Blueberry Island – Spring 4 – Walker 2

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited Caroline Walker (second child of Jake and Christy Walker) and Claire Bransfield, Claire worked on her LTW of owning 5 top level businesses and I was constantly debating whether or not I’d let Caroline complete hers: having 50 dream dates. The couple also got the shock of their lives when Caroline found out she was pregnant. It was quite the medical marvel! Last but not least, they adopted a kitten named Raisin.

Walker 2

We’ve got Claire on the left and Caroline on the right.


Caroline was kind of done with being pregnant. She was excited to meet the child, but mostly she was just done with being pregnant. Luckily, she was already in her last trimester.


Also, Claire took very good care of her.


Even though Claire had the Romance Aspiration, she had the want to marry Caroline and she wanted to do it before the baby came. She’d never been one for wanting to “do things right”, but she had the strange urge now.


Caroline was so surprised that the baby almost came out then and there. Both Claire and Caroline had a positive memory, so I think I made the right choice!

Even though Caroline knew her mother would kill her when she found out she’d gotten married without Christy being there, Caroline and Claire got married right then and there. She was always happy to party, but with the baby almost arriving, she really wanted to keep things small. It was an out of character day for both women, so it seemed.


Unfortunately, Claire did have a negative memory of the marriage itself, but let’s just ignore that, as it was her want that made me do this!


Caroline Walker, one of my favourite Sims ever, is now Caroline Bransfield! I like the name!


That evening, Caroline’s good friend Caryl Dawson, who now lived almost across from them, came by to see if Caroline was almost ready to pop and to wish her luck.


Around 11 pm, Caroline went into labour!


She gave birth to a baby boy with her skin and eyes and Clair’s hair colour! His name is Oscar.


Claire was very excited about it.


The next afternoon, Jake and Christy came over to meet their newest grandchild. They were over the moon, of course.


Caroline immediately asked her parents to watch little Oscar, so she and Claire could work at Claire’s business Mirage Gallery for a while. Little reminder: Claire’s second LTW is to have five top level businesses, and this one is number two.


They got the gallery up to level 6 before going back home.


After closing the gallery, the couple also went on a date to work on Caroline’s LTW (to have 50 dream dates – I’m still not sure if I want to commit to making that happen).


The next day, Raisin the kitten grew up into an adult cat!


Claire came home from work with a promotion to President, which is level 8 of the Business career.


That evening was also Oscar’s birthday!


He’s a cutie! I think he looks most like Caroline, but his features might also be Claire’s.


Caroline taught him to talk right away.


Caroline earned her silver Sewing Badge!


Claire came home with a promotion to CEO, which is level 9. If the season was just one day longer, she would’ve been able to reach the top, and we could unlock another Business District! Alas…


Before the end of the season, though, I did have Claire buy another business lot. She’s acquired one of the small plots of land on Market Lane, where she and Caroline will be selling Caroline’s sewing projects.


Claire is going to start levelling up this business next season! It’s called Teddies Galore.

And that’s it for this family this season! I hope you enjoyed the update – Happy Simming!

Households 19
Playable Sims 56
Graves 4
Total Sims 60
CAS-Sims Available 32 of 47
Community Lots 29
* Owned 25
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 16
Total Lots 45
Business Districts 4
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 31
Population 1860
Fires 3
Burglars 11
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 4
Uni funds 324.400

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