Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Dawson 1

Hi everyone!

Back already with another update! I want to get these Summer 3 updates out asap, because I’ve already started playing Fall 3.

The Dawson family moved to Blueberry Island in Spring 3, and Nicole’s elderly father Henry soon found love and moved out to an apartment with his wife Sarah McCarthy. Nicole also fell in love with a dude named Phil Jitmakusol and he moved in and later proposed to Nicole, even though I don’t like him very much. Nicole’s kids don’t really get what she sees in him either, which will be further explored in this update…


Back row: Phil, Nicole and Oliver. Front row: Molly and Jacob (who are twins).


The kids started their weekend off by doing their homework.


Nicole paid the taxes. It took quite a chunk out of their bank account, since they weren’t very rich.


Oliver made some breakfast for himself and his little brother and sister, since his mother and Phil almost had to leave for work (they both work in Business).


They ate together and gossiped about their Mum’s new boyfriend.


It was a Saturday, and Oliver invited over Thalia Harris (left), since he had the want to become friends with her. She also brought Robin Burke, who I hoped might be a match with Oliver, but he has negative chemistry with her. He has negative chemistry with a lot of Sims! Poor guy, he wants to go on a date so bad.


They all got on very well, though, so they hung out on the lawn all afternoon. Oliver became friends with both of them, and actually turned out to get along with Robin much better than with Thalia, who he initially invited.


Both Phil and Nicole came home with promotions to Executive Assistants.


Nicole brought Gretchen Chin home from work, and the first thing she talked about was Woohoo. That seems appropriate.


In the evening, Nicole spent some time with her children, which she didn’t do all that often anymore (she isn’t friends with any of them). She didn’t feel like she knew what was going on in their lives, and she had no idea how they felt about Phil. Frankly, she felt a bit disconnected.


She tried to talk to Phil about it but he simply told her not to worry about it and that kids are kids, which didn’t make her feel much better.


Another morning, another breakfast for three. The topic of the day was Molly and Jacob’s birthday, which was going to take place that evening.


Oliver spent the morning doing chores around the house while Nicole and Phil were at work.


The twins helped as well.


In the afternoon they all hung out in the living room.


Nicole and Phil both came home without promotions that day.


In the evening, it was time for Molly and Jacob to grow up!


“Wow, Mol, look at us!”


The teens all immediately grabbed a piece of cake and started to chat about Molly and Jacob’s new teenhood. Phil, however, took Nicole’s hands and said. “Since we’ve got cake and a celebration already – how about we make it an even bigger party? Nic, let’s get married right now.”

The kitchen became silent and the kids all looked at Phil incredulously. Surely their mother wouldn’t hijack Molly and Jacob’s birthday party? They’d hardly had a chance to pick their aspiration!


But Nicole beamed and nodded.


They got married right then and there, without even changing out of their work clothes. The kids looked on in silence, all three of them radiating disapproval. The couple didn’t notice anything.


After they had had more cake, the twins had gotten up to go to bed and Phil was doing the dishes, Oliver got up and walked past his mother without looking at her. “Way to steal the twins’ thunder, Mrs Jitmakusol,” he said softly.


Nicole’s head snapped up, but Oliver had already left the kitchen. She hadn’t thought about the twins for a moment. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she fought them back because she didn’t want Phil to notice anything. She’d screwed up.


Phil came to sit next to her. He wiggled his eyebrows. “Wanna get started on the wedding night activities?” he said.

Nicole smiled weakly. “I’m really tired, sweets. I think I’m just going to go to sleep.”


She left Phil in the kitchen and went to bed right away.


And now for some technical stuff: here’s the twins! Molly is a Family/Fortune Sim with the LTW of becoming a Celebrity Chef.


And Jacob is Knowledge/Pleasure and wants to have 50 first dates – I’ve never done that one before, so that should be interesting.


The next morning the teens had to go back to school. Molly and Jacob were bummed about their outfits, but they hoped their mother would be okay with them going to Bigfoot Fashion that afternoon.


Nicole and Phil both had the day off, and Phil spent it making toys for the business he bought at the end of the previous season.


After school, Oliver watched TV for half an hour before a carpool picked him to go and work at Baby Steps, one of Eric Robinson’s businesses.


Nicole gave permission for the twins to go and buy new clothes, but only after they finished their homework, so they quickly went to do that.


Afterwards, they hurried to Bigfoot Fashion.


Jacob and Molly really enjoyed being away from the house and all the tension for a little while.


“This is much better!”


Since Nicole and Phil were busy skilling, Molly went to make dinner. It was good practice, because she wanted to become a Celebrity Chef, after all. Her first dish ever: Mac ‘n’ Cheese.


Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well… Embarrassed by her failure, Molly decided to try again.


In the meantime, Jacob decided to do something nice for his big brother. Oliver took such good care of him and Molly while working at the same time that he had a tough time to balance everything, so Jacob did his homework for him.


The twins had dinner together that evening.


Just as they’d both almost finished, Nicole came in. “Oh, you guys made dinner! That’s so nice, thank you. And Phil’s favourite, he’ll love that!”


“It’s Oli’s favourite, too, actually,” Molly said as she went to clean her and Jacob’s bowls. She was glad her mother let them get new clothes, but she still felt bitter over the fact that Nicole hadn’t even bothered to congratulate her and Jacob on their birthdays.


Oliver came home just as Molly and Jacob left the kitchen. “Ooh, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, my favourite!” he said happily, and sat down next to his mother.

“Oli,” she said. “What can I do to make it up to the twins? You’ve got to help me, you’re so good with them and I just don’t know what to do.”


Oliver, tired from a long day at school and work, sighed. “I don’t know, Mum. You’re the adult and, more importantly, parent here. Figure it out.”


After he’d finished his dinner, he took a shower and put on his PJs. He was exhausted, but still had to do his homework. But when he got to his room, his desk was empty.


He went to Jacob and Molly’s room. “Guys, do you what happened to my homework?”

Jacob smiled sheepishly. “I did for you. You’re always so busy, I wanted to help out.”

Oli was stunned. “Thanks, Jakey. You shouldn’t do that again, but… just, thanks.” Touched by his little brother’s gesture, he wishes the twins good night and went to bed.


They next day, everyone went to school and work.


Phil and Nicole both got promoted to Field Sales Representative.


Alvin Futa walked by the house, and Molly greeted him. She has two bolts with him! They chatted for a while and got on really well.


He also responded really well to her flirting.


She told him about her new stepfather, and that she didn’t like him at all.


In the meantime, Nicole and Phil were talking about that same thing in their bedroom. “Maybe if you would spend some more time with them so they’d get to know you a bit better…”

“I’d love to, Nic, but you know how busy work’s been.”

“Yeah…” said Nicole dejectedly.


“And when I get home I just want to be able to relax and hang loose, with you,” he said and pulled her towards him.

“I know…”


“I have to go in and prepare dinner now, but I’d really like to see you again soon,” Molly said to Alvin.

“Yes, I’d like that too.”


They hugged and said goodbye.


“Ooh, Mac ‘n’ Cheese again, nice!” Nicole said when she came into the kitchen.

“Mum, why are you in your underwear?! Never mind, I don’t even want to know,” Molly said with a disgusted look on her face.


Oliver did not join in the “fun” at the dinner table, because he still had to do his homework.


Then he went to pay the bills his mother had carelessly left on his desk for some reason. He hoped his mother would get her act together soon, because he was tired of having to take care of everything around the house.


The next afternoon after school, Molly accidentally broke the computer. “Shit! Mum and Phil are going to be pissed,” she said as she surveyed the damage.


After doing her homework, she invited over Alvin.


At the same time, Phil and Nicole came home from work. “What the hell happened here?!” he exclaimed as he saw the broken computer.


Luckily for Molly, he got distracted because he heard strange noises from the bathroom, where Nicole had just disappeared to.


“Are you okay, honey?”

“I don’t feel so well…”


She lay down on the sofa in the living room, where Jacob was watching TV. “You okay, Mum?”

“Yes, I just feel a little nauseous. Want to keep me company?”

“Sure,” Jacob said with a small smile, and they watched TV together.


Meanwhile, Molly hung out with Alvin on the lawn. He did some flirting of his own this time!


They’re pretty adorable together and every interaction is received well.


Molly went in for the first kiss, and fulfilled the wish she had rolled the moment she became a teenager!


Soon after, they said goodbye.


Molly was in a wonderful mood, but that changed soon after she went inside, where Phil and Nicole were waiting for her. “Jacob told us it was you who broke the computer,” Nicole said.

“Dammit, Jake…”

“He didn’t tell on you, it just slipped out in conversation when we were chatting,” Nicole told Molly. “But since we don’t have that much money, we decided that it would be a good idea if you went to help Phil in the store for a little bit. That way you can help earn the money for the new computer, and maybe even earn some of your own.”

Phil smiled. “It will be fun!”


“Oh, and we’re going right now, so I can show you the ropes.”


Phil bought a business in the last round, a toy store named Treasure of Toys, but he hadn’t visited it yet, so is the first time they’re opening it up. Until he’s build up a good stock of homemade toys, he’s just going to sell toys from the catalogue.


Molly was the cashier, while Phil did the sales. Molly sniggered when a guy with the same outfit as Phil walked in. “That’s awkward.” However, the guy seemed to take a liking to Phil, because he gave him the cool networking gift of reduced prices for buy mode stuff.


Henry came by the store to take a look and buy something for Caryl. “Grandpa, hi! How are you?” Molly chatted with him for a few minutes but then had to get back to work.


Together they got the store up to level 4, and Phil earned his silver sales and restocking badge, and Molly her bronze cashier badge.


They also made quite a bit of money, so Nicole transmitted some money to all of the kids’ saving accounts.


Then, while she was having dinner with the twins, she got a big surprise: a baby bump. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Molly murmured.

And that’s it for the Dawson family! We’ll find out next season if things’ll get better or worse with the arrival of a new Jitmakusol. I hope you enjoyed this update, and Happy Simming!

Households 11
Playable Sims 36
CAS-Sims Available 8 of 18
Community Lots 14
* Owned 12
* NPC 2
Total Lots 22
Business Districts 1
University(ies) 0
Downtown no
SM 9
Population 324
Fires 1
Burglars 6
# Graduated Sims 0
# Graves 0
Uni funds 174.700

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