Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Harris 1

Hey everyone!

Last time we visited the Harris family the twins (Carrie and Ella) grew up to children, Thalia grew up to a teenager, and Stella became pregnant again. James earned his gold sales badge and started working on his first servo.


Here’s the family! From left to right, in the back: Zoe, James, Stella, Thalia. Front: Carrie, Ella.


Early in the morning Stella and Ella (ugh, still hate myself for that name choice – it wasn’t on purpose) became best friends.


Zoe and Thalia played chess before school. “Have you talked to Maddie yet?” Thalia asked.

Zoe sighed. “Nope. And I don’t really feel like talking about it, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure,” said Thalia, but she did feel a bit worried. She was fine with Zoe and Amber dating, but she didn’t like at all what the rift between Zoe and Maddie was doing to her sister.


The twins played cops and robbers in their room.


While everyone was at work and school, Stella worked on her sewing skill by making teddy bears.


James reached his LTW of earning 100,000 while he was at work when he earned $5,000 through a chance card! I had no idea he was so close.


Thalia brought Jacob Dawson home from school. They got along really well, but only have one bolt, so I’m just going to let them be friends for now, provided they don’t roll any wants for each other or ACR gets involved.


She had dinner with her little sisters before they all went to do their homework.


Meanwhile Zoe was holed up in her room, thinking about the mess that was going on. She really liked Amber, but she didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Maddie. On the other hand, she was really angry with Maddie for turning her into the bad guy.


She had no idea how to fix it all, so she decided to just see how things would go with Amber, and let Maddie fix her own problem.


The next morning, Zoe and Ella were autonomously being adorable together. Zoe loved all of her little sisters very much – so in that sense she could see where Maddie was coming from when she was being so protective.


With the impending arrival of the Harris’ fifth child promising to keep her very busy, Stella activated one of the CleanBots James made to see if it would be of any help.


After school, Zoe phoned up Amber to invite her over.


As they greeted each other they became best friends and fell in love. Must have been some greeting.


Despite that, however, they hardly rolled any wants for each other on their date. I’m not sure yet what to do with these two…


I used the Insimenator to refresh Zoe’s wants, and then she did roll a couple good ones, which ensured she had a great time with Amber.


“I have to admit that I didn’t really know what to do with this whole situation,” Zoe said, “but then I see you again and… I don’t know, it just feels right.”

“I know, I feel the same.”


“If Maddie has a problem, she has to figure that out for herself,” Amber added.

“Yes, you’re right.”

“She’ll come around eventually.”


That evening, while she was having dinner with Thalia and Ella, Stella went into labour!


She gave birth to a baby boy! So far he looks completely like Stella, with brown hair and green eyes as well as her skin colour. His name is Nick.


James was overjoyed. While he adored all four of his girls, he had really hoped to get a son this time.

Stella and James both immediately rolled the want to have 10 kids but there’s no way that’s going to happen.


For now, Nick will sleep in Stella and James’ room, but he will get his own room when he’s a toddler.


Later that same evening, James finished his very first Servo! Not sure yet what I’m going to do with it.


The next day was a Saturday, so everyone took it easy in the morning. James spent time with Nick, loving every minute of it.


He also played outside with Carrie.


That dangle toy thing is so cute!


Thalia mastered the Logic skill.


In the afternoon, James took Zoe and Thalia to James’ Electronics to work for a bit.


Since Zoe already has a gold cashier badge, Thalia worked the cash register this time, while Zoe was in charge of restocking. Together with their father they got the store up to level 7 and earned a few badges in the process as well.


Back home, Zoe wanted to earn body skill points, so she trained on her father’s obstacle course. The rest of the children also spent the afternoon skilling.


Since Ella and  Carrie both had the want to get a puppy (and had had so for ages), Stella decided to let them get one.

Also, as a note: the rules say that services aren’t allowed until a population of 500, apart from Nanny and Adoption. I’ve decided to interpret that as both Sim and Pet Adoption.

Anyway, this is Flynn!


The twins were overjoyed.


Along with a bed in the living room, he also got one in the twins’ room, which is where he decided to spend his first night.


In the evening, when everyone else was in bed, Thalia tried to talk to Zoe about Amber and Maddie again. This time, Zoe let her, and asked: “Do you think I’m horrible?”

Thalia shook her head. “No. Amber is one of my closest friends-” Zoe started, she’d (read: “I”) completely forgotten about that “-and I know just as well as Maddie does that she’s got a good head on her shoulders. She isn’t naïve or stupid or a child. I admit it feels a bit weird to have my big sister dating one of my friends, but if this is what you both want, I’m all for it.”


Zoe gulped. “Thanks, Lee, that means a lot to me.”

“I’m sure things will work themselves out.”


“Thanks, sis. Sleep tight, I’ll clean up in here.”


The next morning Carrie, who has 10 neat points, was appalled to find that Flynn had peed on the carpet. She quickly cleaned it up.


The first thing James did that morning was transfer $15,000 into Zoe’s bank account, since she would grow up that day, and they didn’t have any money saved up for her yet.


Zoe autonomously read to Ella, which I thought was adorable. While Zoe is friends with Ella, she has absolutely no relationship with Carrie. The opposite is true for Thalia: she is friends with Carrie but not at all with Ella.


That afternoon Flynn grew up into an adult dog!


That evening was a very special one, because it was a quadruple birthday! First up was Nick.


He’s a cutie! His personality is 10/10/2/10/1, which is quite extreme! He’s gonna be fun, I think.


Next up were the twins. For some reason Carrie’s face was glitched, so she looked really angry about the whole thing the entire time, even while cheering.


But she looked happy once she’d grown up! (Oops, excuse the walls down!)


Ella is a Family/Knowledge sim with the LTW to become a Space Pirate (top Adventure), which means we’ll need a museum sometime soon. Her turn ons are red hair and full face make up and her turn off his hat wear.

I’ll give the twins their makeover tomorrow, because it’s chaos and everyone’s tired.


Carrie is Popularity/Fortune with the LTW to become a Prestidigitator (top Entertainment), just like her eldest sister. Her turns ons are also red hair, and custom hair and her turn off is glasses.

They both grew up quite well! Both of them are straight by the way.


The last one to grow up was Zoe.


She looks good! Does need a new wardrobe though.


After having some cake she had a little cry. As a knowledge sim, she’d have really liked to go to college, but it couldn’t happen. Her siblings would probably all have the opportunity to go, which made her happy as well as jealous at the same time. She also cried for her future with Amber. Who knows what would happen now?


This is her new outfit!


She said goodbye to her family, and then moved out.


Although she was a little sad, she was also very excited to start her own life.


She moved into an apartment in the centre of town. Little did she know that she moved into the same building as Maddie, and that their front doors were right across from each other.


Now that Zoe had moved out, Nick got her old bedroom. Stella started potty training him early the next morning.


The twins got their make overs that morning before school. This is Ella.


And this is Carrie! I like how they both turned out, although Ella’s face is still slightly awkward.


The girls all went to school and James went to work, so it was just Stella and Nick that day. She spent the morning teaching him to talk.


Ella brought home Molly Dawson, so they hung out for a while and became friends.


James got promoted to Commander!


Ella and Molly gossiped about their schoolmate Caryl Dawson. That’s not very nice, girls! Caryl’s not had an easy life. Plus, technically, Caryl is Molly’s aunt, I just realised.


James spent some time reading to Nick in his nursery.


They were all out of food, so Thalia went to Julia’s Groceries to get some … well, groceries.


Then she made mac and cheese for the whole family.


The season ended with all of them having dinner together, apart from little Nick.

Households 15
Playable Sims 45
CAS-Sims Available 11 of 23
Community Lots 18
* Owned 15
* NPC 3
Residential Lots 10
Total Lots 28
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 10
Population 450
Fires 1
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 220.800

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