Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Chin

Hey everyone!

The last time we visited the Chin family Adam and Gretchen opened a hair salon. Gretchen became pregnant and gave birth to twin girls, Erin and Jamie. They grew up to toddlers at the end of the season.


Here’s the family! In the back we have (obviously) Adam and Gretchen. Then we’ve got Jamie on the left, and Erin on the right – with Alegra in between them.


We begin this season with Jamie and Alegra being adorable.


Both girls got potty trained that morning.


They also had a fun time colouring together at the activity table.


In the meantime, Adam went to work as a Master Architect. He only needed one more promotion before he fulfilled his LTW!


Gretchen did some chores around the house while the girls took a nap. This was her last vacation day from work, so she really hoped Adam would get a promotion today, if only so he could stay home with the girls for a few days.


She also maxed the Logic skill, which means she will be able to find a job in Science. Officially, the Logic skill needs to be maxed before adulthood for a Sim to be able to go into the Science career, but since Gretchen was an adult townie, that was impossible for her. I therefore decided this way is okay too.


She spent the rest of the day with the girls.


Adam did not get promoted, because it turns out he needs 3 more family friends… That’s annoying.


Early the next morning, Adam and Gretchen had a little ACR fun, and I heard a lullaby! I wasn’t sure yet whether I wanted to have them actively try for another baby since neither of them are Family sims, but they decided for me!


The first signs showed themselves that same morning.


Taking care of two toddlers, one dog and a house while pregnant was quite the task, and Gretchen was grateful she could take a nap when Adam came home from work.


Meanwhile Adam taught Erin how to talk.


After everyone else had gone to bed, Gretchen played a little Sims 3 to relax.


The next morning, she had her first pop!


The girls spent most of their day playing.


In the evening, it was time for their birthday! “Can you believe it? Our little girls are growing up.”


“Wow, we’re all big and stuff!”


And then it was immediately time for a quick renovation. A second floor was added, which included a nice big room for the twins, a spacious landing and another room for later use. Adam and Gretchen also moved their room upstairs, and the space of their previous room was added to the living room. There’s also a new bathroom.


Now let’s get a closer look at the twins. Here’s Jamie, still the spitting image of her father.


And here’s Erin, who is a mix of both parents, and actually looks more like her mother than her father, I think. I still love that the only difference in genetics (apart from their facial features) is the fact that Jamie has dark blue eyes while Erin has light blue eyes.


The girls happily went to sleep in their new bedroom.


The next day they went to school for the very first time.


Gretchen and Adam had breakfast together before Adam headed off to work, still not with enough friends for a promotion.


Julia stopped by just after Adam had left. “Julia! How nice to see you.”

“Hi Gretchen. I figured I’d come and take a look how you were doing, with the pregnancy and everything.”


They headed inside and sat down on the couch, and Gretchen caught up Julia with everything that had been going on. “I’m sorry we didn’t invite you and Ben to the girls’ birthday, but with the pregnancy and the renovation… It just seemed best to keep it small.”

Julia smiled. “I completely understand, don’t worry! With three grandchildren and two more on the way I’m sure there will be many more opportunities for a party.”


Gretchen had her second pop in the middle of her conversation with her mother in law.


After a while they said goodbye with a hug.

“Call me if you guys need any help with the twins or with the little nooboo in there.”

“Yes, thanks Julia. We’ll see you soon. Send my love to Ben, Owen and Meadow. And little Isaac of course!”


The twins came home from school feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the learning, so they had a huge pillow fight before doing anything else.


Adam and Gretchen helped the girls with their homework.


Then they all had a nice dinner together.


Before school the next morning Jamie and Erin played on the new tower in the garden.


Adam and Gretchen had breakfast as the girls headed off to school. Adam was very glad he had the day off because the baby was due that day!


They spent the hours before Gretchen was due to go into labour skilling and painting, both anxious.


And then it was time!


Gretchen gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Little Kate looks entirely like Gretchen for the moment: she has her hair, eyes and skin tone.


Both parents were overjoyed.


The twins were also very excited about having a little sister. “I’m glad it’s not a boy,” Jamie whispered to Erin.

“I know,” Erin whispered back, “boys are stupid.”


They watched Kate sleep in silence for a few minutes after that, before their dad called them to dinner.


Adam’s good friend Elijah came by for a surprise visit to congratulate him and they played some chess while catching up.


Meanwhile Jamie and Erin had fun playing at the activity table. And that’s the end of the season!

Households 15
Playable Sims 46
CAS-Sims Available 11 of 23
Community Lots 18
* Owned 15
* NPC 3
Residential Lots 10
Total Lots 28
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 10
Population 460
Fires 1
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 225.700

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