Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Walker 3


At the very end of the previous season, Rachel Walker moved out of her family home and found an apartment in the same building as her sister Caroline. She moved in, as did her long term boyfriend George McCarthy. Quick reminder: Rachel is a Romance/Family Sim with the LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. George turned out to be a Fortune Sim with the LTW to have 5 top level businesses. Let’s see what they get up to!



Rachel was really happy with their new apartment. And now she’d find finally be living with George!


The first thing she did was look for a job in Culinary, but there wasn’t one available that day.


George took a job in Education since it paid very well and they needed money before opening businesses anyway. He’s now a University Guest Lecturer (level 6) which earns him $1,500 a day!


He could start immediately so he said goodbye to Rachel and walked to work.


Meanwhile Rachel worked on the stock for the bakery they were planning on opening.


George came home with a promotion to High School Principal. This is when I looked at his skills and damn son! The lowest is 5 Mechanical points and he’s got 4 skills completely maxed!


I had Rachel make some of the custom food I downloaded and these eclairs look pretty good!


“I can’t believe we haven’t seen each other all day on our first day living together!”


“I know! We should definitely properly celebrate today.”


That they did.


The next day there still wasn’t a job in Culinary, so Rachel did more baking for the future bakery.


George got another promotion and is now a College Senior Professor.


He then bought a community lot called Rachel’s Bakery. It will of course be Rachel baking all the stuff, and it’s got her name, but it’s technically George’s business because of his LTW. This is the business I’ve been looking forward to playing/setting up for ages!


They went there to set it up right away, and it looked adorable!


Rachel worked on the stock in the kitchen in the back while George tended to the shop.


Caroline came over to take a look straight away.


I then realised that the stock has to be in the owner’s inventory for any sim to be able to restock, so they went back home so George could transfer the ownership of the lot to Rachel, and then they went back.


They got the bakery to level 1 – which took an awful long time – and then went on a date to get in a better mood. I also gave George the secondary aspiration of Family at this point. It wasn’t rolled for, but I like these two as a couple so much, so I want them to have a family together. Rachel’s is also Family (but that one was rolled for).


Back home they were already up in their apartment when George autonomously initiated the cuddle under the stars interaction, and they trudged all the way back down again, and I was like “awww”.


It seemed like the perfect moment for George to pop the question.


Rachel had had the want to get engaged locked in her want panel for a while now, so she was over the moon.


They celebrated appropriately.


The next day there still wasn’t a job opening in Culinary, so Rachel did some more baking while George was at work.


Just before lunchtime she invited over her mother to come and take a look at the apartment, also telling her she “had some news”.


“Hey, Mum!”

“Hi sweetie. Your dad and Andrew send their love.”

“Oh, good! Dad had to work?”

“Yes. He was curious about your news, though.”

Rachel grinned.


Rachel showed her Mum the apartment, being careful to keep her engagement ring out of sight. Then they sat down on the couch.

“I love what you’ve done with the place,” said Christy. “Now tell me your news!”

Rachel laughed. “Okay, okay… George proposed last night,” she said. “And I said yes.”


“That’s amazing! Congratulations, sweetheart! Have you set a date yet?”

Rachel shook her head. “We considered for about a second to have a private wedding, but I knew you guys would never forgive me if I did that,” she said with a grin. “Plus, I want you all there. So we’ll have to wait until we’ve moved to a bigger place. We want  to buy a house up on First Street, close to you and dad and to Elijah, but we don’t have that kind of money just yet.”


They had some of the pastries Rachel made for lunch together, chatting some more about the wedding, Elijah and Camryn’s pregnancy, the new university and other stuff.


Then they said goodbye again. “See you soon!”


After George came back from work, they went to the bakery again to earn some more money, hopefully.


It was bound to happen at some point, but I still had a bit of a fright when the stove caught on fire! Luckily the fire brigade arrived immediately.


After that, Rachel took a break from baking and helped in the shop for a while.


Jake (Rachel’s dad) came by the shop as well, partly to come take a look at it (and test his daughter’s baking skills – he was a Celebrity Chef, after all) and partly to congratulate her. “You’re doing so well! I’m so proud of you!”


After George earned his gold sales badge things went a lot faster (yay for dazzling!) and, they got the bakery up to level 4, with a little help from an employee who did the restocking. Of course I chose all the money perks, so they’ve got a lot more of it now.


Back home Rachel decided to paint for a bit, and managed to max Creativity!


Rachel was a bit bummed that there still wasn’t an available job opening in Culinary the following morning, but they headed to the bakery straight away, so she had plenty to do anyway.


They first went on a date to get their aspirations up, and at the end of it Rachel rolled the want to marry George! Now they’ve both got it locked in their panels. These two really are one of my favourite couples – despite Rachel’s Romance aspiration. They’re adorable together.


They got the shop up to level 5 and earned a shit load of money in the process.


Back home it was still morning, so George went to work.


Meanwhile Rachel did some skilling.


She also went up to the roof to do jump rope for a while in order to earn some Body points and found out Fitness is her OTH.


Rachel cooked herself and George some magnificent pork chops for dinner and they had a nice and quiet evening in for a change.


Rachel stayed up until after midnight to see if there would be a job opening in Culinary, and there was! She’s now a Prep Cook, which is level 6. She could start the next morning straight away, so she quickly went to bed.


The next morning Rachel was very excited to finally start the career of her dreams, and she came home with a promotion to Sous Chef!


Nothing else much happened that day, so we skip to the evening, when Rachel and George packed up their stuff and were ready to leave to move into their new place, which we’ll see next season!

Households 16
Playable Sims 46
Graves 1
Total Sims 47
CAS-Sims Available 21 of 33
Community Lots 21
* Owned 17
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 11
Total Lots 32
Business Districts 3
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 26
Population 1222
Fires 2
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 1
Uni funds 43.600

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