Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Robinson 2

Hey everyone!

Last time, Eric Robinson had quite a season. Lilly Do, one of the women he was casually seeing, moved in with him because she her landlord kicked her out. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, but then Lilly became pregnant. Although Eric really liked Lilly a lot, they decided it was best for Lilly to raise the child on her own (although Eric could visit as often as he wanted), so she moved out again and had the baby later that same season. Eric was confused about his feelings for Lilly, but focused completely on his work and his businesses. He got his third business to level 10.

Let’s see what he gets up to this update!



And it’s a big one, you guys! If all goes to plan, we’ll have a new BD and a university at the end of this update!


Eric had to work that day. He’s a President, which is level 8 in Business, so he’ll only need two more promotions to top the career. I don’t think he’ll get the promotion today, but that’s okay.


He got the promotion anyway and is now a CEO! Only one more promotion until the next BD!


He had a quick shower and then asked Melissa Fancey over for a date.


They had a great time.


After the date Eric was so full of energy that he decided to open up Dancing Days, the dance studio he bought off of James Harris last season, for the first time.


A couple of customers came in at this late hour and the studio reached level 1.


That night, Eric became permaplat through the lifetime aspiration meter, which is useful for that last promotion!


He left for work feeling hopeful.


He did it! Eric is now a Business Tycoon, which means I’ve earned another business district, which adds 5 points to the SM! This also means that the population rises above 500, finally unlocking Service Calls.


The first thing he did was call his father to tell him about it – Ben, who was the first and only other Business Tycoon the town has had, was really proud of his son.


Then he called Lilly, because he had the urge to share his great news with her as well. Of course, he also wanted to know how his daughter was doing. They chatted for a good long while.


Afterwards, he went back to Dancing Days, intending to stay there for a while.


He got the Best of the Best award after zero interaction and the reviewer just spending way too long in the dance orb thingy :’)


Eric did some Dazzling and interacting, but then went for the meditation strategy for a while.


After a lot of meditating this lady here gave Dancing Days its final star. It’s now rank 10!


Somehow Eric had also fulfilled his lifetime want – but that didn’t make sense because he’s only got 4 level 10 businesses, not 5. After checking his memories, I think what happened is that The Perennial Page-Turned has actually been counted twice by the game. Well, then, I guess that’s that. His new LTW is to have 20 best friends.


The work isn’t done yet, though, because now starts the task of earning an obscene amount of money and therefore being able to donate so much to the town fund that the first university can be funded.



These two ladies took it in turn to hit on Eric, which was quite hilarious.


Eventually, he left Dancing Days with over $900,000 in his bank account. Before leaving, he did set the price of a ticket to the establishment at a normal rate again.


Back home, he immediately went to the computer to settle things (= donating 800,000 to the uni fund).


And then I took a little break from playing Eric in order to create Robinson University (named after Julia, but also a little after Eric himself)! I built a Student Union kind of thing as well as dorm that’ll fit 8 students. I’m also going to use Raebeth’s method of gaining new buildings and new universities:

I don’t intend to actually build more universities, just add virtual ones. $100,000 from the [uni] fund can be used to “purchase” a lot on campus. The first $200,000 will go to pay for the two lots that are already there (a dorm and an administration building). That way, the campus will gradually get developed. Each 10 lots on campus (not counting student rentals) will add an additional University to the Sim Multiplier. (click here for her post on money) (click here for Willow Valley – her BaCC)

And that’s another +5 for the SM!


After establishing all that Eric didn’t really know what to do with himself, so he went out into the hallway and chatted with his neighbours. He told Rachel, who’d become a good friend, about everything that happened that day, and she was very happy and proud.


When it got late, everybody went back into their own apartments, and so did Eric. He had a snack and thought about everything he’d accomplished. It felt weirdly anti-climactic to sit in his apartment on his own eating cheese late at night.


The next day he didn’t have to work, so he spent the morning painting, thinking about what he should do next.


Right before dinner time he called Lilly again to chat and hear about what Emily’d been up to, which was of course not much. On a whim, Eric asked “do you want to have dinner with me at Walker’s in an hour?” but felt rather sheepish when Lilly said she wouldn’t be able to find a babysitter on such short notice.


He did feel like going out for dinner and seeing some people, though, so instead he invited his parents out to Walker’s.


“This was such a lovely idea, Eric!”


They had a great time, and Eric felt very happy to be enjoying this lovely food (Jake Walker really was a wizard with food!) and celebrate the town’s and his accomplishments together with his parents, who he owed so much to.


Jake himself came to get their plates. “Jake, this was marvellous – absolutely delicious,” Ben said to him with a big smile on his face.


They even stayed to have dessert, something his parents rarely indulged in. Eric loved seeing them enjoy themselves so much. They talked about anything and everything and his parents gave him some great advice about the situation with Lilly and about how he felt a bit strange and adrift after all his goals had been reached. It was a good evening.


As a fun side note: I saw Elijah tip Camryn, who is both the waitress and his wife. :’)


Eric said goodbye to both of his parents with a hug. “This was great,” Ben said. “Thanks for taking your old parents out, son!”


“We had a wonderful time,” Julia added. “See you soon, and just call us if you need some advice or just want to talk.”

“Will do, mum. Thanks for everything.”


He went to bed feeling very content that night. This evening had been much more fulfilling and fun then he’d had on any of his casual dates lately. It was quite an eye opener, really.


The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. He painted…


…hung out with his neighbours…


…and made a booty call.


He might have realised how precious family and meaningful relations were, but that didn’t mean he didn’t still want to have fun.


On Sunday he was bored again so he went on a date with Linda, a girl he’d chatted up at his bookstore last season.


In the afternoon he invited over George for a beer. George, who’s Rachel Walker’s boyfriend, was Eric’s neighbour and they’d become best friends. Eric really liked George and he felt like he could talk to him about his situation.

“All of a sudden it just isn’t enough anymore. I feel lonely here on my own – I’ve never felt that before. And I love women and I love going on dates – and the benefits – but it just isn’t . . . fulfilling anymore, you know what I mean? Especially not now, now I’ve reached my LTW and did the things I wanted to do for the community.”


George nodded. “I totally get that.”

“I just keep thinking about Lilly and the baby and the fact that I’m not there to be with them and watch Emily grow up. I mean, I visit, but it’s just not the same. And, dude, I really miss Lilly.”

“Have you talked to her about all this?”

Eric shook his head. “No. We agreed when she got pregnant that it would be best not to try to make it work together, because we’d never been serious and my . . . promiscuity wasn’t exactly a secret either.”


“Do you think you could be faithful to her?” George asked.

Eric thought for a second. “Yes. I really think I could. But I am a Romance Sim…”

George huffed. “So? Rachel is a Romance Sim and we’ve been together for ages – and she’s never cheated on me. If that’s the only reason you’re not trying you’re more stupid than I thought. People change, man. They grow up.”

Eric realised his friend was right.


As a side note: later that afternoon, he reached his second LTW of having 20 best friends (but lost about 15,000 influence points because of it? Weird).


Eric and George had a nice spaghetti dinner together and talked some more – about Lilly, but also about Rachel and about George’s LTW of having 5 top level businesses, which they had in common. After George left, Eric did some late night cleaning, and he realised that he knew what he wanted and that he knew what he should do.

And that was it for Eric this season! Quite a lot happened – I’m very pleased with how well Blueberry Island is doing. Happy Simming!

Households 16
Playable Sims 47
CAS-Sims Available 21 of 33
Community Lots 19
* Owned 15
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 11
Total Lots 30
Business Districts 2
University(ies) 1
Downtown no
SM 20
Population 940
Fires 1
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 37.800

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