Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Jitmakusol

Hi everyone!

The last time we visited the Jitmakusol/Dawson household, Molly and Jacob grew up to teenagers. Their relationship with their mother soured, since they felt Nicole wasn’t being a very good mother. Their older brother Oliver felt like more of a parent instead. Molly had her first kiss with Alvin Futa. Nicole married Phil, who wasn’t very interested in his wife’s children. He opened up a toy store in town. Nicole found out she was pregnant at the end of the season.


From left to right: Oliver, Molly, Nicole, Phil, Jacob.


The atmosphere in the Dawson-Jitmakusol household had not improved since Nicole found out she was pregnant. Molly was still angry with her mother and hadn’t particularly warmed towards Phil either.


While Jacob was a bit more quiet and calm about the situation, his sentiments were mostly similar to his twin sister’s. He wanted his mother to be happy, but he didn’t like what Phil did to their family at all.


What the twins resented most of all, however, was what it was doing to Oliver. He had been more of a parent to the two of them lately than their mother had been, and it wasn’t as if he didn’t have anything else to worry about – like school, his job and making sure he had enough money to move out on his own later this season.


And then there was the prospect of a baby. Their mother would have even less time for them, and there would be another mouth to feed. Mostly, Molly was afraid that this would finally truly mean the end of their family. Their mother would have a new one to worry about instead.


Phil clearly didn’t care about them that much, and he was awfully good at persuading their mother. No, she didn’t see how things could be fixed again.


Meanwhile, Phil was loving life. He was doing well at his job, his business was doing great, and he had a baby on the way.


After getting the toy store to level 5 (and earning a load of money on the way), Phil went back home and worked on building up a stock of homemade toys for the store.


Molly brought Thalia Harris home from school, but when I wanted Molly to interact with her, Thalia made a beeline towards the master bedroom, and this happened!


Jacob and Thalia only have one bolt, but apparently that’s enough. ACR remains fascinating.


“That was fun, wanna go on a date?”

Quick reminder: Jacob’s LTW is to go on 50 1st dates.


They had a lovely time, and had their first kiss… after their first woohoo.


There were many more kisses after that.


Jacob fell in love with Thalia, but wasn’t sure if he should ask her to be his girlfriend. If he wanted to achieve his LTW, he’d have to date many more girls besides her. They’re practically the same age, though, so maybe they’ll end up together. We’ll see.


Somehow I missed Nicole’s second pop, but she was getting quite big and the baby was due that day. Nicole had mixed feelings about it: she had the want to have a baby locked in, but she’d also rolled a fear of the exact same thing. What would it do to her already fractured family? She hoped it would bring them back together, but she severely doubted it.


Everyone else was at work or school, so she spent her morning painting.


Although it was a Friday, the twins did their homework that same afternoon, so they had it out of the way and could enjoy their weekend.


Phil came home with a promotion to Junior Executive (level 4 Business).


Oliver went to bed soon after he got home from work. He was so busy and exhausted all the time that he hardly had time to worry about the situation at home. He mostly just worried about what he would do when he grew up in a few days – and what would happen to the twins.


Late that night Nicole went into labour.


She gave birth to a little baby boy! His name is Austin, and he has his dad’s skin colour and hair colour – it’s either red or brown (blonde isn’t his original colour), and his mother’s eyes.


Jacob was the only who bothered to come take a look, even though Molly and Phil were both still awake too.


Nicole fell immediately and irrevocably in love with her new baby and she forgot all about her worries from before.


“Jacob, I need you to babysit Austin for me today – Phil and I both have to go into work.”

“Oh, uh, okay,” Jacob answered, clumsily taking the baby from his mother.

“Thanks, sweetheart. Ask your brother and sister to help.”

“Yeah, sure. Don’t you have maternity leave or something?”

“Yes, but I’ve already missed so much…”


Jacob had planned to hang out with Thalia that day, and although he didn’t mind spending time with his baby brother, he didn’t really like the way his mum sprung this on him without checking if he was available first.


Plus, his brother was busy doing homework after a full week of school and work – there was no way he would disturb Oli to help with the baby.


And his sister had made it very clear that she had a date with Alvin and was not to be disturbed. So he was on his own with this one.


Molly fell madly in love with Alvin that day.


She asked him if he wanted to go steady with her, and he said yes!


Nicole and Phil both got promoted that day – Nicole to Junior Executive and Phil to Executive!


They immediately headed to the bedroom to celebrate, forgetting to check on Jacob and Austin.


Alvin left a nice gift for Molly that night. Thanks dude!


The next day was a quiet one for the most part. Oliver would be growing up that evening, and he was excited to finally be able to start his own life. He chatted about with some of his friends and got closer to his LTW (20 best friends). He did worry about the twins, though. He could see they were really unhappy with living with Nicole and Phil.


His worries were confirmed when Molly and Jacob broached the subject of living arrangements when the three of them were having lunch.

“Oli,” Jacob started. “We were wondering if we could live with you after you grow up tonight? It would either be until we become adults ourselves, or, if we’re lucky, until we’re going to college – I heard rumours the university might be established before the end of the season, which means we would be able to go.”

Oli nodded pensively. “I’ve been thinking about it myself as well, actually.”

“Really?!” Molly exclaimed happily.


“Yes. I can see you guys aren’t happy here at all. I would be really happy for you to be able to live with me, but you know it’s not up to me,” Oli said.

“Yes… But you might be able to persuade Mum. Will you go talk to her?”

“Okay, I’ll go and do it right after lunch.”


“Mum, I need to talk to you about something…” Oliver said to Nicole after lunch, and they went into his room to talk about the situation.

Nicole protested against the plan at first, but when Oliver explained that the twins would be happier with him, and that it might actually improve their relationship with their mother in the long term, she eventually saw that he might be right.

“You’re starting a new family, now, Mum, and that’s fine. But Molly and Jacob don’t feel like they can be a part of it right now.”


“It’s done. You’re moving out with me tonight. But don’t gloat, alright? Mum’s pretty broken up about it.”


Nicole took a bath to be by herself for a little while and think about it. She couldn’t help but feel that she failed miserably as a mother.


Because of all the commotion around the moving out, they’d almost forgotten that it was Austin’s birthday that day too. He went first.


“Wow, that’s a whole lot of hair!” He’s a cutie, with freckles!


Next up was Oliver.


He was very excited to start his own life, but looked sadly at his mother right before he did the twirl. He was sad it had all had to go this way – they had had some good times together.


Before he could get too sad, though, he was distracted. “What the plumbbob is this!” He looked at his clothes with a horrified expression. Behind him, Molly and Jacob had tears streaming down their faces from laughing so much.


Oli quickly changed into some different clothes, and then they said their goodbyes and he and the twins were off to the little house Oli had bought.


In the meantime, Nicole let herself be distracted by Phil (not even kidding, they autonomously did this while the cab was driving away).


This is the house I built for Oli. There’s three bedrooms, so enough room if the plans for the university fall through or the twins decide not to go after all.

This new household also meant I could build another NPC community lot, so I built a cemetery for the town.


This is Austin after a small make over. I think he looks like both his parents! His personality is 9/9/6/3/5.


The next day Nicole stayed at home with Austin and worked on his toddler skills. Every time the phone rang she hoped it was Oli or one of the twins, but they didn’t call.


In the meantime I redecorated a little bit – as in, I got them less cheap stuff and added some actual decorations.


Phil got promoted to Senior Manager (level 6)!


And that’s the end of the season for the Jitmakusol family! Hope you enjoyed the update, Happy Simming!

Households 16
Playable Sims 47
CAS-Sims Available 11 of 23
Community Lots 19
* Owned 15
* NPC 4
Residential Lots 11
Total Lots 30
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 10
Population 470
Fires 1
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 228.800

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