Blueberry Island – Spring 4 – Harris 1

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited the Harris family, Thalia (the second Harris child) moved off to college and Nick became a child. Ella had her first kiss with a townie called Joe Grundstrom. That’s about it! Let’s see what everyone gets up to during spring!

Harris 1

From left to right: Carrie, James, Stella, Nick (sitting down) and Ella. And Flynn the dog, of course!


The first thing both James and Stella did that season was take a sip of Elixir of Life. They had only two days left otherwise, and they didn’t want to become elders when their youngest kid was still a child. Every inhabitant of Blueberry Island is allowed up to three sips of elixir in their lifetime.


Ella and Carrie were almost off to university, so they spent the day skilling for scholarships.


Nick was cultivating his piano skills.


This is the moment when I found out that James is full on in love with Camryn Lee (who is married to Elijah Walker) because he rolled four wants for her… When did this happen? Did I know about this already? Am I going to do anything about it? I don’t think so!


Ella got four scholarships: one for high grades, one for logic, one for charisma and one for creativity. She’s a Family/Knowledge Sim after all.


Carrie got two: one for high grades and one for logic.


And then it was time for the twins to move to the campus! We’ll see them again later this season.


Suddenly, the house was very empty. After always having been a busy household, there was now only one child left.


Luckily, Stella didn’t have to stay at home on her own – she finally found a job in the Architecture career, which was something she’d had a want for for quite some time now. She left for her first day straight away.


Everyone came home at the same time and they’d all had a great day. James got promoted to Astronaut, Nick got an A in school, and Stella was just glad her first day had gone well.


I also remembered that James built a Servo in an earlier round and had one in his inventory, so I decided to make it active, or whatever it’s called. I think this is my first ever servo! I did forget that he is now an actual Sim, and I’m not sure if that’s what I wanted, oops. But he does count for population, so that’s good, I guess!


The next day, Stella came home with a promotion to Head of Construction Company.


Nick brought Kate Chin (youngest daughter of Adam Robinson) home from school and they had a fun time.


I’ve decided it was a mistake to activate the Servo so it will just remain powered down for now. It really sucks that there’s no clean way to get rid of it. Maybe I’ll have him look at the clouds for forever and wait for a satellite to crash into him. Harsh, but I don’t want him. :’) He would be useful for a single sim running a business, though…


The next evening was Nick’s birthday. They didn’t have a party since it was a school/work night and everyone was tired.


He’s pretty cute! Nick’s a Knowledge/Romance Sim and his LTW is to become a Media Magnate (top Journalism).


The following day, James reached the top of the Military career! He is now a General, which unlocks another position in Intelligence.


That evening, James and Stella both transitioned to elders! None of the kids came over to celebrate, but that’s because they’ll have another party very soon: James and Stella’s golden anniversary! It’s Stella’s LTW to celebrate it. But that will have to wait until next season.

And that’s it for this season for the Harris family! I hope you enjoyed the update, and Happy Simming!

Households 19
Playable Sims 55
Graves 4
Total Sims 59
CAS-Sims Available 32 of 47
Community Lots 28
* Owned 24
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 15
Total Lots 43
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1534
Fires 3
Burglars 10
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 4
Uni funds 300.700

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