Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Robinson 2

Hi everyone!

Back again, this time with an update about Eric Robinson, the second child of Julia and Ben. Last time, he’d just moved into his own apartment, and he spent most of his time working on his LTW of having 5 top level businesses and having fun of the Romance Sim variety.


Eric started out the season by having a nice and relaxed pancake breakfast.


Then he went to The Perennial Page-Turner, the book store he bought off his brother earlier in the season. It was back to level 0, so he had quite some work to do.


He hired a girl to do the restocking, and then it was go time!


“Hey, dad! How nice of you to stop by!”

“Yes, I figured I’d take a look how you were doing. Plus, I hear the new Robert Simsgraith is great.”


When he was ready for a break, Eric invited over Jill, one of his flings, for a date.


He got the store to level 5 and then went home for the day.


Back home, he invited over Lilly, who you might remember as my favourite of his conquests. They immediately went over to the bed (seriously, she came in and they almost ran towards it).


Later that evening, as they were having a nice dinner together, Lilly cleared her throat and said; “Eric… I have to ask you for a favour.”

Eric looked up. “Sure, what do you need?”

“Uhm… Well, here’s the thing. My landlord kicked me out of my apartment – apparently he’s selling it to this huge corporation that’s going to make into an office building. I don’t know. Either way, he ‘forgot’ to let me know, and now I’m kind of out on the streets with nowhere to go.”

“Oh, wow. What an ass.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. Anyway, I was wondering if I could maybe stay here for a couple of nights while I look for something else?”


“Oh! Well –“

“I get that it’s perhaps a bit of an awkward situation,” Lilly rambled on. “I mean, we’re sleeping together and all. But I know it’s nothing more than that, and more importantly, I don’t want or expect it to be more than that. I just need a place to sleep for a few days and then I’ll be out of your hair, I promise. I’ll stay in the guest room.”

Eric chuckled. “Well, there’s no bed in the guest room, so that’s not going to happen. But sure, of course you can stay here. I wouldn’t want you sleeping on Main Street somewhere.”


Lilly sighed with relief. “Thanks. I really appreciate it.”


“Here, let me do the dishes,” Lilly said after dinner.

Eric watched her with a smile. Lilly really was a lot of fun. He wouldn’t just let any of his girlfriends stay here, but he trusted Lilly, and they were on the same page, so that was good.


In the evening, they watched a film together and had a great time just spending time together. Afterwards, they went to the bedroom.


“Well, now that you’re here anyway, we might as well…” said Eric with a grin. Lilly chuckled.


And ‘might as well’ they did.


Afterwards, Lilly fell asleep in Eric’s arms, but he lay awake for a little while. Lilly really was amazing, and while he didn’t see himself committing to one woman, if there was anyone he could imagine settling down with, it was her.


The next day, which was a Saturday, they had breakfast together. Eric laughed when he saw Lilly gobble up her pancakes. “You hungry?”

“Starving,” she said with a grin.


After breakfast, Lilly felt suddenly nauseous. “Are you okay?” Eric asked.

“Yeah,” Lilly said with a weak smile. “I probably shouldn’t have eaten that quickly after all.”


They both spent the morning hanging out in the apartment, skilling.


A bunch of the neighbours hung out that afternoon, and Eric chatted with Caroline Walker for a bit.


He also had a great time chatting with George McCarthy, Rachel Walker’s boyfriend.


In the meantime, Lilly had to go to work.


At 9 pm, she came home again. “Hey, you’re back! I waited for you with dinner. What are your thoughts on hamburgers?”

“Eric. I’m pregnant.”

“What? What do you mean you’re pregnant?” Eric was shocked.

Lilly sighed. “Let me change out of these stinky clothes, and we’ll talk about it.”


“So… You’re pregnant,” Eric said once Lilly got out of the shower.

“Yep. I suspected something when I didn’t feel well this morning and took a test at work.”

“Okay. So, what now?”

“Well, I’m going to keep it,” she said, somewhat defiantly.


Eric nodded. “Yes, of course! Or, well, not of course, of course, but – whatever you want. The choice is entirely up to you. I mean, not that I don’t care, but…” He sighed. “Well, you know.”


Lilly smiled. “Yes, I do know. Thank you. For being a good guy.”

Eric shrugged. “So what do you want to do now?” he asked.

“I’m going to move out next thing tomorrow,” Lilly said.

“Oh,” Eric answered. He had a faint feeling of disappointment, but it was gone the moment he felt it, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. “If that’s what you want, of course.”

“Well, yes. It seems like the best thing to do right now. Don’t you agree?”


Eric nodded. “Yes, I think you’re right.”

“I mean, we’re not in love. So a shotgun wedding or something like that would be ridiculous. We both have our own lives. You’ve got your businesses, I’ve got… well, I’m sure I’ll find something better than being a Drive Through Clerk soon. And, let’s face it, I’ve not been the only girl you’ve been hooking up with.”

Eric blushed a little and opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t know what. She was right, after all.


“And the baby?” he asked. “Will I get to see it?”

Lilly nodded. “Yes, if you want to. It’s not like were mad at each other or anything, right?”

“No, we’re not.”

“So we can still be friends. Just friends who have a baby together.”

Eric smiled a little. “Yes, I guess.”

Lilly’s stomach growled. “Damn, I’m hungry.”


Eric got up and walked to the fridge. “Let me make us some dinner, and we’ll talk more.”


They talked for hours, until they were both too tired to keep their eyes open, and they went to bed. Eric didn’t know yet how I felt about all this. All he knew was that he would support Lilly however way he could.


That night Lilly had her first pop, which made it all even more real.


The next morning after breakfast, Lilly closed a deal on a small house by the sea, with Eric’s help. It took some convincing, but in the end Lilly agreed to let him pay for the house. Eric figured that was the least he could do.


“I’ll see you soon, okay?” Eric said when they said goodbye.

“Yes. I’ll call you as soon as I’m settled in.”


And then she left.


This is Lilly’s new house, which I built myself and am already in love with. We’ll see it again later this season. Also, this is the 12th household, which means I’ve earned another unowned community lot. I’ve built a park, which you’ll see a bit of later this update :-)


Eric decided that he needed to be distracted from everything that was going on with Lilly and the baby, so he found a job in business. He’s a Senior Manager, which is level 6. He’ll be able to get two promotions this season, and then next season he’ll hopefully become a Business Tycoon, unlocking a new BD (if another Sim doesn’t do that first).


Then he went to The Perennial Page-Turner to work some more.


I downloaded SimWardrobe’s Timeclock, so I can choose which employee I want to come in instead of summoning them all, and the wages change to fairly paid automatically when an employee earns a badge (and some other stuff, but I won’t be using that, I think).


The bookstore had built up a reputation, and it soon got quite busy.


Lilly came by as well. “Hey, what are you doing here!” Eric said, pleasantly surprised.

“I figured I’d buy some pregnancy books. Might come in useful.”

Eric nodded. “True. Are you all settled in?”

“Yes, the house is beautiful!”


He ask Jill Smith over to go on a date – both as a distraction and to get him in the platinum again.


They had fun together, but Eric immediately realised she wasn’t nearly as fun to hang out with as Lilly. He couldn’t think like that, though. Lilly was always going to be in his life, but not in the traditional sense. He wasn’t fit for that, and it would make neither of them happy, he was convinced of that. So he put Lilly out of his mind and just focused on Jill.


Eric got the store up to level 7 and then left.


Back home he decided he first needed a long nap before he did anything else.


Late in the afternoon George came by for a chat. They get along splendidly and Eric has the want to become best friends with him. It was nice to have a good friend live so close by.


In the evening, he invited Jill to go and check out the new park: Founder’s Park.


“It’s gorgeous! I like it,” Jill said. Thanks Jill!


Although Eric always liked Jill’s company, he just wasn’t feeling it today. For real – after fulfilling a few wants, he didn’t roll any new ones for her.

He decided to just end the date there. “I’m sorry, Jill, I’m just not feeling very well.”


He sat by the playground for a while, thinking about Lilly and the baby. They’d made the right decision, he knew that – he rolled a fear to marry Lilly just a few minutes earlier – but still, he was feeling pretty blue about it.


The next day he had his first day at work in the Business career.


He came home with a promotion to Vice President!


He also brought home a colleague, Sandy Fairchild.


Apparently they’d had quite the chemistry at work, because they immediately headed to the bedroom!


“Well, this is certainly going to make this job fun!”


His little adventure with Sandy definitely cheered him up, and after he said goodbye to her Eric went to The Perennial Page-Turner to work for a while.


He got the store up to level 8, and when he went to close up, Linda Barthelet lingered behind. He’d seen her around a couple of times, and she’d caught his eye.


They had a wonderful time…


It was Monday, so when Eric came back home he paid the rent.


He also painted for a while in the evening.


Tuesday was another work day, and Eric came home with a promotion to President. Two more promotions until he’s Business Tycoon, and we’ll unlock another BD! That’ll have to wait until the next season, though…


First, he paid one last visit to the bookstore.


Matthew Smith gave the last star that was needed for the 10th level! This is his third level 10 business, so only two more until he’s reached his LTW. He also has all of the business perks now.


Back home he had a well-deserved dinner.


And then he painted some more, while he thought over everything that had happened this season. It’d been quite eventful, that was one thing he could say for sure.

That’s it for Eric Robinson this season! Another update with a bit more story – I hope you liked it. Let me know! I enjoy thinking up stories behind my Sims’ lives, and now that Blueberry Island is growing, it’s fun to add a bit of drama, I think. Anyway, Happy Simming!

Households 12
Playable Sims 37
CAS-Sims Available 11 of 21
Community Lots 16
* Owned 13
* NPC 3
Residential Lots 9
Total Lots 25
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 9
Population 333
Fires 1
Burglars 6
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 184.700

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