A Bookish Legacy – Generation 3

Hi and welcome back!

A Bookish Legacy is all about my favourite authors, starting from when I was a child. Generation one and two are over and done with, and we’re on to generation three! The eldest of three, Guus Book is taking over the reins from his mother Astrid. His brother Jacques and sister Francine are still living at home as well.

09-16-18_6-11-07 PM

Here we have our heir! Guus is a mean vegatarian who is also a loner. His aspiration is to become a Super Parent. An interesting combination of traits and aspiration for a legacy heir!

09-20-18_3-57-53 PM

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with Guus yet. Just having him start a family seemed very out of character, but he did need to have a kid for his aspiration. So I sent him to the museum to meet someone, and there he met Eva Banerjee. He gave her a Polite Introduction (from the Responsible trait) and, damn, does that give your relationship a jump start!

09-20-18_4-02-18 PM

He found out Eva was a single music lover who hates children, which is pretty perfect for what I have in mind for these two. She’s also a vegetarian, just like Guus, so they could bond over that.

09-20-18_4-06-41 PM

They went on a date straight away and had their first kiss. Even though they’d only just met, Guus decided to ask Eva to go steady with him and she said yes.

09-30-18_4-50-23 PM

Guus joined the Writer career. He’s already level 7 in Writing (since he’ll need to write his and his spouse’s biography and the biographies of the next generation) and I couldn’t think of any other career that would fit better.

09-30-18_5-13-55 PM

Francine grew up to a teen. She rolled the Art Lover trait and the Renaissance Sim aspiration, which is a doable one for a spare, so yay!

09-30-18_5-20-31 PM

Jacques went on a solo vacation to Granite Falls for his aspiration. The Granite Falls world seemed to be a little bit glitchy, though, with floating harvestables and hardly any plants spawning. So I had him go home again on day two…

10-27-18_12-05-33 PM

He went again because I was stubborn and wanted this to work, and then he found the Hermit’s place. He managed to find all of the 10 unidentified plants he needed, after a lot of time and effort.

10-27-18_12-54-41 PM

Guus and Eva spent a lot of time together, and then one day Eva told him in tears she was pregnant. Guus was over the moon because there was nothing he wanted more than a child. Eva felt very differently, though.

10-27-18_1-06-29 PM

When Guus asked her to move in with him and his family, she did say yes, but she had her doubts about the entire situation.

10-27-18_1-26-09 PM

Eva hates children, so she wasn’t excited about the pregnancy at all. She liked Guus, but this wasn’t what she’d had in mind for her life.

10-27-18_1-54-24 PM

To keep her mind somewhat at ease and distracted during her pregnancy, Eva took a job as a Painter (she was at level 9 in the Painting skill).

10-27-18_5-52-22 PM

Mean loner Guus couldn’t be more excited about having a baby.

10-28-18_5-52-03 PM

Nobuya passed away from old age, in a puddle of water from the broken dryer… He was one item short from fulfilling his (second) aspiration and one promotion short of topping the Food Critic career… Oh, well.

10-28-18_6-11-14 PM

Jacques aged up to Young Adult on the same day Nobuya died, which is why he looks a little sad here. His third trait is Self-Assured.

10-28-18_6-34-05 PM

And then baby Carry was born and Guus was overjoyed again.

Carry is named after another one of my favourite childhood authors, Carry Slee. I devoured her books when I was young!

11-23-18_8-07-02 PM

I was planning on having Jacques move out, as his aspiration is going to be difficult if not impossible for me to complete (Granite Falls is bugged beyond belief), but then I decided to have him go into the gardening career, which seems like fun.

11-23-18_8-57-02 PM

Carry grew up into an absolutely adorable toddler. <3

11-24-18_2-11-19 PM

Things were not going well between Guus and Eva. Although they slept in the same bed, they’d hardly talked to each other since Carry’s birth, and Eva had spent zero time with her daughter. Guus confronted her about it.

11-24-18_2-13-51 PM

“I hate being a mother, Guus! I hate it and never wanted it in the first place!”

“With ‘it’ I’m assuming you’re referring to our daughter?” Guus asked icily.

“Whatever, Guus. Don’t act all high and mighty on me. You knew from the start I didn’t want to be a mother. Now you’ve dragged me into a life that I hate. Is that what you wanted?”

“No, of course not. But if you hate it so much, hate us so much, perhaps you should just leave!”

And so she did. She never came back.

12-01-18_5-48-09 PM

Carry was Guus’ favourite person in the whole wide world, by far (he generally didn’t like people) and he loved playing with her and teaching her things. He wanted to be the best parent he could possibly be to her, since she only had one of them. Luckily, she adored him, too.

12-01-18_9-22-15 PM

Astrid managed to become a Hall of Famer, thus topping the second branch of the Athletic career!

I didn’t expect her to be able to do it after becoming an elder because it’s really difficult to get elders to max the Fitness skill; if they work out for too long they become too exhausted and could die. But Astrid has had the bubbling age bar for a while now and is still hanging on, so I’m glad she could cross this second career of the list (the first being Start Up Entrepreneur).

12-01-18_9-28-28 PM

In the meantime, Guus maxed Writing, meaning he could now write his and Eva’s biography (that’ll be painful), and later Carry’s and her spouse’s.

12-07-18_9-11-18 PM

In the end, Astrid did pass away quite soon after topping the Athletic career… Bye, Astrid, you were an amazing first heir!

12-07-18_9-27-20 PM

That same day, Francine became an adult. Her new trait is Slob, but she also has Good Manners (interesting combo), is Responsible and a Mediator.

Reminder: She has the Renaissance Sim aspiration. She got a level 3 job in Culinary and then switched to a level 3 job as a Style Influencer. Without ever going to work at either jobs, she reached two milestones and then quit again so she could work on her skills.

12-09-18_5-27-14 PM

Everyone loves Carry, and she loves hanging out with her aunt and uncle.

12-09-18_5-41-56 PM

Carry became a child. She gained the Active trait and has the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. She looks sad here because everybody’s still mourning Astrid…

12-15-18_2-03-41 PM

Luna the cat passed away as well…

Yeah, I’d also forgotten there was a cat. Oops.

12-15-18_2-04-05 PM

And at that exact same moment the maid died because she was swimming in the pool during a blizzard! Jacques was very sad afterwards from witnessing both deaths…

12-15-18_5-41-58 PM

Guus and Carry love the snow and playing in it together.

12-16-18_4-31-27 PM

Carry completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration, which means all the Kids aspirations have now been completed, as well as all of the Kids skills!

01-12-19_5-02-11 PM

Francine completed the Renaissance Sim aspiration! The 6 skills she got to level 8 were Cooking, Handiness, Mixology, Violin, Logic and Video Gaming. I think I’m going to have her max the ones we don’t have maxed yet before moving out.

03-12-19_5-33-56 PM

Francine spent a lot of time upgrading things around the house. I only found out at this point that you can actually buy upgrade parts via the computer instead of having to wait until you find them…

03-14-19_3-38-07 PM

Carry grew up to a teenager! Her aspiration is Freelance Botanist and her new trait is Mean (which I’m not too happy about but, hey, the dice decides).

03-14-19_3-46-01 PM

She immediately got to work in the family’s already quite extensive garden.

03-14-19_4-30-45 PM

I also wanted Carry to be the Sim to max all of the cooking related skills (for one of the Food points), but the first time she used the stove she set herself on fire. Oops.

03-16-19_4-44-37 PM

I was frustrated about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to complete Jacques’ aspiration but wasn’t allowed to pick a new one, so I rolled for a new one instead. He got ‘Joke Star’, and he switched from the Gardener career to Entertainer. It took about a million years, but he managed to complete the aspiration in the end.

03-16-19_4-53-24 PM

I managed to let Guus go into Full Parent Mode for the Super Parent aspiration, which I thought would be pretty difficult since Carry is already a teenager. But I did it! Now all that’s left to do for his aspiration is wait until Carry grows up and make sure she has three positive character value traits.

03-16-19_5-12-58 PM

The next day, Guus reached the top of the Journalist career, but came home very tense. Time for a bit of a break before getting onto a new career to get to the top of.

03-16-19_6-49-24 PM

I decided to let Carry join the Scouts. I’ve never done that before and she seems like a good Sim to try with!

03-16-19_6-53-49 PM

Francine moved out of the household. I loved playing her, and she maxed 6 skills and completed an aspiration, so she was great! I saved her to my library, because I’d love to use her for a different challenge someday.

03-19-19_8-03-56 PM

I predicted it’s going to take a while for Jacques to top his career as a Comedian, so I chose a new aspiration for him: the Nerd Brain one. Now he can at least make himself useful in between going to work.

03-19-19_8-58-01 PM

Carry managed to get to the top of the Scouting ‘career’! We did it quite quickly because she doesn’t have too many days left before she becomes a Young Adult and I also still want her to have all 5 positive character values.

03-20-19_6-04-59 PM

And she did just that! By aging up to Young Adult with (more than) three positive character values, Guus completed his aspiration. Carry’s final trait is Foodie, which is great, since I want her to do lots of cooking and baking. She’s going to be a fun heir!

I hope you enjoyed this update – Happy Simming!


  • Family: 4
  • Creative: 4
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 5
  • Athletic: 6
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 1
  • Popularity: 2
  • Deviance: 6
  • Bonus: 1

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