Blueberry Island – Winter 3 – Walker 1

Hi all!

The last time we visited the Walker family, Hannah started up a casual thing with Orlando Centowski, but after they both became adults at the end of the season, they realised there was something more there, and Orlando moved in. Christy got fired from her position as Captain Hero due to a bad chance card. Jake got the restaurant (Walker’s) up to level 10. And that was it!


From left to right: Christy, Hannah, Jake, Andrew and Orlando. The dog’s name is Bruno.


Hannah and Orlando slept in. Orlando moved in at the end of the season, after he and Hannah had a casual high school fling. They only had 1 bolt, but acted like three bolters, so I figured they really liked each other. After he moved in, he had some of the blue PortaChug stuff, and they now have 2 bolts.


Orlando quit his job. He was a Hall of Famer, which felt a bit cheat-y. Plus, he’d be more useful in Business or something similar. His LTW is to have 6 grandchildren, so that’s not of much use in choosing a career either. And kinda boring. It does mean they’ll have to have kids, though.


There was no position in Business available, so he took a job as a Substitute Teacher in Education for now.


Hannah went to Peerless Park, the Nature hobby lot. She wants to be an Oceanographer, but has to gain her gold fishing badge first. The pond at home has frozen over, but it’s Spring at the hobby lot, so she can fish there.


She also had a burger dinner with some of the other visitors. Mia McHero (the other Sim with the Hand of Poseidon LTW) was also there.


She came home with a gold badge!


Orlando came home with a promotion to Elementary School Teacher.


He and Hannah went on a date, since they both had the want. But first they did some ACR WooHoo-ing the minute he came home. These two…


That night, just after 12, Hannah went to look for a job in Oceanography, and it was the first one to come up! It’s only a level 1 job (Fish Chummer), but she was pleased nonetheless.


She came home with a promotion to Dolphin Cleaner on her first day.


I decided a good way to get ourselves a museum on the island (and unlock the Adventure career) would be for one Sim to earn a whole lot of money, and then build the museum, which needs to be worth $250,000. In my previous (undocumented) BaCC, the museum was an NPC lot, but having it be Sim-owned would be better, I think, because then I can use the NPC lot for something else.

So, Andrew is making himself useful by going to Club Bigfoot and, hopefully, earning enough to build the museum. It also means I’ve finally got something to do for him again, and I think it’d be fun to have the museum be named after a bigfoot. Although I might just call it “The Blueberry Museum”. We’ll see.


The price was set at $999, and then it was all about dazzling and raking in the money. After being dazzled into buying a ridiculously expensive ticket, the customers then stayed for the bubble blower.


Andrew made some extra money to give Club Bigfoot a makeover, which we did before leaving the lot.


I quite like how it looks now! Much more like an actual club instead of just a shack with a pool table and a bubble blower.


And then Andrew bought the lot I’d planned as a museum a while back, and I started building and decorating until it was worth over $250,000. (I went a bit over). This was the result! I landed on the name Bigfoot Gallery (for now).


In summer, this will look really pretty lol.


Sims started arriving to check out the new museum straight away. That Sim on the right is Jenny Woolf – she’s new in town! We’ll see her at the end of the season.


Unfortunately, most Sims left again straight away. I guess they don’t find the art interesting. :’) I ended up temporarily adding a bubble blower, so they would stay and throw stars. Unorthodox? Maybe. It did work though. The venue is more for the sake of the Adventure career and looking pretty than actually gaining ranks and earning Andrew money anyway. I didn’t want it to be Rank 0 though.


Andrew got the museum up to Rank 5 before closing it down again (and selling the bubble blower). This is probably where it’ll stay in terms of ranks. I doubt I’ll play it again. It was fun to build though!


Back home, Orlando got promoted to High School Teacher.


Hannah and Orlando are still very cute and all over each other, but they haven’t rolled any wants relating to getting married, so I’m still holding off on that. Although I really want them to start having babies! :’)


Orlando wanted to buy a hot tub, so I created a little patio outside, and a fence around the garden. Hannah and Orlando enjoyed the hot tub a great deal.


Although they remain quite fond of their bed as well. It’s still all ACR! I have nothing to do with it.

They autonomously tried for baby (I allowed unmarried Try For Baby), and I might have heard a lullaby…! And, Orlando rolled the want to get married, so things are happening!


That Sunday afternoon, they decided to go for a wintry walk to the park.


Although they mostly had eyes for each other, they also hung out with some of the other residents.


But then, as a complete surprise to Hannah, Orlando sank down on one knee. “I know we hadn’t really talked about it yet and it isn’t something that you in mind for yourself per se. But I love you very much and would like to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Hannah Walker, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”


“Yes!” (and they both had a happy memory as well – yay!)


They decided to have the wedding that same day. A deck was raised for the ceremony to take place on (so they wouldn’t have to stand knee-deep in the snow) and all the other necessary arrangements were made.


Hannah invited her brother and sisters (and her brother’s heavily pregnant wife) and three of her friends (Oliver Dawson, and Zoe and Thalia Harris).


It was a beautiful ceremony.


Unfortunately almost none of the guests made it to the garden and were stuck outside…


Despite all the getting stuck, a good time was had by all.


A group of Sims decided to play Don’t Wake the Llama and they had a ton of fun.


In the end, the wedding party was a great success!


Unfortunately, the wedding night was ruined by a burglar! You have to be a real special kind of stupid to burgle a house during the night of a party.


In the end, the burglar got away. But she didn’t manage to steal anything, so it was okay.


After all the commotion, Jake and Christy slept in the next morning and had a nice and quiet breakfast together.


Hannah had her first pop when she came home from work that day! She also got a horrible new hairstyle along with it.


Hannah and Orlando celebrated by playing video games together.


Orlando had the want to befriend Jake, so they hung out together that evening.

And that’s it for Winter for the Walker family! I’m looking forward to seeing how Hannah and Orlando’s baby will turn out! Hope you enjoyed this update, Happy Simming!

Households 17
Playable Sims 53
Graves 1
Total Sims 54
CAS-Sims Available 19 of 34
Community Lots 23
* Owned 19
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 11
Total Lots 34
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1404
Fires 2
Burglars 8
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 67.200

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