Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Walker 1

Hey everyone!

Back already with another update! I guess it comes in cycles (as so many other things in life). Last season, Andrew finally got Bigfoot Fashion up to level 10 and became an elder, Elijah grew up to an adult and moved out to live on his own, and Christy reached her LTW of becoming a Captain Hero. Rachel fell in love with George McCarthy and rolled the want to go steady with him (even though she’s a Romance Sim), so that’s what they did. Last but not least, the family also got a dog named Bruno.


As is the case with so many other families, the Walkers started off the season by paying the taxes, which amounted to $8,000.


“Today’s the day,” Jake said.

“Yep. We’re going to be old,” answered Christy.


Because that evening would also be Caroline’s birthday, they had decided to wait until the girls had left for school, and then quietly have their own birthday with just the two of them.


They went into their bedroom and smiled at each other. “Let’s do this!”

5z 6z

“We’re still awesome!”


I liked Christy’s outfit, but bought a new one for Jake. Here he is!


The couple was having a nice grilled cheese lunch together when the girls came home from school.


They all went upstairs to drop off their homework and Caroline and Hannah played a game of Red Hands while Rachel started doing her homework straight away. They hadn’t even noticed their parents in the kitchen.


Caroline didn’t have to do any homework since she would grow up that evening, so she was the first one to go downstairs and see their parents’ new looks. “Wow, look at you two!”

“It’ll be your turn in just a few hours!”


Caroline played some SSX3 with Rachel that afternoon. She’d move out straight after her birthday, so it was fun to spend some time with her sisters now.


Hannah went outside to fish, since she wanted to earn her gold fishing badge so she could work in Oceanography when she grows up.


And then it was time for Caroline’s birthday!


The first girl born on Blueberry Island, and still my favourite… *sentimental sob*


And here she is! Hasn’t changed a bit. She definitely needs new clothes though.


They all had some cake together before the taxi came for Caroline.


This is Caroline after her make over! She is BEAUTIFUL. Now, off to her own place.


There she goes!


She’s rented a one bedroom apartment in the same building as Eric and the Dawsons and we’ll see her again later in the rotation!


The next morning, Jake and Andrew went to Walker’s to work for a bit.


First things first; Jake hired a celebrity chef to be the chef when he was not there (i.e., when other playable Sims visit this community lot and I can’t direct Jake to be the cook).


He assigned the teenage girl who the game had decided should be the chef to be the second server.


He also gave them uniforms, so it all looked more professional.


Then he told Abhijeet, the second chef, all about his new job (which he would only have to do when Andrew wasn’t there to help Jake out – I hope it works that way) and sent him home again.


And then they finally opened up. The whole town loved Walker’s, so people soon started coming in.


They earned quite a few stars, and went home when everyone had become tired.


When the girls came home from school, Rachel immediately went to do her homework. She had plans to go into town later to buy a cell phone!


She went to James’ Electronics after she finished her homework to buy the new phone.


She then immediately used it to ask out her boyfriend George.


“Yay, my phone works! This’ll make it so much easier to meet up. It’s pouring, though, shall we go back to my place?”



“Much better.”

They enjoyed the privacy of Rachel’s room until George had to go home for dinner.


Hannah chatted on the phone with Zoe Harris for a while that evening.


Rachel spent a good part of the night baking cakes for the bakery she will open in the future. She will also most likely inherit the restaurant when her father passes away, since she will become a celebrity chef, like him.


The next day, Jake and Andrew went to Walker’s again. Unfortunately, both servers quit, even though the little bulbs above their heads weren’t even close to being red. After hiring two new servers, however, they got the restaurant up to level 9!


That afternoon, Christy took Bruno (who we haven’t really seen yet this season) for a walk around the neighbourhood.


Rachel cooked a nice dinner of grilled salmon, and ate together with Hannah.


The next morning, Hannah became best friends with her brother Elijah over the phone.


Christy also spent some time on the phone catching up with friends.


The girls played Red Hands after school before doing their homework.


At the start of the rotation I thought Rachel would be just a day short of growing up at the end, but at this point I realised I’d made a mistake in my “calculations”: she is going to grow up this round. Exciting!


The next morning before school, Hannah spent some time skilling to prepare for her future career as an Oceanographer.


A pregnant Meadow came walking by with Lemon!


Jake greeted her and they chatted for a little while and became friends. Meadow’s husband is best friends with Jake’s son, so they had some fun things to talk about.


In the meantime, Andrew washed Bruno, who definitely needed a bath. I’m not sure what to do with Andrew anymore, though. He’s just playing chess all day…


After school, Rachel and Hannah hung out for a while, since it was Rachel’s last day as a teen and she would move out after she’d grown up.

“Are you moving in with George?”

“Yep, that’s the plan! We’re probably going to find an apartment and look for a nice house from there.”

“Some Romance Sim you are.”

Rachel grinned. “I know!”


A bit later, Orlando Centowski walked by, and Hannah greeted him. She’d been wanting to go on a date for a while now, but hadn’t found someone she’d like to go with. Oliver (Dawson) was fun, but they had only one bolt and she didn’t want to ruin their friendship. This guy looked okay (one bolt) so she figured she’d give it a go, see if she liked him.


They got along quite well and he responded very positively to her Charm. This might be a nice casual thing for her! But it’d have to wait until next season, because tonight would be Rachel’s birthday and Hannah’d have to be there for it of course.


She did develop a little crush on him before she said goodbye, though.


George arrived just after six, and Rachel greeted him very excitedly. “Today’s the day!”


Everyone cheered her on.


She looks good! Terrible outfit, though. And I wasn’t able to let George grow up with her because he’s an NPC… The InSIMenator will fix that, though, because there’s no way he’s not going to grow up with her.


This is Rachel after her make-over.


She then called a cab and said goodbye to everyone.


Bye Rachel!


She moved into the apartment across the hall from Caroline, and I let George grow up and move in with her. Now let’s hope nothing glitchy or buggy happens because of the way I made him grow up. Also, I just realised we won’t get to see them until next season, because Rachel grew up at the end of this season… That’s kind of sad. I will probably decorate her apartment before that, though.


Hannah was now the only child left at home and it felt kind of weird. Next season, she would also grow up, but she would remain at home. She wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about that, but she was sure she’d figure it out.

And that’s it for the Walker family! I hope you enjoyed it, and Happy Simming!

Households: 11
Playable Sims: 34
CAS-Sims Available: 7 of 17
Community Lots: 13
* Owned: 12
* NPC: 2
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 9
Population: 306
Fires 1
Burglars: 6
Uni funds: $162,400

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