Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Walker 2

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited Elijah Walker, he’d just moved out of his parents’ house into a place of his own. He took a job in Crime with the idea that once he could finally work in his dream career of Journalism, he had an amazing story to write. He also met and fell in love with Camryn Lee at the end of the season.


Here he is! For now the only member of his household, but I have a feeling that will change soon.


The first thing Elijah did, despite being a criminal, was pay the taxes, which amounted to $1,400.


Then he went to his job as a Bookie, while thinking about the great time he’d had with Camryn Lee the previous season (actually, the previous night). He’d have to invite her over again that evening.


He came home with a promotion to Con Artist.


While he was having a quick grilled cheese dinner, Camryn called, so he invited her over.


“I’m so glad you’re here!”


They had a lovely time together, and then Elijah rolled the want to marry Camryn and she  to marry him!


So Elijah asked her to move in, and she brought 19,000 with her, which was a sum I was quite happy with!


They happily finished their date. Maybe they should invest in some curtains though.


And then it was time for a makeover! I didn’t give her new clothes yet, since it was late in the evening. She might go to Bigfoot Fashion in the weekend.

Camryn is a Popularity/Knowledge Sim with the LTW of having 20 Best Friends (I sense a venue community lot in this couple’s future) and her personality is 4/10/4/4/3.

I also found out that she’s an employee at Elijah’s dad’s restaurant. It took a while before I remembered, but I hired her as a hostess because she has a golden sales badge. She’ll keep that job for now, but I’m not sure yet for how long.


The next morning, Elijah paid the bills while he thought about what kind of venue he and Camryn should open.


First, though, they both had to go to work.


I’d totally missed that Elijah needed some skill points before he could get another promotion, so that afternoon he studied while waiting for Camryn to come home.


Camryn spent some time on the phone after work, catching up with friends.


Then, they both sat down to talk about what kind of business they wanted to start together. It would be an excellent way to earn extra money and for Camryn to make more friends.

“Well, we both love sports…”

“A gym!”

“That’s a perfect idea!”


Camryn immediately went to the computer and bought a community lot, which she named “Work It Out”.


“I’m excited about this!” Camryn said happily. “Let’s go set it up first thing in the morning.”


And so they went. This is the gym! It’s still a bit empty, but on the left side, they will install a bubble bath (and perhaps a sauna?) once they’ve earned some money.


They immediately opened up. I was really happy that Camryn already had a golden sales badge, because she could immediately start dazzling!


“Well, let’s just say we need some practice.”

They spent a long time at the gym, but they didn’t gain any stars.

“I will work on my logic skill for a little while, and then go back on my own,” Camryn said. Elijah was fine with that, as they’d agreed that it would mostly be Camryn’s project.


So they both skilled.


Then Camryn went back, and started charging $800 per hour. If she can’t earn stars yet, she can at least earn money so that bubble bath can be installed soon.


The very pregnant Nicole Dawson also came by to work out, but I had Camryn send her home since I was afraid she might wear herself out too much.


Camryn got the gym up to level 2, bought the bubble bath and some other things for the other room, and earned back all of the money she put in the business.

I also found out that the money you earn with a venue does count for the $100,000 LTW. Shouldn’t have let James Harris sell the dance studio to Eric, but let him run it himself. Oh, well.


After locking up the gym, Camryn went to Bigfoot Fashion to get some new clothes.


Then she went home and first took a nap before doing anything else. Dazzling all those Sims was exhausting!


After waking up she and Elijah played some chess together.


After  a little while Elijah got up. “Um, could you maybe stand up too?” he asked awkwardly.


He gave her a kiss. “I love you.”

Camryn smiled, slightly surprised at the random show of affection. “I love you too.”


Then, he sank on one knee. “Camryn, will you marry me?”




They kissed, both very excited. “We’ve got to start planning the party!”

I didn’t really feel like going through the fuss of throwing them a party, but they’re both Popularity Sims, so it felt wrong for them to have a private wedding. :’)


Elijah got up early the next day to get started on the preparations for the wedding. They wanted it to be that day because it was a Sunday and his whole family would probably be able to be there. It was pouring rain outside, however, so he was thinking hard about a way to fix that.


Around half past eight, it all fixed itself, though, as it stopped raining and the sun started shining. Elijah immediately invited his family (including Andrew) over.


Everyone arrived looking very sharp! I still can’t get over how beautiful Caroline (red dress) is.


Jake was feeling melancholic about his children growing up, thinking maybe he and Christy should start adopting (heck, no).


Then the wedding started!


Rachel and Hannah were too busy catching up to get to the garden, though…


But it didn’t really matter, since Elijah and Camryn only had eyes for each other anyway.


Christy and Jake were very excited about seeing their first child get married.


Rachel and Hannah finally decided to pay some attention as well.


And then the party really got started and things started to get chaotic, with Camryn cutting (and shoving) the cake while Caroline was making a toast.


Everybody was having a good time, though!

Elijah spent some time catching up with his father, of whom he’s still the spitting image.


In the meantime, the girls had a great time doing the Smustle.


Camryn and Rachel did the dishes together, and got to know each other. Camryn was delighted to finally meet Elijah’s family (or, well, the ones she hadn’t met at the restaurant yet) – and excited about the many sisters there were to befriend!


Even though it had started raining again the party was a roof raiser!


They cleaned up, and Camryn spent some time calling her friends to tell about her marriage and gain some new best friends in the process.


In the evening, they had wedding cake for dinner.


After dinner, it was time for the wedding night…


The next day things went back to normal, and they both went to work.


Elijah came home with a promotion to Getaway Driver, but also lost $5000 that day due to a bad chance card.


Camryn brought home one of her colleagues (Zoe something) and befriended her.


Elijah became permaplat through the lifetime aspiration meter while studying couples counselling.

I’m still on the fence about whether or not I like the lifetime aspiration meter permaplat thing. It makes things perhaps a little too easy in a multiple generation thing, where Sims gain so much lifetime aspiration stuff during their childhood that they get permaplat in adulthood before you know it… For the Apocalypse it was great, though.


Elijah had to work again that evening. I always feel a bit bad when I put my Sims in the Criminal career (especially when it’s not their LTW), but it’s a smart one for the BaCC, and I’m pretending it’s for journalistic reasons (which is his LTW).


Camryn prepared some dinner for herself.


Then, she went to bed quite early. She didn’t want to think about what kinds of dangerous situations Elijah manoeuvred himself into, so she preferred to just sleep. In the meantime, Elijah got another chance card, and managed to get back the $5000 he lost earlier that day. :’)

And that’s the end of the season! I hope you enjoyed it – Happy Simming!

Households 12
Playable Sims 38
CAS-Sims Available 12 of 22
Community Lots 17
* Owned 14
* NPC 3
Residential Lots 9
Total Lots 26
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 9
Population 342
Fires 1
Burglars 6
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 186.100

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