The Jones Family (DITFT) – Generation 6 – Hazel Jones


Last time, generation 5 heiress Lola Jones made it big as a musician. She married Jack, and together they had two children: Jimmy and Hazel, who is the generation 6 heiress. Hazel will thus be achieving all the family objectives. During her teen years, she met Omar Culpepper, and they’ve been together since then. Hazel can’t wait to start a big family together (generation 6 has all the family objectives).

Small problem: for some reason I took an obscenely small amount of pictures for this generation. I don’t even have pictures of all of the kids! So this update will be very fragmented and very short. I’ll try to make something out of it :’)


Hazel was ready to start her family and proposed to Omar shortly after they both grew up.

Hazel Jones

  • Family-Oriented
  • Nurturing
  • Friendly
  • Excitable
  • Neat


They got married in the evening in their own back yard.


Hazel hadn’t anticipated that Omar wouldn’t get along with her parents, but unfortunately that was the case. She walked in on him yelling at her father one day and was quite shocked. He was so sweet to her, but he seemed to be a completely different person to the rest of the world. Perhaps those Evil and Grumpy traits should have been a give away.


Hazel put aside her mixed feelings about her marriage when she found out she was pregnant. This is what she had always wanted.


Plus, Omar seemed to be very invested in their family as well.


Hazel gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Mary.


Her second pregnancy went off without a hitch as well, and little Maureen was born.

And this where the pictures just kind of stop. After Mary and Maureen, Hazel and Omar had triplets: Gavin, Andrew and Caroline. There are no pictures of them as children, or of Mary and Maureen…


Hazel’s initial misgivings had been right – she and Omar had a very unhappy marriage, and after the triplets became children Hazel had had the last straw. Omar wasn’t a very good father, and a terrible husband. After being yelled at for the gazillionth time, Hazel kicked him out of the house.


She never saw him again, and after a while she fell in love with a wonderful man named Buck. Together, they adopted two more children (again – no pictures exist of these kids).


Here’s one picture of Gavin, one of the triplets, who was appointed heir. Hazel worried about him, as he had inherited his father’s mean streak, but she hoped he would find himself at university.


Although life hadn’t always been great for Hazel, she was happy with what she had achieved, and was proud of all of her children. She’s done pretty great with her objectives, too!

Generation 6 Objectives:

  • Adopt at least one boy and one girl (one being a child)
  • Try for twins until you win (I decided that triplets were okay too)
  • Teach all toddlers their skills
  • Don’t have the social worker come and take the kids away
  • Attend at least two kids’ weddings


  • Have at least five kids of your own (they grow up so fast)
  • Help kids with homework every night

Next update, Gaving will be taking over as heir. Hope to see you there, Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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