woohoo before marriage
  • Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying until you do!
  • Master Garden Skill
  • Have and complete one of the nature aspirations

Optional objectives:

  • Grow a garden with every base game plant in it
  • Catch every type of fish
  • Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors”
  • Master Fisherman Skill

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