Blueberry Island – Summer 3 – Robinson

Hi everyone!

I’m having tons of fun playing Summer 3 of Blueberry Island, so I figured it was about time I started updating again. Welcome to the new season! Last time with the Robinsons, Eric moved out to his own apartment, and Owen grew up to an adult. His girlfriend Meadow did so too, and he asked her to move in with him and his parents and soon after proposed. He also bought his own business: Owen’s Fresh Food Market.


We start this season with Owen and Meadow being adorable, as always.


Owen spent his morning taking care of the plants. His LTW is to top Law Enforcement, but at the moment there is only one unlocked position in that career, which is taken by Christy Walker. Therefore, Owen is unemployed for the while being.


Julia paid the taxes, whch amounted to $7,800.


Ben went to work in his ridiculous helicopter.


Meadow paid a visit to Bigfoot Fashion, since she needed a wedding dress. The dress she already had was the same one her sister-in-law Gretchen wore at her own wedding during the previous season.


She picked out a lovely white dress with pink accents. She couldn’t wait to show it to Owen the next day, when they were going to get married.


Back home she called her friend Angie Burke to tell her all about it, and they became best friends.


Meanwhile, Owen gave Lemon a bath.


He also spent some time working out on the treadmill.


In the late afternoon, Owen and Meadow practiced their first dance for a while.


They went to bed early so they would be well-rested the next day.


However, the following morning I decided to postpone the wedding one day so it would take place on a Saturday, and Owen’s oldest brother Adam wouldn’t have to miss the wedding because of work. So instead of preparing for the wedding, Owen went into the garden to tend to the plants.


Ben came to help him. I don’t want him to do too much, because I want Owen to earn his golden gardening badge asap, but he can at least talk to the plants to make them healthier!


Meadow spent the morning painting.


It was a beautiful morning, so Ben took Lemon for a hike.


Unfortunately, he accidentally walked through a patch of poison ivy…


I expanded the green house, because we will need a lot more fruits and veggies for Owen’s store!


It turned out to be a good choice to postpone the wedding because it rained all afternoon.


Julia and Meadow spent some time together, and they got along splendidly. Julia was glad her son would marry such a kind woman.


And then this happened. The tree caught on fire and wouldn’t go out, so I went to delete it, which often helps. Instead, the tree got deleted but the fire stayed… I wasn’t sure what to do next, but in the end I decided to quite without savind and replay that day (I last saved the night before).


That evening, Meadow checked the weather forecast for the next day, and it told her there was no rain to be expected!


Everyone went to bed feeling very excited for the next day.


When Owen and Meadow woke up, they were still very excited, but also felt a bit disheartened because there was a thunderstorm going on outside.


Owen started his day out in the greenhouse.


Luckily, when the guests arrived that afternoon, the sun was shining again! The guests are Elijah Walker, Eric, Adam and his new wife Gretchen, and Nicole Dawson, who Owen befriended in the previous round.


And then the ceremony started. Meadow was wearing a beautiful dress, and Owen looked quite snazzy as well.


Everyone was very happy for the newlyweds.


Owen’s brothers got up to clap and cheer for them. They were very proud of their baby brother!


Wth the ceremony over, it was time to cut the cake. Meadow is a shover!


Everyone had a wonderful time and agreed the cake was delicious.


Adam and Eric had a great time goofing around together as well.


Owen chatted with his sister-in-law Gretchen for a while, and I found out those two have THREE bolts. That’s awkward… But it being Owen I don’t see this turning into a scandal. Instead, I think I’m going to change Owen’s turn ons and turn off after the party.


Lemon looked on curiously as the party went on, as Alegra did at Adam’s wedding.


The party was a roof raiser!


Owen then drank the Re-Nu-Yu Porta-Chug and changed his turn ons to blonde hair and Creativity and his turn off to red hair. That ought to fix things.


“Well, Mrs Robinson, that was a wonderful day, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it definitely was.”

“Want to make it even more wonderful?”


I heard a lullaby!


That night, after everyone had finally gone to sleep, a burglar came to the house. Normally, this is of course a bad thing, but this burglar is the sixth one, which means another position in the Law Enforcement is unlocked, which is exactly what Owen needs for his LTW!


Luckily, the police arrived right away, before the burglar had stolen anything.


Unfortunately, the burglar won the fight, but since he hadn’t stolen anything, I didn’t really care!


Meadow felt hungry after the ordeal, and had a quick leftover burger before going back to bed.


The first thing Owen did the next morning was look for a job in Law Enforcement. He was a bit disappointed when he couldn’t find one…


He didn’t mind all that much, though, because there was plenty to keep him busy in the garden as well. And it was very rewarding too! He had some absolutely beautiful fruit to harvest that morning.


And he earned his golden gardening badge that morning as well!


Ben spent some time with Lemon.


Owen also spent some time skilling for his future job.


Meadow chatted on the phone with Nicole Dawson about how wonderful the party had been.


She rolled the want to buy a pottery wheel, so that’s what we did! It’s a nice hobby for her, especially since she’s already into arts and crafts. I only let her have a go for a little while, though, because it drains comfort, which isn’t a very good thing for a pregnant lady (although she doesn’t know she’s pregnant yet herself).


Instead, she had a nice long bubble bath.


In the middle of the night, Meadow had her first pop!


The next morning, Julia started writing another novel, a mystery novel this time.


Meadow spent her day painting again.


In the afternoon, Owen and Julia went to the store Owen bought at the end of the last season; Owen’s Fresh Food Market.


The first Sim to come by was Adam!


Soon more customers started to arrive.


The store got a good review on the very day and a Best of the Best award as well! Julia and Owen got the store to level 1 before they ran out of stock, and then went home again. Selling all the produce in crates like that is going to take a lot of fruit and veggies. Perhaps I’ll have to rethink the crates and go for single pieces instead.


Meadow had grilled cheese sandwiches ready for them when they got home.


In the evening, Owen became friends with Gretchen over the phone. And they still have 3 bolts, apparently, or perhaps that doesn’t change unless they see each other?


Either way, Owen loved Meadow and his brother very dearly, so that was never going to happen. He fell asleep feeling very content with his life as summer turned into fall.

And that was it for the Robinson family! I hope you liked the update, and Happy Simming!

Households: 9
Playable Sims: 33
CAS-Sims Available: 7 of 17
Community Lots: 13
* Owned: 12
* NPC: 2
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 9
Population: 297
Fires 1
Burglars: 5
Uni funds: $154,400

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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