A Bookish Legacy – Generation 4

Hi everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I posted the previous update for A Bookish Legacy (almost half a year – oops!), but hopefully you’ll still want to catch up with the Book family! We’ve now reached generation 4 of this legacy challenge (check out the rules here), and Carry Book is taking the reins…

Here’s Carry after her YA makeover! She’s an Active, Mean Foodie and her aspiration is Freelance Botanist. Let’s see what she gets up to!

Carry’s father Guus grew up to an elder right as she herself became a Young Adult.

Carry went out into the city to a karaoke bar to meet new people (e.g. a spouse) and she met this interesting fellow called Akito Okada. He has three traits we haven’t seen in a spouse yet, and two of them are fun ones too (Creative and Cheerful). The other one is Slob, which isn’t great, but not too bad either. And they’re good friends already with some romance thrown in as well!

Carry took a job in the Gardening career.

She took Akito out on a date to a restaurant. They flirted constantly and they both had their first kiss. Carry asked Akito to be her boyfriend and he said yes!

The family had a cow berry, but when I had Carry plant it, it simply disappeared, which made me very annoyed… I had her go to Oasis Springs to fish for a new one, which she found.

Akito moved in! Here he is after his makeover (I tried to keep his spirit alive lol). Unfortunately, he became an adult right before he moved in, so he’s quite a bit older than Carry. But that’s okay. We’ll make it work. Another bummer: his aspiration is Bodybuilder, which is one we’ve already completed and also one I don’t like (the benefit of completing it is “Long Lived”, which makes a Sim live for aaages, just like our first spouse Paolo). On the other hand, that does mean he won’t die way before Carry.

Since we’ve already maxed both Athletic careers and Akito has the Creative trait, he went into the Painter career.

Carry became pregnant! She’s still pretty young, but I just wanted the next generation to get underway.

The happy couple decided to elope right away. Throwing a wedding party is just such a hassle!

Akito keeps making drinks and is even having drinks for breakfast. Did Carry bag an alcoholic or is he just not ready for fatherhood yet?

Generation 5 is here! It’s a girl, and we called her Joanne – after J.K. Rowling, who used to be a hero of mine, but is now definitely not.

I played this long before JK Rowling started spewing hateful, bigoted, and dangerous nonsense about transgender people. I’d like to make clear that I do not in any way agree with or condone her standpoints and that I aim for this to be a safe space for everyone. I can’t change what I’ve already played up until this point and the names I’ve given to these Sims or their pets, but I will not be mentioning the author or her work again.

Jacques (Guus’s younger brother) became an elder and was sad because I forgot his birthday… He still hasn’t topped his career. Turns out Comedy is a hard one, because he only has to work three days a week. Hopefully it’ll happen soon!

It did! The day after his birthday, he finally topped the career, which is good, because otherwise he’d have another two or three days off before having to work again, and I want him out of the house. He was fun to play for a while, but I hadn’t intended on playing him until he became an elder! We need the house for Carry’s family. So, goodbye Jacques!

Speaking of Carry’s family: she’s pregnant again!

Joanne became a toddler! She’s a Charmer. Here, she’s sad because of the broken dollhouse a few feet away from her.

Akito loves his little girl (and clearly fixed the dollhouse for her).

As does grandpa Guus!

The new baby is born! It’s a boy, and now I’m getting stuck for male writers I loved as a child… I’m going with Paul, for Paul van Loon, who wrote Dutch horror stories for children, like De Griezelbus (“the creepy bus” or “the horror bus”) and Dolfje Weerwolfje (“Little Dolf Werewolf”). I remember really like them as a kid, but I don’t remember a lot of what they were about. Also, apparently most of the children’s books I read were written by women! I think it’s about time we move on to my teen/young adult years… Or let go of the chronology altogether, that’s fine too.

It was a good day for Carry because in the afternoon she managed to complete her aspiration (Freelance Botanist)! Her new aspiration is Master Chef. She will have to top the Gardening career first before she can go into Culinary, though, but that’s alright. She’s got lots of skills she can start working on (I want her to be the Sim to get us the point for “have a single Sim max Baking, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Mixology”).

Joanne was not happy about the new sibling situation!

Paul grew up to a toddler. As seems to be tradition this generation, he’s sad about something.

These two are so cute together!

Akito loved playing with his little rascals. They always had a great time together on his days off.

Guus mastered the Mischief skill! He’s been working on that one for forever! Pretty much all of it was done through the “Troll teh forums” action.

Joanne grew up to a child! She’s got the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and she rolled the Dog Lover want. Which means it’s high time to get another pet!

The family adopted a teeny tiny puppy called Remus, and Joanne loved him instantly.

Guus’s life bar is bubbling, but he’s so close to topping the Food Critic career. I don’t think he’s going to make it in time… Seems like that’s a recurring issue – the same thing happened with Nobuya.

And indeed, the next morning he passed away, the day after Family Remembrance Day.

He now has a place in the family crypt.

Carry got a call that same day that Jacques had passed away too…

Joanne was sad for quite a long time after her grandfather’s passing.

Remus grew up into an adult dog and he looks so lanky and cute!

Joanne loved him very much and started training with him too. She has the dog lover trait, so that makes her the perfect Sim to work on the dog training skill.

I love the interactions with pets!

Paul grew up into a child! He inherited the Mean trait from his mother and his aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. I wanted the family to go out for bowling for his birthday (because I just bought the Bowling stuff pack) but it was a school night and everyone was tired at this point.

Akito is much older than Carry – he was getting very close to his elder stage while Carry is still a Young Adult – so I had him take his one allotted Potion of  Youth.

The following evening, they all went bowling together! It was fun, but they mostly stood around talking instead of doing some actual bowling.

Carry went to the new Spa in town after another stressful day at work and took a yoga class (I just bought the Spa Day pack as well – what can I say, there was a sale).

She also got a massage and decided this was her new favourite place in town.

Paul liked Remus a lot as well – he kept doing his homework or eating his food near the dog.

He also started learning how to play the piano.

Joanne completed the Motor aspiration (Rambunctious Scamp).

Carry got promoted to PhD of Pollen, meaning she topped the Botanist branch of the Gardener career! Yay! She was also Very Tense, hence the face. Now she can finally continue with her Master Chef aspiration, since she needs to reach level 4 of the Culinary career for that one.

Winter rolled around and Joanne and Paul bonded over their enthusiasm about snow.

Carry managed to max out the Gourmet Cooking skill! Now she only has Baking and Mixology to go for that Food point.

Paul completed the Artistic Prodigy Childhood Aspiration.

It was Winterfest and there were a whole bunch of presents to open!

Carry bought a Cupcake Factory to work on her baking skill and make some extra money (not that the family needs it). I love the baking skill, by the way! It’s probably too much work to do it within this legacy challenge, but I’d love to have one of my Sims open a bakery!

Joanne grew up to a teenager. She has the Mixologist aspiration and her new trait is Insider. I guess I might have to start doing something with clubs after all.

Akito loved to go jogging with Remus – the snow added an extra challenge but also made it a bit more magical.

Joanne started to work on her Writing skill; she’ll need to write the biographies for her own generation and the one after that.

On New Year’s Eve, Akito went outside to “investigate weird light” and then he was beamed up?! This has never happened in my game before!

He came back minutes before midnight and landed just beside one of Remus’s stinky poops. Well, that was an experience! It seems pretty random, as he’s not in the Scientist career. I wonder if he’s pregnant with an alien nooboo…

Wow, yep. I think this is a baby bump!

Paul grew up to a teenager! He rolled Unflirty as his trait and Musical Genius as his aspiration, which is perfect since he spent pretty much his entire childhood playing piano.

Joanne got a job as Fry Cook in the Fast Food Employee part time career.

Akito gave birth to a baby alien boy! His name is Wally (after Wall-E – I couldn’t come up with anything better). This is my first alien in game ever for Sims 4! I’ll have to consult the rules to see if he can earn us any points.

I then noticed the ‘send to homeworld’ option and thought that might be a good idea since I didn’t really feel like raising another baby for this generation, oops. But it also seemed a little cruel. In the end I decided it would be best for all of us (mostly me) to send Wally back to his homeworld. He can be with his people there and he won’t remember Akito anyway. Having him around with his echo-y wail just stressed me out and I don’t need that :’)

Carry reached level 10 of the baking skill! Now she only needs a couple more Mixology skill points and then she’ll have mastered Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Baking and Mixology, which earns us a bonus point.

The next day (or the day after that, I don’t remember), she managed to max the Mixology skill as well!

Remus aged up to an elderly dog, and he looks a bit sad with those grey patches.

Carry kept trying to bake a Baked Alaska or Lava Bundt Cake of the highest quality, which should be Impeccable, I think, but she wasn’t having any luck yet. The Impeccable food quality comes with Outdoor Retreat, with the Stoves and Grills Master reward. But maybe it isn’t working because technically you don’t bake with a stove but the oven inside the stove? I don’t know…

For someone with the Fitness aspiration, Akito eats a lot of cake.

Joanne grew up to a Young Adult! Her third trait is Loves the Outdoors, and she also gained the Responsible trait. So that means it’s time for generation 5!

And it also means we’ve reached the end of this update! I hope you enjoyed it – Happy Simming!


  • Family: 5
  • Creative: 5
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 3
  • Knowledge: 6
  • Athletic: 6
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 2
  • Deviance: 6
  • Bonus: 1

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