Blueberry Island – Winter 3 – Burke 1

Hi all!

Last time we visited the Burke family, there was quite a bit of commotion. Maddie got into a fight with both her little sister Amber and her best friend Zoe, because those two had fallen for each other, and Maddie didn’t like it (Zoe is much older than Amber). This got fixed because I changed my mind about plot and drama, and Amber and Zoe eventually decided to break up because of the age difference after Zoe became an adult.

Other stuff that happened: Mittens the cat sadly passed away, Angie’s Animal Emporium reached level 10, Amin fulfilled his LTW of having 20 best friends, Robin had a casual thing with Ricky Cormier, Angie and Amin became elders, and Maddie grew up to an adult and moved out.


From left to right: Robin, Angie, Amber, Amin.


Things were quiet again in the Burke household. Amber was a little sad about the thing with Zoe for a while, but she knew it was best for both of them to not be together. She also patched things up with her big sister Maddie, who admitted she’d overreacted and apologised. When Amber was feeling down, Robin was always there to pick her back up. Plus, they were looking forward to going to college very soon!


Last season, the Politics career was unlocked, so Angie started working on her Charisma to enter into the career at a higher level. Her LTW was to become a Mayor, which was now FINALLY an option. There was a position in Politics available that day, but I decided she’d take it at the end of the day, when she’s increased her Charisma.


Amin was a bit bored now that he’d achieved his LTW of having 20 best friends AND was a Rock God (his new LTW can’t be achieved: top Show Business, which is only possible with a degree). He also missed the family cat Mittens. They still had Dobby the guinea pig (or whatever it is), but it wasn’t the same.


So after talking it over with Angie, Amin adopted two new cats.


This is Heidi.


And this is Sirius!


Robin had a last dinner together with her parents before moving to college, while Amber did some last minute skilling.


And then it was time for them both to leave for Robinson University! We’ll see them there later this season.


Later that evening, Angie took a job as City Council Member, which is Politics level 5!


The cats loved to play together. They sure livened the place up now that all the kids had flown the nest.


Angie was glad she’d found her new job, otherwise she would’ve sulked at home with her empty nest syndrome.


Amin still had his job, but as a Rock God he worked very few hours. He loved spending time with the cats, though.


Angie blossomed at her new job and got promoted to State Assemblyperson! She also managed to get permaplat through the secondary aspiration meter, so she doesn’t really have to fulfil her LTW – but it’s fun to finally be able to do that for her.


My plan worked! The cats tried for kittens.


I had an idea for a fun community lot for Amin, but it became quite an expensive lot. Luckily the Burkes still had a genie lamp lying around! Obviously, Amin wished for wealth. Twice.


Welcome to Amin’s Ice Skating Rink! (Super original name, I know – Perhaps I’ll come up with something better later, but let’s not count on it.)


This is what it looks like without all the snow.


In the meantime, Angie got promoted to Congressperson (Amin went home in between building the lot and opening up the place for the first time).


Amin went back to his ice skating rink to get it to level up and then THIS HAPPENED. NOOOO. Eric and Rachel are two of my favourite Sims, as are their respective partners, and now they’re cheating on them. :’( Will I let it happen (because they chose to do it) or ignore it? I don’t know yet… I’m bummed I didn’t see what happened here exactly.


Amin hired Jill Fleig, one of Eric’s old flames, as the barista. I’m pretending they’re serving hot chocolate instead of coffee, though, to go with the winter-y theme.


The ice skating rink itself wasn’t very popular, although some Sims did give it a whirl.


Amin got the venue up to level 3 before heading home again. By the way, this is the 20th business on the Island, so one more Business Tycoon and we’ve got another Business District!


Back home, I decided it was time to say goodbye to Dobby the womrat. He’s already much older than he’d realistically ever be, and he’s annoying the cats when they’re trying to sleep in the living room. Bye Dobby!


I love these two!


That night, a burglar came to the house! Must have been those wishes from the genie… It also means there’s another position in Law Enforcement, though, so that’s great!


The police officer won the fight!


Angie got promoted to Judge the next day. Only two more promotions to go before she achieves her LTW! Unfortunately, she’ll probably be at level 9 when the season is over.


She got another promotion (to Senator, level 9) on the last day of the season, but she could go right back into work!


Heidi gave birth that afternoon! Both Angie and Amin were at work, though.


Here they are! None of them got names, because they will go into the adoption pool straight away. That way, other residents on the island can adopt them.


This is unbearably cute, though.


Angie got promoted to Mayor! Instead of the cool “reached LTW” thingy above her head, she got the Best Friends one from becoming besties with Melissa Fancey… Anyhow! Blueberry Island has its first Mayor! I think I’m going to keep track of all the Mayors the Island has had, because that’ll be fun to look back on (only one Mayor is allowed at a time).


The first thing she did was give the kittens up for adoption. It’s sad, but I’ll make sure they’ll all go to a good home!


Then she started working on her new LTW, which is too max all 7 skills. Definitely doable! She had a bit of a slow start what with only being able to start working on her LTW when she was an elder, but now she’ll probably be able to fulfil two in her lifetime!

Households 17
Playable Sims 53
Graves 1
Total Sims 54
CAS-Sims Available 19 of 34
Community Lots 24
* Owned 20
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 13
Total Lots 37
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1404
Fires 2
Burglars 9
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 72.700

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