A Bookish Legacy – Generation 1

Hi and welcome to the first instalment of A Bookish Legacy! This is the very first time I’m posting any Sims 4 content, but I have been playing it for a few years now. I started this legacy challenge a few years back as well, and I’ve been playing it on and off ever since. I recently started generation 5, and I thought that was a good time to finally start posting!

If you’re unfamiliar with the legacy challenge; the goal is to get to 10 generations with one family. There are a bunch of rules connected to this and you can also gain a lot of points along the way. You can find the entire ruleset here!

I wanted a naming theme for my legacy and I went with names of authors I admire or whose books I love (or loved as a child). Hence the name of this legacy! I’ve decided to go for the firstborn rule, which means the firstborn child is always the heir.

Also, I’m sorry if the pictures seem to be of iffy quality; they were pretty big and I decided to resize them for WordPress, but WordPress is messing up the quality and it bugs me… Maybe I’ll be able to fix it for future posts, maybe not. We’ll see!

As for the amount of posts for every generation: this generation will only have one chapter/post, but later generations will probably have multiple ones.

Anyway, enough rambling – onto the first generation!

01-11-18_7-18-19 PM_resultaat

Meet Annie Book! She’s named after my all-time favourite author of children’s books: Annie M.G. Schmidt. She was Dutch and she was amazing and so funny!

01-11-18_7-18-42 PM_resultaat

Annie’s traits are Good, Loves the Outdoors and Bookworm. Her aspiration is to become a bestselling author.

01-13-18_10-41-05 AM_resultaat

This is her home. She currently only had a bed and fridge, because that was all she could afford. Hopefully writing books was going to earn her some money soon!

01-13-18_10-43-31 AM_resultaat

After getting a job as a Writer, Annie went to the library – which is where she’ll be spending a lot of her time at first. I also realized I didn’t give her the ‘Creative’ trait, which is pretty dumb since I chose a creative aspiration for her.

01-13-18_11-39-00 AM_resultaat

One afternoon, Annie met Paolo Rocca and there was definite chemistry between them.

01-13-18_11-49-40 AM_resultaat01-13-18_12-36-03 PM_resultaat01-13-18_12-38-00 PM_resultaat01-14-18_8-45-46 PM_resultaat

They dated for a little while and then Annie proposed and Paolo moved in. She now had some actual walls and a bathroom!

01-15-18_8-58-18 PM_resultaat

Meet Paolo. He’s a Bro, Active and a Music Lover. His aspiration is to become a Bodybuilder.

01-18-18_8-19-57 PM_resultaat

They went on with their careers for a bit, which went well. Then, Annie got pregnant about halfway through her Young Adult phase!

01-21-18_1-07-24 PM_resultaat

They’d already earned quite a bit of money, mostly through Annie’s novels, so here’s the updated house!

01-18-18_8-51-16 PM_resultaat

The first baby of the challenge is born! It’s a girl, and she’s named Astrid, after Astrid Lindgren, who also wrote some amazing children’s books.

01-21-18_2-12-10 PM_resultaat

Astrid became an adorable toddler. Toddlers in this game are just so damn cute!

01-21-18_8-17-51 PM_resultaat

Annie and Paolo had another baby and this time it was a boy. His name is Roald, after Roald Dahl, who wrote one of my favourite books of all time: Matilda.

01-22-18_8-05-35 PM_resultaat

Paolo grew up to an adult, but I didn’t throw him a party so he was sad for a little while.

01-25-18_4-25-40 PM_resultaat01-22-18_8-08-13 PM_resultaat

Astrid and Roald were toddlers together for a little while, which was just too cute.

01-25-18_4-42-46 PM_resultaat

Astrid grew up to a child and earned the Good trait. Her aspiration was to become a Whiz Kid.

01-25-18_4-54-13 PM_resultaat

Paolo achieved his aspiration of becoming a Bodybuilder! That earned him the Long Lived trait. For his new aspiration he chose Successful Lineage.

02-08-18_6-07-29 PM_resultaat

Astrid and Roald were still adorable together.

02-08-18_6-31-10 PM_resultaat

Annie reached her aspiration of Bestselling Author! Her new one was Painter Extraordinaire, for the Creativity point for the challenge.

02-14-18_5-25-29 PM_resultaat

Things were going well: Astrid became a Whiz Kid.

02-15-18_8-30-54 PM_resultaat

Roald grew up to a child and rolled the Slob trait. His aspiration was Social Butterfly.

02-19-18_5-15-34 PM_resultaat02-19-18_5-20-30 PM_resultaat02-19-18_5-27-57 PM_resultaat

The family adopted Fleetfoot! He’s a golden retriever puppy who’s named after a dog from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas.

02-19-18_6-09-43 PM_resultaat02-19-18_6-13-05 PM_resultaat02-19-18_6-14-14 PM_resultaat

This was probably when I got the Outdoor Retreat pack: the whole family went on a fun vacation to Granite Falls.

02-19-18_8-12-11 PM_resultaat

I love the interactions with pets in this game <3

02-19-18_8-39-27 PM_resultaat

Astrid grew up to a teenager! She rolled Active for her new trait and her lifetime aspiration is to become a Computer Whiz.

02-20-18_3-43-08 PM_resultaat

She loved to go out for a jog with Fleetfoot.

02-21-18_3-46-56 PM_resultaat

The house was looking pretty good by now!

03-10-18_12-48-45 PM_resultaat

Roald also grew up to a teenager. His new trait was Bro and his lifetime aspiration was Friend of the Animals.

03-25-18_3-12-55 PM_resultaat

Annie completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration! She now completed two Creative aspirations, so that’s an extra point! The third aspiration she’s going to try to achieve is Soulmate.

03-25-18_4-24-01 PM_resultaat

Paolo grew up to an elder but I forgot to give him a birthday cake (again) so he was sad (again). Although he looks pretty happy in this picture.

03-25-18_4-53-20 PM_resultaat

The family adopted another pet. It’s a kitten this time and his name is Crookshanks, after Hermione’s cat from the Harry Potter series.

03-25-18_5-59-22 PM_resultaat

Annie reached the top of the Writer career!

03-26-18_9-14-49 PM_resultaat

And then Astrid grew up to a Young Adult! Her new trait is Loves the Outdoors and she also gained the Responsible trait. She’s the generation 2 heir, so this is where this post ends. Next time, we’ll see what Astrid gets up to! And whether Roald will be able to get through his Friend of the Animals aspiration…

The points total at the end of generation 1:


  • Family: 2
  • Creative: 2
  • Fortune: 1
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 3
  • Athletic: 4
  • Nature: 1
  • Food: 0
  • Popularity: 2

I hope you liked this first pots of the Bookish Legacy! Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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