Blueberry Island – Spring 4 – Jitmakusol

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited the Jitmakusol family, Austin grew up to a child and little Ronan was born. The family also adopted a cat named Felix. Meanwhile, Nicole and Phil were busy working their way up the Business career ladder.


Here they all are!


I’m counting on these two sleepyheads to get me two new business districts this season! Phil is at level 8 of the Business career, and Nicole at level 7, so we’ve got some good chances!

Nicole also has the want to have 10 children locked, but I’m not sure if I’m going to let her fulfil that one (although she has five already: Oliver, Jacob and Molly (who’re all either grown up or at uni) and Austin and Ronan with Phil).


Austin became friends with the kitten, Felix.


For Nicole and Phil the day, which was a Sunday, was going to be all about skilling.


Of course, they still had to take care of the children as well.


It was also Ronan’s birthday that evening!


And, as I suspected last time, we’re dealing with the First Born Effect here: he has the exact same genetic makeup and personality as his brother. That’s always a bummer. Still cute, though!


I built a little playground for the kids and Austin was very happy with it.


As I hoped and expected, Phil and Nicole both came home with promotions, Phil to CEO and Nicole to President.


In the meantime, Austin brought his best friend Emily Do home from school.


The following morning Austin played with the kite his father made for him. I always forget about the toys from the toy bench, even though they’re so cool!


And that day Phil came home with the promotion to Business Tycoon! Hurrah! Now we’ve finally got that fourth Business District. That means the SM is now 31 and the population has gone up to 1829.


The next day, Ronan was left alone with the nanny, who was either bringing multiple bottles to him in a row or playing basketball in the garden.


Felix grew up to a gorgeous adult cat! He’s the offspring of two other cats on the Island (who live with the Burke family) and I love how he’s actually unique instead of one of the usual adoption cats.


I realised Ronan hasn’t learned to walk or talk and today is his birthday… He does have a pretty high logic skill, since that’s something he can achieve on his own. Great parenting.


Austin brought Emily home from school again. These two are thick as thieves.


Nicole got promoted to CEO, which is level 9. At this point I realised that if she reaches level 10 this season, I won’t be able to add the business district right away, because the island will need another business first!


Nicole quickly sought out Ronan to teach him at least a couple of words before his birthday.


Ronan wasn’t the only one who was having his birthday that evening!


Of course, Austin’s parents were too busy with each other to pay attention for more than a few minutes. Austin is a Fortune/Grilled Cheese Sim and his aspiration is to earn $100,000. He’ll need a change of clothes asap.


And then it was Ronan’s turn, who is of course the spitting image of his brother.


Another one of Phil’s great toys. I should really work on him getting his gold badge.


And that’s it for the Jitmakusol family! We’ll see them again when summer rolls around. I hope you enjoyed this update, Happy Simming!

Households 19
Playable Sims 55
Graves 4
Total Sims 59
CAS-Sims Available 32 of 47
Community Lots 28
* Owned 24
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 15
Total Lots 43
Business Districts 4
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 31
Population 1829
Fires 3
Burglars 11
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 4
Uni funds 315.400

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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