Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Walker 3

Hi everyone!

In this update we visit Caroline Walker, who moved out of her parents’ house at the start of the season.


Here she is! Definitely one of my top 3 favourite Sims in this neighbourhood. Let’s give her a fun life! Just a reminder: Caroline is a Pleasure/Romance Sim who wants to have 50 dream dates.


I decided ages ago I want her to go into the Entertainment career track, because it seems to suit her, but there’s nothing for her yet.


She had some breakfast, and then went to the park since it was a beautiful day and I wanted her to get started on those dates.


She met and talked to Waylon Menon for a bit, until I remembered that she is gay. Oops!


So she greeted Rose Dai. They chatted for a while, but then Rose walked off.


Since there were no children around on the playground anyway, Caroline played on the swings for a bit.


In the end, she greeted over 10 Sims, but didn’t have any chemistry with any of them.


So she went home and bought the crystal ball. Desperate times… She wants her first kiss and I want to make that happen for her this season!


The Crystal Ball gave her Shelby Barrett, who isn’t the prettiest of Sims, but was the one she was most attracted to. Who am I to deny her that? They have two bolts!


They got along quite well, and Shelby reacted positively to Caroline’s flirts.


After a while, Caroline got up the guts to ask Shelby on a real date, which is when I found out Shelby is a Romance Sim. Not a bad thing, though, because Caroline’s secondary aspiration is also romance. And then Caroline finally had her first kiss!


She got the hang of it pretty quickly.


The date had already ended when Caroline rolled the want to Woohoo in bed. ACR took care of it before I had to do anything.


After Shelby left, Caroline had a nice mac and cheese dinner. Dream date #1: check!


The next day, Caroline spent her morning painting. Apparently, she didn’t have ANY Creativity points (how did that happen?), which she will need for the Entertainment career.


In the evening, she went to Club Bigfoot, where she had a good time with some of the other patrons but didn’t meet anyone especially interesting.


Back home, she ate a TV dinner, which she managed to burn. She did spent some time at the bubble blower at Club Bigfoot, so that might’ve been the reason.


The next morning there still wasn’t a job opening in Entertainment, so Caroline had a slow morning and did some dishes and cleaning.


Then she had another go with the crystal ball, and Claire Bransfield showed up, who is a cop and wears waaay too much make up (for my tastes at least). Two bolts! I get a way better vibe from her than from Shelby.


They get along splendidly! She responded well to every interaction, including the romantic ones. Caroline asked Claire out on a date, and she said yes! That’s when I found out Claire is also a Romance Sim, like Shelby… That’s a bit of a bummer from a potential settling down perspective.


Caroline seemed to want to let me know that she really liked Claire. Seriously, though, I’ve rarely seen a date go this smoothly and a relationship build this quickly.


They were really into each other.


“I really like you, Claire. I had no idea a blind date could be this good.”


Caroline had a much better feeling with Claire than with Shelby, and she thought this could turn out to be really something.


I let them go on free will for a little while, and they kept interacting romantically – and it wasn’t even ACR – it was the actual game! Claire fell in love first and Caroline followed soon after.


“I really enjoyed our date tonight. In fact, I don’t want you to go,” Caroline said. They’d ended up in the bedroom, but besides some smooching, nothing had happened yet.

And then, in a leap of faith, Caroline said: “Move in with me.”


“Do you want to move in with me?”

Claire was silent for a second, which felt like a lifetime to Caroline. But then: “Yes!”


Here’s Claire after her make over (because she definitely needed one). She’s a Romance/Popularity Sim with a 4/10/6/4/4 personality and wants to be Hall of Famer (Athletic).


She immediately found a job in Athletic as MVP! She’s the first Sim on the Island to go into the Athletic career.


The pair sat down together on the couch. “Wow, who knew I’d be living together with someone at the start of the day. What a whirlwind!” Claire said.

Caroline nodded with a smile. “Definitely.”

“You know I’m a Romance Sim, though, right?” Claire asked. “So I can’t really assure you yet where this is going.”

Caroline nodded. “I’m a secondary Romance Sim too. We’ll just take it one day at a time and see where we end up.”

“Sounds like a great plan. I’m hungry. Are you hungry?”


Claire made them some mac and cheese and they ate it on the couch, chatting away.


And then it was time for bed, although sleeping wasn’t on the agenda for a little while yet.


The next day they slept in, since Claire immediately had a day off and Caroline hadn’t found a job yet.


I changed the kitchen a little bit so they had a dining table, and Caroline made breakfast for the two of them.


They had a lovely morning.


Caroline then found a job in Entertainment as a Ventriloquist (level 5)! She also had a day off straight away, though, which suited her fine, because she could then spent some more time with Claire.


In the meantime, Claire went up to the roof, where some of the neighbours were hanging out (since it was a gorgeous day) and she introduced herself. One of those neighbours also happened to be Caroline’s little sister, Rachel.


In the afternoon, the couple went on another date – partly because of Caroline’s LTW, but also because it was fun.


They had a great time.


They went to bed quite late that night. I really like them as a couple, and they’re all over each other, but they’re also both rolling wants to kiss or woohoo 3 different Sims. They’re fun to play as a couple like this, though, without any kids or marriage bells yet. I’ll let them both reach their LTWs, and perhaps then I’ll think about changing their aspirations or letting them get married – unless they roll the wants.

As for now, this is the end of the season for them. One more family left to go!

Households 12
Playable Sims 39
CAS-Sims Available 13 of 23
Community Lots 18
* Owned 15
* NPC 3
Residential Lots 9
Total Lots 26
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 10
Population 390
Fires 1
Burglars 6
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 186.300

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