Blueberry Island – Summer 4 – Robinson 1

Hi everyone and welcome back to Blueberry Island!

Today, we’re starting the fourth Summer on the island – a brand new rotation! It’s always exciting to start a new rotation, and I’ve been looking forward to return to the earlier families, like the Robinsons, who we’re visiting today. Quick reminder: last time we visited the Robinson family, our founder and her spouse, Julia and Ben, both passed away of old age. 

So, now it’s just Owen and Meadow and their four kids. We’ve got Isaac on the left, with his little brother Stephen in front of him. Then there’s Owen and Meadow, and then Patrick and Emma.

Before we dive in, I always like to show an overview picture of the island at the start of each rotation. Look how big the town is getting! I love looking at this – it all started with one tiny home and one Sim, and now it’s grown into this. 

Well, before I get even more sentimental, let’s get to the update!

For the first time ever, we’re starting a season without Julia, our fearless founder. It feels a little weird, to be honest! But Owen has now taken over the reins, and I’m sure he’ll do great.

Isaac is the oldest of the four kids, but he’s still pretty young. He’ll only be leaving for university at the very end of the season, or maybe the start of the next one.

With way more time on her hands now that the triplets were also in school, Meadow threw herself in her pottery making. She was even considering opening up her own market stall this season, selling the things she’d made.

Owen was getting back into gardening – after his father died, the garden had not really seen much tending anymore, but Owen was determined to get it to thrive again.

Gizmo grew up into an adult cat!

Isaac got yelled at my Claire Bransfield for spying on her through the telescope. She lives all the way on the other side of the island, so I’m not sure how that works, but okay.

We haven’t seen the triplets yet, so here’s a picture of them all playing together at the activity table. From left to right: Patrick, Emma and Stephen.

One of the trees in the back yard caught on fire during a thunderstorm, but of course the rain stopped immediately after. I didn’t make the same fatal mistake as I did when playing university and had Owen call the fire station right away.

On Thursday, the weather was splendid, so the kids all played on the playground in the garden together. Ronan Jitmakusol was also there – one of the triplets brought him home from school.

They all had a great time together.

Isaac is a great big brother: he autonomously went to tuck in Emma <3

A momentous occasion in the Robinson household: they finally got a TV! Before now, I didn’t feel like they needed one, but keeping up the fun of three kids that don’t seem to like school isn’t all that easy, as it turns out.

Isaac brought his cousin Erin home from school the next day. They’re already BFFs but it’s still fun to see them hang out! I also noticed how much they look alike here.

That afternoon, Patrick fulfilled his wish of becoming best friends with Max Lee, who lives down the street.

Emma and Isaac became best friends over dinner!

A rare moment: the entire family having dinner together. I love it when this happens!

On Saturday morning, Emma decided to do her homework and be done with it. Her annoying brothers came into her room to taunt her and play with the toys strewn all over the floor.

“You’re laughing now, but you’ll be kicking yourselves tomorrow evening, you fools!” she told them.

“See, now I’m done and I can play all weekend, and you guys still have your stupid sums to do. You dummies.”

That afternoon, Meadow managed to gain her gold pottery badge!

Just after, she decided to finally take the plunge, and she purchased one of the market stalls on Market Lane!

She was so excited that she went to the stall straight away and opened it up. I love these stalls! They’re such easy ways to set up a retail store, and they look really nice sitting next to each other in the neighbourhood overview as well.

Soon, her first customers started to arrive. She got the business up to level 1 and then went home again.

The triplets spent their Saturday afternoon autonomously playing in the backyard.

Owen brought Matt McHero home from work. They got along great and became fast friends.

That evening marked a very special occasion: it was time for the triplets to grow up! They (read: I) decided not to throw a party since three birthdays was hectic enough.

Here are the boys in synchronised poses – I just noticed their faces actually look very similar! They both have the Long nose and mouth.

Emma seems to have a lot more of Meadow in her, especially in the shape of her cheeks, and her mouth. I love that!

Here she is after her make over! Apart from the clothes that is – those still need to be changed. I just love the way she looks! She’s clearly a Robinson, but she also looks so much like Meadow <3 Her aspiration is Pleasure/Popularity. She has rolled the most awful LTW of having 50 first dates, and I hate her for it a little bit. But I also love her a lot! Plus, she’s bi, so that makes the LTW slightly more bearable.

Here’s Patrick, who’s also very clearly a Robinson, but is the only child who has inherited Meadow’s skin colour. He will probably be the ‘heir’ (in so far as he will inherit the house and move back in with his parents after university) because his aspiration is Family/Knowledge. He’s rolled a cool LTW! His LTW is to reach the top of the Paranormal career, which is one of the University ones. I once installed a hack that would allow University careers to become LTWs as well, so it’s fun to see this. Also, Patrick is gay, which I love!

And then there’s Stephen, who looks most like his father and grandfather out of all of them. He’s a Romance/Popularity Sim and takes after his father in more than one way: his LTW is also to become Captain Hero. Stephen is straight. Lots of different sexualities for these triplets!

On Sunday morning, Meadow had breakfast with her four teenage children while Owen went off to do Captain Hero work. She marvelled at how grown-up her kids were already, and felt very proud of them.

It was also Isaac’s last day at home before moving to university, which made everyone a little emotional.

It was a beautiful day, so the teens decided to go check out the new beach I built near the end of last season.

I think Patrick might just be a bit of a romantic! On his first day as a teenager, his wants are Flirt, Fall in Love and Have Very First Kiss (and go to university). Cute!

While Patrick was chatting to the some cute teenage boys, the other three Robinsons had more serious business to attend to: who could build the best sandcastle.

In the end, Patrick decided his siblings were more interesting.

The Robinsons had a great day at the beach (but went home again when the evil witch came to ruin things with her rain).

The new beach hut/restaurant/café was running pretty smoothly as well! I love that there’s now a more casual place to have a bite to eat than just Walker’s, which has always felt pretty fancy.

When 6 pm rolled around, Isaac applied for scholarships. He managed to get 5 of them: four skill ones and the good grades one.

Next, it was time to say goodbye to everyone. “Don’t cry, Mum! I’m excited to go and I’m sure it’ll be great – I am a Knowledge Sim after all.”

And then he left! Bye Isaac! We won’t see him in university this season – his fun will begin in Fall!

“Does this mean one of us gets his room?”

And that’s it for the Robinsons for this season! I hope you enjoyed the update – Happy Simming!




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