Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Burke 1

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited the Burke family, Angie continued running her succesful pet store, Maddie had her first kiss with Randy London, and Amin got closer to reaching his LTW. At the end of the season Amber and Robin grew up to teenagers.

This update will feature some plot and dialogue stuff, but that’ll probably stop after this season (as in, all of Fall 3), because I want to make significantly shorter updates. These things are getting enormous. :’)


Here’s the family! From left to right: Robin, Madison, Angie, Amin and Amber. And of course Mittens, the cat, in front.


Robin and Amber started off the season with a good old game of Red Hands.


While the girls went off to school, Angie and Amin went over to Angie’s Animal Emporium, which was at level 9 and needed 23 more stars to get to level 10.


The store had built up a very good name for pet supplies in town, so soon customers started streaming in.


Caroline Walker gave the store the last star for level 10! That’s the 8th level 10 business in town. :-)


Back home Amin invited over his friend Amar, so that he could become his 19th best friend for his LTW.


Amber brought Molly Dawson home from school and they had a great time hanging out, and became friends.


Meanwhile, Maddie and Robin hung out in Maddie’s room.


Amin invited over Sandy Fairchild, who became his 20th best friend! He has now fulfilled his LTW! This is the very first time that I’ve done this particular LTW, so I’m very pleased with myself.


After she did her homework, Maddie asked out Randy London on a date to the park. You may (but probably will not, because I didn’t) remember they had a thing last season.


They both fell in love during a slow dance.


They had a very good time together, but Maddie also rolled the want to have 2 loves, so they’re not going to become a serious thing. Her LTW of wanting to Woohoo with 20 different Sims is also a clear hint about that.


Back home she skilled for a while.


Mittens hasn’t featured in this update yet, so here she is! Her life bar is getting pretty full. I’m really going to miss her! :-(


Robin brought home Zoe Harris from school the next day, but Amber was more interested in her. They have two bolts! (both are bisexual). I only realised after I played this day that Zoe is actually Maddie’s BFF – they’ve been inseparable for ages. And this is when I figured I might add a little drama …


Oh nooo! Just as I was talking about it the night before, Mittens passed away that afternoon!


Angie was devastated. Mittens had been with her since the day she moved to Blueberry Island.


You will be missed, Mittens! Also, this is the very first death on the island.


Robin wandered off to the park to take her mind off of Mittens’ passing, and also because she’s been wanting to go on a date and have her first kiss.


The only teenage boy there was Ricky Cormier, who she has 1 bolt with. I figure that’s good enough for a Romance Sim’s first date.


They got along really well, and he also responded very positively to her flirting.


They went on a date together in the playground, but nothing much happened. However, she did get her first kiss because of the end of the date kiss, but I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t get a picture.


Back home Amber was still hanging out with Zoe. I’m not sure if I should let these two become a thing, because Zoe is much older than Amber is. She’s going to grow up this season, and Amber only became a teen at the end of the previous season…


In order to get his Creativity up, Amin wrote a novel, and it became a bestseller.


As if the day hadn’t been bad enough already, a burglar visited the house that night!


Luckily the cops came before he could steal anything, and they managed to catch him too.


The next day everyone was still shaken up, but life went on. Maddie had heard about Amber and Zoe hanging out, and she planned on asking her best friend what was going on.


Dobby the house-elf guinea pig thingy is still alive as well, which I’m quite impressed with because I more often than nog forget to let my sims feed those pets.


After school, Amber maxed the Charisma skill, which is nice, because she needs that to be able to work in her LTW career, Entertainment.


In the meantime, Maddie hung out with Zoe outside. “Dude, why didn’t you tell me you were here yesterday? Instead I found out through Robin that you hung out with Amber all afternoon. What’s that about? Are you angry with me or something?”


Zoe fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. “No, I’m not angry. It’s just – I’m afraid if I tell you you’ll get mad at me.”

“What? Why would I get mad at you?”

Zoe sighed. “Because I have a crush on your little sister.”



“Told you,” Zoe murmured.

“You have a crush on my little sister?! How the hell did that happen?” Maddie exclaimed.

“I don’t know, Mads. It just did. I saw her at school after she’d grown up and just – I don’t know. She’s really pretty and smart and sweet… Do you really want me to go on?”

“No, I really don’t,” Maddie said. “Here’s something, though. Besides the fact that she is my sister, did you ever think about the age difference? You’re going to be an adult this season, Zo, and she’s nowhere near growing up.”


“Slow down! We just hung out one time, Mads – it’s not like we’re getting married or something. I don’t even know if she likes me too.”

“And you’re not going to find out.”


“I don’t want you hanging out with her anymore. It’s weird. And I don’t want her getting hurt when you grow up and move on and she’s left behind.”

Zoe frowned. “I’m pretty sure she can take care of herself. And again, you’re getting way ahead of things.”


“I don’t care, Zoe! Find someone else to have a crush on! My sister is off limits. It’s creepy and weird and I won’t have it.”

“You won’t have it? Who are you, my mother?”


What they didn’t know was that Amber heard most of the conversation that went on between the two best friends. She’d had no idea that Zoe liked her back. Now she was watching the two of them yell at each other – something they’d never done before. She quickly hurried back inside.


And right on time, too, because just after that, Zoe stormed off, fed up with Maddie’s insults and attitude.


The sisters had an early dinner together in silence. Amber was furious at her sister, and Maddie was too busy being angry at Zoe to notice it.


Just after dark, Amber made a few calls and then headed off in a taxi. Maddie didn’t notice, as she was in her bedroom doing her homework.


Unsurprisingly, Amber met Zoe at the park.

“Zoe, I heard everything that went on between Maddie and you today,” Amber immediately said.

“You did? Shit,” Zoe said, colouring a little. “I didn’t mean for you to hear it. And to be quite honest, it feels wrong to be here with you now.”


“I know, and I’m sorry I’m putting you in this position, but I just wanted you to have all the information before you make your decision,” Amber said nervously.

“Because I really like you too. Have done for a while now.”

Zoe was quiet for a moment. “Really?”


“Yes. You’re beautiful and funny and sweet. And I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Oh, wow.” Amber seemed quite mature from where Zoe was standing, no matter what Maddie had to say about it.


In fact, Amber took the lead when she pulled Zoe into her arms. “I know there’s an age difference between us. But who cares about that? For now, we’re both still teenagers, and after that, we’ll see what happens. Like you told Maddie – no need to get ahead of things.”

“You’re right. But Maddie is my best friend, so it hurts me to be fighting with her. I don’t want to lie to her, but I don’t want to lose her either…”

“I know.”


The two girls climbed up into the play tower for a bit more privacy and continued their conversation there. They both knew they felt something special, and that the age difference felt inconsequential to them. So they decided to see if this was something that could work out. Although neither of them wanted to lie to Maddie, they decided to keep it under wraps for now, so they could figure out for themselves what this was first.


As they were about to leave, Amber stopped Zoe again. “I really like you, Zo. And I think this could really work out.”

“Me too,” Zoe said with a smile.


She took a deep breath, and then she went in for the kiss.


“Wow,” Zoe said.

Amber smiled. “Yeah, you can say that again. See you soon, okay?” And then she walked away, with butterflies fluttering all throughout her stomach.


Back home, she immediately walked into the bedroom she shared with Robin. “I have to tell you something, and you have to swear you won’t tell anyone – especially Maddie.”


Among all the teenage drama, Amin came home with the last promotion he needed to top Music. He is now a Rock God!


The next morning Robin wanted to go on a date, so she invited over Ricky Cormier. She was glad she didn’t need to go through all that drama that her sister did. Amber had told her everything last night, and Robin had decided she was going to stay out of what would certainly lead to a huge fight between her two sisters.


She had a great time with Ricky.


The rest of the family had breakfast together. Amber still hadn’t said a word to Maddie, who was suspecting her sister knew about what happened the day before. She didn’t feel like having another fight, though.


Amin called in sick that day, because it was his birthday.


Despite his many, many friends, he just wanted to celebrate with his family.


“Wow, look at me! I’m quite dashing!”


During the celebration, Amber’s phone went off.

“Who’s that?” Maddie asked.

“None of your business,” Amber responded icily. It’d been Zoe, but she quickly ended the call.


And here’s Amin post make over! He only changed his shirt because Ben Robinson has the same.


“I think you look very handsome.”


In the meantime, Maddie and Robin were chatting in the living room. “Do you have any idea what’s up with Amber? She seems angry with me.”

Robin sighed. “I told Amber, and now I’m telling you: I’m not getting involved in this thing.”

“It’s a thing now?” Maddie said, raising an eyebrow.

“Like I said: I’m not saying anything. You two sort it out.”

But Maddie had no desire to talk to Amber about this, or, in fact, any idea how she should handle that in the first place.


The next day was a quiet one. Everyone spent it skilling and Maddie and Amber didn’t speak to each other.


Maddie stuffed her face, which I rarely see my sims do, so that was amusing.


Amin came to sit next to her when she was skilling. “So tonight’s your birthday and I haven’t heard you talking about having Zoe over. You want me to call her?”

Maddie shook her head. “We’re not really talking at the moment.”

Amin looked at her, surprised, but decided not to press the issue since Maddie clearly didn’t want to talk about it.


It was Angie’s birthday as well, but I forgot and was too late with getting her to a cake, so she grew up right at her easel, with no one cheering her on! Most of the family were in the room, though.


“Oh no, we missed it! You look lovely, though.” Amin hugged his wife.

“Thanks, darling. I’m going to have to get some new clothes, but let’s first celebrate Maddie’s birthday.”


“Isn’t Amber coming?” Angie asked Maddie with a smile.

Maddie shrugged. “I guess not.”

Angie frowned. “I’ll talk to her about it later then.”

(Amber honestly just kept doing what she was doing instead of coming to watch her sister grow up).


In the meantime, Maddie was growing up, and into quite the beautiful adult! She’ll be moving out right after her make over.


But first, here’s Angie post make over!


And here’s Maddie!


She said goodbye to her family, except for Amber, who was still holing up in her room.

“What’s going on between the two of you?”

“She’s angry with me. I’ll talk to her later, I promise. Just tell her bye for me, okay?”


And then she was off.


Before bed that night, Robin finally talked to Amber again, who’d been painting in their room all this time.

“You really couldn’t even celebrate her birthday with us?”

“As long as she’s not talking to Zoe, I’m not talking to her. That’s just the way it’s going to be.”

Robin shrugged. “Alright. Expect a lecture from Mum tomorrow, though.”

That lecture would’ve have to wait until next season, though, because this is the end of fall!


Next season is also the first time we’ll see Maddie in her brand new apartment!

Households 14
Playable Sims 44
CAS-Sims Available 11 of 23
Community Lots 18
* Owned 15
* NPC 3
Residential Lots 10
Total Lots 28
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 10
Population 440
Fires 1
Burglars 7
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 214.500

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