Blueberry Island – Winter 3 – Lee

Hi everyone!

I’m back already with another update I had ready! We’re visiting the Lee family today, which consists of Elijah and his pregnant wife Camryn. Elijah is the eldest child of Jake and Christy Walker, the second family of Blueberry Island.


Last time, Camryn worked at her gym Work It Out and Elijah worked hard to advance in the Crime career. His LTW is to top Journalism, so the story is that he works in Crime only to write a brilliant expose on it as a journalist later. Another noteworthy thing to happen last season is obviously that Camryn got pregnant!


Camryn started off the season by making some best friends over the phone, which was good for LTW (which is having 20 best friends). She now has 17 best friends, so she’s doing well.


Elijah had the day off so he spent a good chunk of it working out. He’s at level 8 of the Criminal career and I hope he’ll top it this season so he can finally go into his LTW career of Journalism.


They also spent some time playing chess together.


Early the next morning Camryn went into labour!


She gave birth to a baby boy with her black hair and green eyes and Elijah’s light skin. They named him Max.


Immediately afterward, the couple celebrated by Trying For Baby on the sofa (ACR, of course)… I didn’t hear a lullaby though.


I love these autonomous interactions! I don’t get to see them a lot, since I tend to micromanage.


Elijah got promoted to Smuggler. Only one more promotion to go, but he’s got two days off now…


Camryn went to her gym ‘Work it Out’ to work for a little while now Elijah was home to watch Max.


Before I knew what was happening, Camryn started flirting with James Harris, and right in front of her sister-in-law Hannah! What!


This is bad… James is now in love with her, but Camryn doesn’t have even have a crush (which is weird, since their relationship is very high).


Most Sims spent their time at the gym in the hot tub instead of actually working out. I get it. That’s what I would do too if I ever went to a gym.


Camryn got the gym up to level 5 and then went home again, vowing to not tell Elijah about what had happened between her and James.


Elijah earned the last skill point he needed for his final promotion.


Camryn completed her LTW by becoming best friends with Armando Cox! Now she had 20 best friends.

Her new LTW? Become Captain Hero. Luckily, there’s a position free in that career – two even! But this makes things interesting… Camryn wants to go into Law Enforcement, but her husband works in Crime! Hopefully not for long, though. And then Elijah and Camryn can work together once he finally goes into Journalism with all of his intel on the crime biz on the Island.


Armando stayed to the celebrate Max’s birthday.


He’s a cutie! I can’t really tell yet which of his parents he most looks like, but I think it’s his mum. His personality is 10/9/9/3/3. Quite extreme!


With all those friends, some of them are bound to visit unexpectedly, and Camryn loved that. Claire is Elijah’s sister’s girlfriend, and she’s BFFs with Camryn. They had a fun time playing chess together.


She stayed over for dinner as well.


Just after midnight, Camryn found a job in Law Enforcement. She’s now part of the Vice Squad, which is level 5 already!


An hour before she had to leave for her first day, Elijah came home with his final promotion! He’s now a Criminal Mastermind (and can finally quit this job). With topping Criminal, he also unlocks one position in: Law Enforcement, Journalism, Criminal, Intelligence. Nice!


He quit his job just as the patrol car that came to pick up Camryn arrived. He’d be a stay-at-home dad until a position in Journalism appeared.


Camryn came home with a promotion to Detective right away.

And that’s the end of the season for the Lee family! They were a lot of fun to play – I hope you enjoyed it too. Happy Simming!

Households 17
Playable Sims 55
Graves 1
Total Sims 56
CAS-Sims Available 19 of 34
Community Lots 24
* Owned 20
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 13
Total Lots 37
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1456
Fires 2
Burglars 9
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 90,800

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