Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Do

Hi everyone!

Last time, Lilly Do moved into a cottage on Sunset Avenue while pregnant with Eric Robinson’s baby. She gave birth to a little girl, who she named Emily. She also took a job in Education, because she was rather low on money. You might remember from Eric’s rotation that the two parents are on good terms, but decided not to raise Emily together (although Eric is free to visit). You might also remember that Eric realised this season that he had feelings for Lilly…



Lilly had to go back to work that day, but everything was so hectic in the morning that she didn’t have time to call a nanny for Emily.


She decided to call in sick for one more day.


It gave her the opportunity to take it easy that morning, as Emily was sound asleep again after a bottle.


I want to get Lilly a new outfit but money is quite tight and bills and taxes won’t pay themselves.


She became best friends with Stella Harris over the phone and spent much of the rest of the day skilling (her LTW is to max all 7 skills).


That evening it was Emily’s birthday, so Lilly invited Eric over to the house.


They had a fun little party.


And here’s little Emily! She has her grandmother’s red hair! Based on her eyebrows, I thought she’d be a brunette like her mother, but this is a nice surprise. She also inherited her father’s freckles. As far as I can tell now, she looks mostly like her mother as far as facial features go. Her personality is 5/9/9/5/7.


Eric immediately started to play peek-a-boo with his daughter, while Lilly had a piece of cake and watched the two together. She couldn’t deny Eric was great with Emily. She felt something stirring in her belly akin to butterflies but ignored them, for what she felt was her own sake.


Lilly took Emily upstairs to her new bedroom to put her to bed while Eric waited downstairs.


The little girl fell asleep immediately.


“Can you believe she’s already a toddler?” Lilly exclaimed when she got back downstairs.

“I know,” Eric said a little sadly. “It’s gone by so fast, and… I don’t know.”


“I feel like I’ve missed so much of it.”


Lilly was quiet for a little. “I’m sorry.”

“No – what do you have to be sorry for? You’re an amazing mother to my daughter. It’s just the way it is… Right now.”

Lilly frowned. “Right now?”


Eric took her hands and embraced her. “Yeah… I’ve been thinking about you – and about us – a lot lately. I miss you.”

Again, Lilly took a moment to respond. “I miss you too.”


Then she shrugged off Eric’s hands and busied herself with the dirty plates. “I don’t know what to do with this, Eric,” she said with her back to him.

“Don’t you want to try to make it work?” he asked.

“Yes, I do. I think. I mean, we were good together, but…”

“But what?”



Eric came up behind her and took her in her arms. “What?” She didn’t respond and he kissed her.


Eventually she stepped away from him and said, a little breathlessly: “It’s late. I have to work tomorrow and I haven’t even hired a nanny yet. You should go home.”


“We’ll talk about it later.”


Emily woke up very early the next morning and contentedly played with her bunny head.


The next morning the nanny arrived just before 7 am. It’s been AGES since I used a nanny.


Lilly was exhausted when she left for work. She hadn’t slept well at all, but she could hardly call in sick again.


To my pleasant surprise, the nanny wasn’t even the absolute worst.


Although she did let Emily play with the toilet.


Lilly came home with a promotion to substitute teacher, as well as a nice bonus, which they can definitely use.


She spent the rest of the afternoon teaching Emily how to talk.


After she put Emily to bed that evening she took a nice, relaxing bubble bath and decided to ignore the little flashes on her phone that indicated she had some missed calls.


The next morning she could sleep late a little for the first time in what felt like ages.


She spent the day playing with and caring for Emily.


In the evening she decided it was time to call Eric. She couldn’t avoid him forever. “You still want to talk?”


She could hardly believe it, but Eric almost seemed… nervous? “You- you look lovely tonight, Lil.”


They went inside and sat on the couch in the living room. “So,” Lilly said.


“Now what?”

“Well, let me just start by saying what I’m about to say. Which is . . . I love you.”


Lilly looked up, slightly startled. “You do?”

“Yes. I think I didn’t want to admit it to myself because I’m a Romance Sim and we are not ‘supposed’ to have this whole one true love thing going on, but… You’re the one for me, Lil. I love you.”

“Holy plumbbob.”


They both got up and Eric took Lilly’s hands. He looked at her with a question in his eyes.

“I-” Lilly began, stammering. “I love you too.”


Eric hugged her. “I’ve been pushing it down,” Lilly said, “because I didn’t think you felt the same way and I wanted to protect myself.”

“I understand. But I do feel the same way. I really, really, do.”

“Good,” Lilly said, and she kissed him.


Before they knew it they found themselves in the bedroom, their clothes left behind in a trail leading there.


One thing led to another and they had a wonderful night together. Eric went home again after they talked things over. They decided to wait until after Emily’s birthday the next day to make any big decisions, since they didn’t know how Emily would feel about it all.


The next morning Lilly was in a great mood, and had butterflies fluttering around her stomach. She cheerfully played with Emily for a while.


Eric unexpectedly came by when Lilly was just about to give Emily a bath.


Lilly let him inside and they bathed Emily together, having fun with the bubbles together. It was the first time they actually felt like a little family.


Together they put Emily down for her nap, after which Lilly greeted Eric in earnest. “Hey! What are you doing here?”

“I figured I’d come early, since it’s Emily’s birthday tonight. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, of course not!”


She didn’t mind at all.


They had a lovely afternoon together.


Eric also spent some (autonomous) quality time with his daughter now she was still a toddler.


Then, just after six, it was Emily’s birthday!


“Look at her, she’s amazing!”


Here’s Emily after a little makeover (I’ve become allergic to her original hairstyle during my Apocalypse challenge). I’d still stay she looks mostly like her Mum!


Emily spent the time she had left before bed time chatting with her father, who was still a bit of an enigma to her and who she was sad had to go home again.


“I have to leave now, see you soon, kiddo!”


Emily went to bed in a great mood. She’d had a lovely birthday, and she’d see her daddy again soon!


The next day was Emily’s first day of school, and she was very excited about it! She chatted with her mother about all the things she would do and learn before they both had to leave.


The nanny came over for that one hour between Lilly leaving for work and Emily leaving for school, and she was very angry about it, apparently.


Emily read the paper before school, which I thought was pretty funny. A Knowledge Sim in the making?


Lilly came home with a promotion to Elementary School Teacher.


They had an early dinner together and besides chatting about Emily’s first day of school they also talked about the possibility of Eric moving in with them.

“Really? I would love for dad to live with us! Lots of the other kids have their dads live with them, and it seems really fun to have him around all the time.”


Lilly smiled. She’d hoped that that would be Emily’s reaction. With Emily reacting this way, Lilly thought and hoped Eric would be moving in sooner rather than later.


After dinner Lilly helped Emily with her homework.


When Emily had gone to bed, Lilly invited over Eric. “We talked about it.”



“Do you want to move in?” Eric grinned. “Yes, I really, really do!”

And that’s it for this update! I hope you liked it, Happy Simming!

Households 15
Playable Sims 46
Graves 1
Total Sims 47
CAS-Sims Available 21 of 33
Community Lots 21
* Owned 17
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 10
Total Lots 31
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1222
Fires 2
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 44.700

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