Blueberry Island – Fall 3 – Walker 1

Hey everyone!

Last time we visited the Walker family, Jake and Christy grew up to elders. Caroline grew up to an adult and moved out at the start of the season, and Rachel did the same at the end. She moved in with her boyfriend George McCarthy. Hannah, the youngest Walker child, met Orlando Centowski and considered having a casual thing with him.

Let’s see how they do this season!


From left to right: Hannah, Jake, Andrew, Christy. The dog’s name is Bruno.


It was a quiet Saturday morning for the Walker family. With all of her siblings gone, Hannah thought it was too quiet. She spent her morning fishing in the front garden, since she needs a gold badge for her LTW career (Oceanography).


Christy went to work in style. Since she’s achieved her LTW of becoming a Captain Hero, I’m considering having her quit, so other Sims can go in the career track, considering there are more Sims with that same LTW.


Elijah came by for a visit.


Hannah was glad to have him over, as it gave her a chance to hang out with him for a while. Even though they kept yelling at each other during their game of SSX3, she did miss her brother.


During lunch they talked about what it was like to not live at home anymore. Hannah would never know, since she’d remain living with her parents, which she didn’t mind, but she loved hearing Elijah talk about it.


Jake also really enjoyed spending time with his son.


That evening things got interesting when I left Hannah on free will for a little bit. She booty called Orlando Centowski, who she met last season. Back then they flirted and she got a crush, but they only had one bolt, so I figured it might be a nice casual thing for her.


He came over and they immediately got cosy on her parents’ bed, both very naked. They had their first kiss.


…and then some.


They put on their clothes, said goodbye and that was it. Okay, then.


Who’d have thunk it! Hannah does have Romance as her Secondary aspiration, so it makes sense that she would be into something casual. I’m curious to see what else happens between those two!


Hannah should count herself lucky that she slept in the next morning, because her parents were going at it on the living room couch. :’)


She hadn’t done her homework yet, so she did that after she woke up.


She became best friends with Thalia Harris over the phone, and immediately told her about the previous night with Orlando.


I guess I don’t have to make the choice anymore… Christy got fired due to a bad chance card. Apparently I never gave her the Work Aspiration Benefits.


Hannah spent her afternoon fishing again.


Christy played fetch with Bruno to take her mind off of being fired.


They all had an early dinner of grilled cheese together. Andrew hasn’t really featured yet this update, but he mainly just plays chess all day. He’s become rather boring.


Hannah had a cup of coffee after dinner.


She needed the energy because she made plans to sneak out with Oliver Dawson, one of her best friends. He was usually very responsible, but she knew he had to blow off some steam what with all the stress he was under at home. Plus, she’d had the want for it for ages.


She snuck out of the house at 1 pm, when Oliver was waiting for her outside.


She came home again after 4 am, having had an amazing night out on the town.


Although she was a little tired the next morning, she felt pretty good considering.


While Hannah went to school, Jake, Christy and Andrew went to work at Walker’s (Jake’s restaurant) for a bit.


Mia McHero makes her first appearance! She’s from my Apocalypse, and moved to Blueberry Island with her brother Matt at the start of the season.


I love seeing which sims come to the restaurant together. Apparently, Marylena, Marisa and Andrea are friends!


Hey, and there’s Mia’s brother Matt!


And this is the 125th star! Walker’s is now level 10!


Before leaving the restaurant, probably for good, I gave it one last make over (which cost them an insane amount of money because of the expensive chairs). I’m especially proud of the divide with the arches and the flowers! Now it really looks like a pretty fancy restaurant. I’m sure other sims will start restaurant or cafes in the future, but Walker’s will always be the fancy restaurant to go to.


Hannah brought Oliver Dawson home from school, even though they’d just seen each other that night.


I really like these two as friends! They had fun hanging out together. And ACR didn’t once rear its head, so that made me like their friendship even more.


The next morning Jake made some croissants for breakfast. I downloaded some custom desserts and other baked goods for the bakery that his daughter Rachel will probably open this season.


Christy and Andrew both really enjoyed them.


Hannah came home in a great mood that day, because it had been her last day of school! Tonight she’d grow up to an adult.


She, Andrew and Bruno went for a hike since it was a nice afternoon, while Jake went to work in his swanky carpool.


That evening, Hannah’s siblings as well as some of her friends came over to celebrate her birthday with her.


“Wow, look at me! I look hot!” I also aged up her fling Orlando Centowski, because I want to see if anything happens between them.


But then, while she is now an adult, and he isn’t yet, Oliver started flirting with her!


Hannah was confused, because it’d never been like that between them. She didn’t dislike it per se, though. Instead, she figured she’d think about it later and chat with her siblings for now.


Everyone had a good time.


As was the case with the Robinsons in the previous update, though, the party got broken up by the police for being too loud.


Here’s Hannah after her make over! She immediately went to booty call Orlando, but there was something blocking the phone, so she couldn’t actually get to it…


So she spent the night fishing. She wasn’t tired at all, and she did need that gold fishing badge before winter came.


Hannah spent the whole day fishing, but at about 6 pm I was done with it, since there were other things I wanted her to do before the end of the season. She phoned up Orlando, for starters, because I want to know what’s up with those two.


“Hey, it’s so good to see you!” They greeted each other with a hug.


But then immediately started flirting.


And then they headed up to Hannah’s bedroom, to test her new double bed, I suppose. I had nothing to do with any of these interactions.


They only have one bolt, but they’re all over each other like three bolters. Seriously, I’ve done nothing in this relationship. I think they’re telling me something.


They both fell in love.


I decided to let Hannah ask Orlando to move in, and he said yes. Although she’s not rolling that many wants for him, ACR has let her make her choice. We’ll see next season if they’re really made for each other, or if it’s not going to work out.


Here’s Orlando! He’s a 6/3/6/4/6 Family/Romance Sim who wants to have 6 grandchildren. He brought in quite a lot of money, with $13,000 in cash and an inventory full of expensive stuff. He’s also a Hall of Famer even though he just grew up from a teen? I don’t think I’ll let him keep that job, since that feels a bit cheaty. I do like him, though! And I really like him and Hannah together.


Right before the end of the season, I let him drink the Re-Nu-Yu PortaChug thing, which changed their boltage to two!


And then they went to bed feeling pretty happy with their lives!

That’s it for this update! Hope you enjoyed it, and Happy Simming!

Households 13
Playable Sims 44
CAS-Sims Available 11 of 23
Community Lots 18
* Owned 15
* NPC 3
Residential Lots 10
Total Lots 28
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 10
Population 440
Fires 1
Burglars 6
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 208.800

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